CalemEAM Customer Case Studies

CalemEAM is proud of serving our customers of diverse segments of the EAM/CMMS market. We have shared the stories of some of our customers below. Customer information can be obtained from CalemEAM by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Unlimited Mobile Solution for Asset Services

A national solution provider of mission-critical products and services serves customers throughout the United States. The company selected CalemEAM as their EAM/CMMS provider since 2008.
  • Problems
    • A scalable licensing schema - over 200 users
    • Multi-site data access - both employees and customers use the system
    • Rich enterprise CMMS features including screen customization, mobile, offline, service alarms, etc
    • Single sign-on : passwords in Active Directories
  • Solution
    • Calem Enterprise Annual Subscription with unlimited user seats
    • Calem multi-site for both employees and customers to access the solution
    • Calem Offline for customer visits by servie staff
    • Quick time-to-market and customization through open source technologies

CMMS Solution for Global Deployment

A premier manufacturer of cable transportation systems has operations in multiple countries including Europe, US and Africa. The company selects CalemEAM as their global EAM/CMMS solution.
  • Problems
    • A global CMMS to manage multi-country operations
    • Field level access control
    • Custom fields and customization of forms and reports
    • Standard and site-specific preventive maintenance plans and access control
  • Solution
    • Calem Enterprise Annual Subscription with unlimited user seats
    • Calem Designers for custom fields and customization of forms and reports
    • Custom features added by CalemEAM

Cloud Service for Multi-Plant Management

An industry-leading manufacturer selects CalemEAM as their CMMS solution for all their plants. Users use a browser or device access their CMMS service in the cloud.
  • Problems
    • A cloud service for plants in different states
    • Affordable - users can report issues without license seats
    • Data and screen customization
  • Solution
    • Calem Enterprise Cloud Service and multi-sites
    • Service requests via email or anonymous web form without license seats
    • Calem Designers to customize dropdowns and web screens
    • Custom reports and dashboards by CalemEAM

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