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When to Use Teams in Calem

​Maintenance resources are managed as users and teams in Calem. A resource can perform the following functions:

  • Performing work orders
  • ​Accepting work orders
  • Getting notifications for work orders and other events.

Teams may not be necessary for organizations with small number of resources. The resources can be managed as individual users.

Teams are more efficient when you have many maintenance resources to manage. Teams can be easily set up in Calem. The steps are:
  1. Create teams. ​Menu path: Organization | ACL Profiles | Teams
  2. Add team members
  3. Assign teams to your plant site (Org | ACL Profiles | Site Assignments)
  4. Assign teams as work order accepters (Org | ACL Profiles | Work Accepters)
  5. Assign teams to a monitor role (Org | ACL Profiles | Monitor User)
  6. Assign teams to notification by work order specialties (Org | ACL Profiles | Notification by Specialty)
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