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How to Differentiate a Sandbox(Dev) and Production Service?

​Customers may choose to deploy a Calem dev service (or test instance) along with their Calem production service. The dev service may be used for training, staging and development. Calem provides custom styles to differentiate a dev service from the production one in login & desktop screens.

  • ​Dev service and production service will use different service addresses.
  • The styles are used to visually prompt users so they are aware which service they are using.

Login Screen Styles

  • ​Dev service: yellow background.
  • Production service: dark-blue background 

Calem Desktop Styles

  • ​Dev service: the top area with an orange/yellow (Sandbox), or blue (Production) background color.
  •  Production service: the top area with a light blue background color.

Design Mode

Administrators with access to Admin module can launch the design mode to customize Calem for user groups. A yellow background is used to indicate the design mode. This is the same in both sandbox (dev) or production services.

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