​Outbound emails in Calem are stored in the workflow email queue (Admin | Open | Workflow Email Queue). The queue holds all the outbound emails from Calem. An email has one of the following statuses:

  • In-Process: to be sent
  • Sent: Email sent
  • Failed: Failed after a limited number of sending trials.
  • Admin users can modify an email's status to "In-Process" to be included in future email sent processes.
  • The email queue is processed by a background process periodically.

Calem backs up the emails and trims the queue regularly. Emails that are sent/failed, and over two-week old are trimmed and backed up in CalemHome/logs/email folder. Each file is of the format: cm_wf_mail_queue.YYYYMMDD.SEQ.txt.gz where YYYYMMDD is the date when the backup file is created, the SEQ is the starting sequence. Each file has up to 500 emails from its starting sequence.

  • The emails in the backup file can be searched in a text edit. The data format is the readable export of PHP arrays.

Files that are over 30 days old are trimmed. 

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