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Bulk Update II: Work Order and PM

Bulk update allows one to update more than one record at a time. It allows maintenance staff to complete data changes very efficiently. There are two approaches available in Calem to perform bulk updates:

In the first approach, one may identify a list report to perform the changes. Filter and export the list report to an excel file. Edit the excel file. Finally, upload the updated excel files to Calem. Alternatively, one may use an excel template provided Calem to populate changes and upload the excel file. 

The second approach is simpler. It does not involve exporting and importing files. One uses a list form to filter and select records to edit, select a field to edit, and save changes. By default, up to 100 records can be updated in a bulk edit. Administrators can increase the record limit. 

The bulk update function requires additional screens and business logic for each object. So, not all objects have the bulk editing screens in list view. The following three objects support bulk editing functions in their list views: 

  • Work Order
  • PM
  • PM Plan

Work Order Bulk Update

Work order bulk update allows one to edit, plan, and schedule multiple work orders. The following screenshot shows the functions available:

A field selection screen is shown when bulk "Edit" menu is selected. Priority field is selected in the screenshots below. The priority value will be applied to all the work orders checked in the list. 

PM and PM Plan Bulk Edit

The PM and PM Plan bulk edit are available from PM list and PM Plan list respectively.  You may try out at the DEMO site with Calem Enterprise R10s (Nov. 2017) or later.

Customizing Fields for Bulk Edit

Selective fields are seeded in the field selection screens in bulk editing above. Additional fields can be added for each object. See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information. Cloud service customers can contact Calem Support Team to add additional fields to bulk editing.

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