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Answers to login problems
« on: May 13, 2009, 06:34:32 am »
I have been playing with CalemEAM for quite a while now and find it an unbelievable product. Hats off to the developers for an excellent product.

To touch base on setting up, I had major hassles but found that all of it were due to small errors as a result of my own ignorance.

The biggest of these were the login issues.

Login to a blank screen and login to an error message stating user and passeword not matching

I found that when I created the database, I forgot to assign a user to the database. This solved both the login issues.

So the steps were
1 create the database
assign a user to the database
when uploading from a local wamp stack to a www server, make sure that you change the calem.install.php located in server..conf to reflect the correct database and user / password details as I found that the www cpanel automatically assigned a pre-fix to the database and this resulted in a blank screen on one database and a user and password error on another one

hope the info helps