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Asset Bills of Material

​Bills of Material (BOM) are parts or assemblies of assets. They can be tracked in Calem Enterprise as inventory items. The first step is to define an asset group for the assets for BOM tracking. Next, define parts for the asset group in "Part" tab of the asset group screen. 

​Multi-level BOM can be tracked by defining BOM for each part in the part list. Navigate to the part screen from the read screen (by clicking a part row in the list to view its read screen) to continue the BOM definition.

Each inventory item screen has its own part list so you can continue the BOM hierarchy development. 

Remember that asset groups are also inventory items in Calem Enterprise. So, you can define a BOM tree of asset groups/items with corresponding assets and child assets.

A tree view of BOM is planned for a future release of Calem Enterprise.

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