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Calem Community Edition Release 2.1
« on: May 05, 2008, 11:16:26 am »
CalemEAM announced the release of Calem Community Edition R2.1. This release includes enhancements and bug fixes listed below.
New Features in Calem Community Edition R2.1
- Web-based installation
- Asset List Report
- List report export to Microsoft Excel  
Bug Fixes and Enhancements
- 0000121: [Purchase] Invalid SQL when adding items to PO from req
- 0000020: [Report] Display customer logo on report
- 0000118: [General] CalemRecord created at CalemModelItem not correct
- 0000117: [Work order] Add workoder with PM with invalid field
- 0000116: [General] PHP code refactoring
- 0000114: [Work order] Error in creating work order from PM manually
- 0000113: [Asset] PM asset meter form refactoring
- 0000095: [Report] Some fields in Workorder Report (Print Report) are not filled with data.
- 0000102: [Asset] Custom field blank when refreshing
- 0000112: [Designer] Error in editing a record after adding custom field
- 0000106: [Contract] Search not available
- 0000104: [Document] File name restricted to 76 chars
- 0000111: [Setup] Scheduler script path
- 0000108: [Document] Document Files are not displayed
- 0000109: [Admin] Misc refactoring - PHP 5.2.5 and innoDB
- 0000107: [Work order] Tool transactoin from workorder requiring manual refresh
- 0000105: [Admin] Better error log when login failed
- 0000090: [User Interface] Data grid not handling refreshing edge cases
- 0000082: [Cache] Pear Cache_Lite not reporting errors back
- 0000086: [Admin] Module design form missing available forms/folders
- 0000080: [I18n (Localization)] Dropdown customization is lost when logged out
- 0000070: [User Interface] Login error message not in correct locale
- 0000072: [Setup] Include PEAR.php in CalemEAM
- 0000050: [Setup] Calem Installation program
- 0000065: [Inventory] Inventory order report view
- 0000068: [Setup] LoadSampleData not updating dashboard
- 0000064: [Asset] Asset List Report
- 0000060: [Setup] Add comments to
- 0000063: [User Interface] Hide Customize Tab in Dashboard and Lose it
CalemEAM is a commercial open source provider for enterprise asset management (EAM)  
and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). CalemEAM offers subscription  
services to Calem Professional and Calem Enterprise. The subscription services include
technical support and Calem Mobile solution.  
You can more information about CalemEAM's products and services at
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Re: Calem Community Edition Release 2.1
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2010, 09:43:15 pm »
hi calemadmin,
i recently successfull installed calemeam, and now i'm doing a trial and error with it :)
hopefully i wont getting any error :) because this application is really awesome for a opensource ;)

anyway, somehow i have been seraching about technical documentation for calemeam. but i could not find it anywhere.
Could you show me how to get the technical documentation for it..?
Really appreciate for your help
Thank you,