Product Comparison

Calem Enterprise is the commercial open source offering. Calem Community is the open source edition by CalemEAM to give back to the community. For businesses seeking CMMS/EAM solutions without excessive license fees and with top services from experts, CalemEAM Annual Subscription delivers the best values and the peace of mind.
Product and Services Community Edition Calem Enterprise
CMMS/EAM Solution Individuals, or Small Workgroups Businesses small and large
License CalemEAM Public License CalemEAM Commercial License
Price No cost by CalemEAM Annual subscription
Private Label No Yes
Rigorous CalemEAM QA No Yes
Hot Fixes between Releases No Yes
Technical Support No Yes
Professional Service No Yes
Calem Touch No Yes
Enteprise features No Yes
Product Manuals including Setup, User/Administrator Guides No Yes

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