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Field Inline Editing

This feature improves the efficiency of field editing. It will be available in the upcoming R10n release.

Field inline editing allows one to quickly start editing a field from read views. This is done by showing an edit icon in a field when a mouse focus is over that field. The edit icon launches the edit screen, and moves focus to the field for editing. Users can edit the field and press "Save" button in edit screen to save changes.

  • This function is available for AjaxWeb client.
  • The edit icon will not show for fields that are not editable (such as calculated fields, or fields that are not editable by access profiles).
  • The function is not available for flag fields (such as work order flag). 
Here's the screenshot when the mouse is over the cost center value. 

Click the edit icon will launch edit screen and move the focus to the cost center field. So, one can start editing the cost center.

You can edit the cost center fields as well as other fields. Once done, click "Save" button to save the changes and the read screen will be shown with changes instantly.

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