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Project Inventory

Project inventory allows one to manage inventory items by projects. Project stocks can be transacted like non-project stock items. 

Project Designation of Stock Items

You can manage project designation in the following ways:

  • Set project designation when receiving items.
  • Set project designation when performing physical counting.
  • Set or unset project designation from "Stock List" of "Site Inventory" form.
    • Open "Site Inventory" list screen.
    • Select a site inventory entry to open Site Inventory form

You can view project stock items from inventory report at: 

  • Inventory module | Report | Project Stock
Requisition has been extended to support project bill of material (BOM):
  • Define project bill of material at a project.
  • Set project in a requisition.
  • Only items in a project's BOM​ can be added to a requisition.

Project Use Permission

When a stock item is designated to a project, the stock item can only be checked out to work orders of the same project. ​

  • ​You may use projects to reserve stock items to be used for those projects only.

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