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Boilerplate Steps in PM Plan (Deprecated)

This blog is deprecated. It is superseded by How to Configure Boilerplate Work Order Steps by PM Plans.

Boilerplate steps/safety notes can be configured for both corrective (manually created work orders) and generated work orders (from PMs). For example, there are four steps to be performed for each PM, and a few steps to be performed for each corrective work order. 

Here are the steps to set up boilerplate steps/safety notes:

  • First of all, create template PM Plans with boilerplate steps/safety notes. For instance, create one PM Plan for PM work order, one PM Plan for corrective work order. You may create additional boilerplate PM Plans for different sites.
  • Next, configure boilerplate PM Plans at system or site levels. The menu path is: Organization Module | EAM Company. 
    • Set boilerplate PM Plans at EAM company to be used as default PM or corrective work orders.
    • Set boilerplate PM Plans at site level if you like to have site-specific boilerplate PM Plans for PM or corrective work orders.
  • Finally, handle exceptional cases where boilerplate PM Plans are not expected.
    • Navigate to PM Plans where you like to turn off boilerplate steps/safety notes. Set "No default steps?" to checked (menu path: PM module | PM Plans | Open a PM Plan for edit).
See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.
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