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Mass Update of Item Numbers

​Item numbering is key in inventory management. There are cases that item numbers need to be re-tuned based on changing business needs. This blog discusses a way in Calem to update item numbers in bulk.

Step 1. Export Items

The first step is to export items including IDs. The IDs are used to uniquely identify each item.  Go to Inventory module | Report | Item List.

Next, click "Customize" to customize the item list for export.

​Click "Id" field to include it in the export list, drag the ID field and drop it to be the first column in the list view. Save the customization.

Finally, use Excel menu to export the item list to an excel file. 

Step 2. Item Number Changes

Edit the excel file to modify the item numbers. The new numbers will replace old numbers in Calem.

Step 3. Import Item Number Changes 

The last step is to import the modified excel file into Calem. Go to Integration module and browse to find the updated excel file and click "Save" to upload the changes to Calem.

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