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How to Set up Storerooms for Repaired Parts

​Storerooms dedicated for repaired parts have been introduced in Calem R21f. This feature allows storerooms to be set up for new parts and repaired parts.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Open | Store list
  • Edit a storeroom and set its restriction to "Repaired" for repaired parts.
1. Return Parts Repaired Internally

A part repaired internally was repaired by a work order.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Transactions | Return to Storeroom
  • Select "Repaired" in the form to return a repaired part.
  • Enter the item number to be returned
  • Click "Save" to select a checkout transaction for item repair to return
  • ​Only bins of the repaired storeroom are available to return the repaired item to.

 2. Return Items Repaired Off-Site

An off-site repair requires a repair work order for non-asset items. Requisitions and purchase orders are required to do an off-site repair. The return process is similar.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Transactions | Receive Off-Site Repair
  • Select a PO of off-site repair to receive
  • Select "Repaired" for repair result if the part was repaired. 
  • Only storerooms of repaired parts can be selected to received the repaired part to.

3. Return Parts Off-Site Repaired - Not Repaired

In this case a part was sent for off-site repair, it was not repaired and is received to the storeroom. The same menu above is used to receive an off-site repair.

  • In this case only the checkout storeroom is available for return the part to. If the part was checked out from a repaired storeroom, if can only be return to that storeroom.

4. Return Parts Off-Site Repaired - Replaced

In this case a part was sent for off-site repair, it was replaced by the vendor. The same menu above is used to receive an off-site repair.

  • In this case storeroom users may set a price and pick a storeroom to return the part to. All storerooms are available for selection including both repaired and non-repaired storerooms.

​5. Configuration for Repaired Storerooms

The enforcement of repaired storerooms is not enforced by default. The following configuration needs to be added to client/conf/CmConf.custom.js to enable it.

//One may configure a storeroom to be of “Repaired” restriction 
//and only allow repaired parts to be returned to it. 
//Here’s the configuration to enable it:

//For parts not repaired, one may configure 
//the parts to be returned to the checkout storeroom. 
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