Author Topic: CalemEAM Open Source r1.0.2 Release  (Read 2883 times)


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CalemEAM Open Source r1.0.2 Release
« on: June 09, 2007, 11:21:15 pm »
CalemEAM Open Source r1.0.2 is made available. The key enhancement is to allow adding codes at codes lookup screen for most of the codes.  
Beta release r1.0.2 changes:
- 0000002: [Admin] Alternative login screen without Ajax library.
- 0000011: [User Interface] Add a splash screen when loading the app.
- 0000003: [Lookup] Allow adding code at code lookup screen.
- 0000006: [Designer] Do not display design menus for non-admin users.
- 0000008: [Report] Work order request time not showing properly on report.
- 0000005: [Setup] Directory rights not sufficient by default causing customization to fail in Linux instatllations.
- 0000009: [Configuration] Refactor custom configuration.
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