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Browsers for Calem AJAX and Touch Desktop

I have seen customers with corporate policies in place with selective browsers for Calem and other enterprise applications. In other cases customers have own choices about the browsers to use with Calem. This blog covers the browsers and our preferences for use with Calem Enterprise.

AJAX Web Client

The AJAX web client is the primary web interface for Calem Enterprise. You can test drive the web interface here. The following is the list of browsers supported by Calem in the order of preference based on browser performance. For instance, Chrome performs the fastest in our testing. The screenshot below shows the AJAX web client.

  • ​Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • IE 11

Calem Touch Client

The touch client can be installed in iPhone/iPad, and Android phones/tablets as native apps from App Store and Google Play. It can also be used directly from the desktop as a web client. You can test drive the touch client here. At the login screen, click "Calem Touch" link from one of the browsers supported below.

  • ​Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
if you are using Calem barcode application with Windows 10 touch screens and USB scanners. The Edge browser is recommended. See the resources section below for more information.

The screenshot below shows the touch web client.​

Access Control Profiles in Calem
Login User Setup