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How to Set up Requisition Overdue Notification

​Requisition overdue notification addresses the following use case:

  • Requisitions have been approved or pre-approved.
  • These requisitions have not been received in 30 days (configurable days) from their request time.
  • System requisition monitors (with site being null) will receive notifications about the overdue requisitions. A notification includes up to 500 requisitions that are overdue. 

To enable the notification simply set a day limit at EAM company object:

  • Organization | EAM Company | Edit the record, have "​REQ Time Control" checked, and populate "REQ Day Limit".
  • If your EAM company screen has been customized previously, the new fields will not show. You may customize the screen for a group (see this blog) and place the two fields in the screen for read and editing.
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