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Multi-Language Labels

​Multi-language labels allow Calem to show text labels in several languages in forms, reports and exports. For instance, "WO #" and "BT #" are English and French labels for work order number labels, Calem could display the label for work order label as "WO #/BT #". 

Here is a use case of dual-language labels:

  • A customer has a joint venture in China and likes to have Calem display both English and Chinese labels in screen and reports. 
  • This can be done through a new language pack with both English and Chinese. Calem ships the new language pack "English (US)/ Chinese" out of the box (see screenshot below).
  • In general one can create a new language pack to display labels consisting of existing languages in Calem. See Admin Guide (F2. Multi-Language Labels) for more information.
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