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How to Add Pictures in Calem Touch App?

Calem Touch is the client implementation of Calem Enterprise for mobile users. Calem Touch can be used as device app or accessed from a browser as a web app.

  • Search for "CalemEAM" from AppStore or Google Play Store to get the app installed in your devices.
    • Device functions are available including camera and barcode.
  • Calem Touch is available for Chrome and Safari browsers for desktop users.

Here are the steps to add pictures to work orders:

  • Save a work order first if you are creating a new work order. Once the work order is saved Calem Touch display the work order for adding details.
  • Find a work order from one of the work order lists (such as "My assignment") for existing work orders. Click the work order to have it displayed.
  • Click the "+" sign at the "Attachment" section to browse and add pictures you have taken.
Some screenshots are included below to demonstrate the steps. They are taken from iPhone emulators but applicable to iPads and Android devices as well. 
The work order tab allows one to create a new work order or find a work order from one of the lists (such as "My assignment").

Use the "+" sign to add a picture to "Attachment" section:

Select a photo and attach to your work order. You might be prompted by your device to allow your Calem Touch app to access your photos, confirm the prompt to allow the access. 

You may review "Calem Touch Admin Guide" and "Calem Touch User Guide" for more information. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions.

Attach Pictures in Calem Ajax Web Client

In Calem Ajax Web Client, one can add ("+" button) a picture file to a work order at the "Attachment" list. The picture file needs to be available in the laptop/desktop file system.

Use "Choose file" to select a picture file or a document file to upload to the work order.

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