There are changes in inventory valuation in the coming release of Calem R2021. The new process allows you to report inventory valuation by the following menu items:

  • 1. Get the current inventory valuation:
    • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Site Inventory Valuation by Avg Price
  • 2. Get a valuation report at a previous date:
    • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Transactions/Valuation | Report by Valuation
    • The current valuation from A is used as a reference value to start with.
    • You may select an existing reference valuation.
    • The valuation at a previous time is calculated based on the reference value and inventory transactions happened between the previous time and the time of the reference value.

1. Current Inventory Value​

Current inventory value is shown from the report:  Inventory | Report | Site Inventory Valuation by Avg Price. If you want to export the data, filter the list to remove items without stock.

  • Click the search icon in the list view to filter data
  • Click "+" to create a new filter; or click a row of an existing private (My Search) or public (Shared Search) filter.
  • Set the "Qty in Stock" to greater than 0 and apply the search
  • Export the resulting list to Excel for record, or further analysis.

 2. Inventory Value of A Previous Date

Previous inventory value can be reported from the menu path: Inventory | Report | Transactions/Valuation | Select "Inventory Valuation" from the dropdown.

  • Specify the ending date of the valuation report. Use current date to get the current inventory valuation.
  • Optionally pick a reference value to use. A reference value of current value will be created by Calem if not specified and the "Valuation Date" is in the past. For instance, "V-15" is the reference of current inventory value created by Calem when you report inventory valuation for 12/31/20.
  • You may also add reference values from other sources by the "Valuation Reference" menu.
  • Optionally specify a site to report the valuation. Otherwise, the sites accessible to the current login user will be included.

​2.1  Value Change from Transactions

The transactions contributing to the valuation change can be reported based on the date of valuation. For instance, the valuation is for 12/31/20. The transactions from 1/1/21 to current time are the ones contributing to the valuation change.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Transaction/Valuation | Select "Transactions". Then select the start date to 1/1/21.

2.2  Valuation of 2015 or Earlier

Certain transactions prior to 2015 do not have all the information to calculate valuation changes (such as inventory purchase receive adjustment). Calem has developed a process to populate transactions prior to 2015 with necessary value information.

    • Contact Calem Support Team if you are interested in getting the valuation prior to 2015.