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How to Avoid Duplicating PM Work Orders?

​We have seen cases that customers have duplicate work orders for preventive maintenance for the same PM Plans and assets. Calem recommends "Floating" release type for high frequent PM work orders. The "Floating" release type prevents Calem from generating PM work orders if there are open PM work orders. Here is the notes of "Release type":

  • ​PM release type can be a) Fixed; b) Floating; or c) Other. It is defined at PM Plans.
  • The "other" type will not be used in generating work orders from PMs. It is used to define a job template that is not PM.
  • Floating type scheduling will not generate a work order from a PM if there are open work orders from this PM.
  • Fixed release type will generate a work order from a PM whenever it is due regardless if there are open work orders from this PM.
  • For time based PMs with time intervals less than a week or so, and there is no regulatory requirements of fixed time maintenance, "Floating" PMs may be used to avoid duplicate work orders. For instance, a daily work order for machine inspection might be configured as a "Floating" release type.
The following is a screenshot of the PM Plan screen where you can set "Release type" to "Floating".

Calem Enterprise customers can check out User Guide and Admin Guide for more information about setting up PM Plans and PMs.

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