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Fixed vs. Floating User Seats

Calem Enterprise Edition is an enterprise EAM/CMMS solution including advanced features and modules for enterprise customers.

Customers can have as many users defined in Calem as needed. However, a valid license seat is required for a user to log into Calem. Calem offers both fixed and floating user seats to help organizations maximize their return of investment.

  • Fixed seats: a fixed seat is associated with a single user name. This seat allows the named user to always log into Calem. Fixed seats are intended for users who use the system frequently. For instance, Jason is a maintenance technician and uses the system all the time to do his job. A fixed seat is assigned to Jason.
  • Floating seats: a floating seat is not assigned to a single user name. It can be used by any user without a fixed seat. It is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Floating seats are intended for users who use the system infrequently or in a pattern that their seats can be shared with other people without conflict.
    • For example, you have 5 maintenance technicians and engineers who use the system all the time. Five fixed seats are allocated for each of them. You also have staff using the system in their shifts only. For instance, ten people work in two-shifts. There are five people in each shift. You have allocated 5 floating seats for them.

The following is the diagram showing the use of fixed and floating seats when users log in to Calem Enterprise. 

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