Author Topic: Scheduler.Bat - Won't Run - FIX  (Read 2089 times)


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Scheduler.Bat - Won't Run - FIX
« on: August 23, 2008, 01:56:48 pm »
I don't know if anyone else has ran into this problem, but I did.  Running of the scheduler.bat file to generate work orders (PM's) would result in an error on line #35 of the code.  Upon inspection of the code... there was a bracker ] where it didn't belong.  See below...

2nd line after (CALEM_DIR' ..... Remove the bracket ] and save

if (!defined('_CALEM_DIR_')) {
   if (getenv('CALEM_DIR'])) {
      define('_CALEM_DIR_', getenv('CALEM_DIR'));   


if (!defined('_CALEM_DIR_')) {
   if (getenv('CALEM_DIR')) {
      define('_CALEM_DIR_', getenv('CALEM_DIR'));

Anyway... this worked for me and my automatic work order generation has been working fine now.

Also... this change I had to make with the previous version of Calem when 2.0 came out and just today I upgraded to 2.0.1 and had to make the change yet again.  Before I thought maybe this was a mistake on myt end, but now I think it may be something more.

Hope this helps others
Casey Swett


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Re: Scheduler.Bat - Won't Run - FIX
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2008, 03:39:46 pm »
Thank you Casey for the debugging the issue. Your fix was checked in.
You seems well qualified to get a privilege to check in changes, see details to get SVN commit access at
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