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How to Enable Instant Search for Free Text Search

Free Text Search is a convenient tool for filtering data in the list view. Simply enter a text in the free text search box to filter a list. All text fields (such as notes and descriptions) including customized fields and selective lookup fields (such as asset number, item number) are filtered. Instant search is turned off by default - "Instant Off" is shown to the right of the free text search field. One needs to key in an "Return" key to start the search. This option gives users full control in entering search text and in when to start the search.

To turn on instant search, simply click "Instant Off". The search indicator is changed to "Instant On". When instant is turned on, the list view is filtered by the input search text without entering "Return" key. The "Instant On" and "Instant Off" can be flipped by just clicking it. The setting is used in all other list views where there are free text search boxes.  

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