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How to Modify Asset Items in Calem

The process below has been deprecated. 

  • You may use it as a reference of what is involved in asset item changes.
  • There is a new menu to modify asset items - see this blog.

Asset items are inventory item numbers for assets. They allow Calem to a) manage asset spare parts by asset items; and b) manage assets as inventory items in stock. This blog addresses a case when asset items need to be modified.

1. Non-Inventory Assets

For assets that are not managed as inventory stock, one can simply modify the asset item from the asset screen, or use asset excel template to update many assets with new asset items. 

  • ‚ÄčEdit an asset from Asset Item edit button (1) or Edit button of the asset form (2).
  • Use Asset excel template to upload asset item change.

2. Inventory Assets

Inventory assets are managed in inventory. Inventory stock and stores need to be modified for the asset item changes. The steps are:

1. Use a physical count excel template to set stock quantity to 0. For each asset that are present in stock add a line with the asset's serial number, store, bin (or locator) and set "in_stock" to 0.

2. Use a Asset excel template to upload asset item changes

3. Use a physical count excel template to set stock quantity to 1. For each asset add its new asset item number, its serial number, store, bin (or locator), and set its "in_stock" to 1.

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