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Group Design - Modules Access Setup

​Group Design is achieved by the following steps. The Calem desktop UI is improved to indicate group design mode  thanks to customer feedbacks. Use "Group Design" to configure modules available for a group, and functions available for modules.

  • ​Click "Admin" module from tthe left module bar to go to Admin module
  • The group list is displayed
  • Have a group checked for group design ("Service-Tech" in the screenshot). 
  • Then, click "Group design" menu button of the group list form to launch group design mode.

​"Group design" menu launches Calem desktop into the design mode for "Service-Tech" group.

  • ​The group under design is "Service-Tech" in red.
  • The left module bar is changed to show three modules accessible to the "Service-Tech" group.
  • All the customization will be done for the group selected while the group form is left open.
  • When the group form is closed the group design mode is finished.

Modules Access Setup

Click "Module accessible" menu button in the "Group modules" list form above to launch module access setup screen below.

  • ​The left panel shows modules that are not accessible to the group
  • The right panel shows the modules granted to the group
  • Drag a module from right panel and drop on "Module Design" of the left panel to remove a module for the group
  • Drag a module from left and drop on "Module Design" of the right panel to add a module to the group.
  • Order modules accessible in the right panel by drag-and-drop a module to another module. For instance, drag "Service Request" and drop on "Work Order" will move the "Service Request" module to show before "Work Order" module.
  • When you are done, click "Save" in the left panel to save the modules accessible to the "Service-Tech" group.

Module Function Access Setup

Module Access Setup defines what modules are available to a group. Module Function Access Setup defines what module menu items are available. 

  • ​Click a module row in the group design list form to select a group. For instance "Work Order" module row is clicked.
  • Menu "Module Design" is activated. Click this menu to set up menu items available for the group.

The "Module Design" menu button launches the module function design form below. You can tailor a module's function for the group:

  • ​Remove a menu (1) or a menu folder (2) by drag a menu/folder in the right panel and drop on the "Module Design" node in the left panel.
  • Add a menu (3) or a folder to the group by drag and dropping a menu/folder from the right panel and drop on "Module layout" in the right panel.
  • Order a menu item (4) in the right panel by drag and drop it to another menu or a folder.
  • Drag and drop a menu to "Default menu item" to make a menu item (5) the default menu to use when the module is clicked from the left module bar. For instance, drag and drop "Open WO" on the "Default menu item" will make "Open WO" form to open when work order module is clicked.
  • Click "Save" in the left panel to save off the module function setup when you are done.
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