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How to Use and Customize Field Help

Field help is available in Calem Enterprise 2019 scheduled for March 2019. The help can be launched from read and edit forms. Administrators can also customize field help.

1. Field Help in Read and Edit Form

A help button is revealed in a field label if a) help is available for a field;  and b) mouse is hovered over the field label. 

Click the help button to see the help text in a popup window. For instance, click the help button for "Set Priority" field to view the help for the field. 

 2. Help Customization

Help customization is provided for the following purposes:

  • Modify the help out of the box based on your business needs.
  • Add field help for custom fields added
  • Add field help for category attributes added.

Help customization is available from a read or edit form:
  • Click "Customize" menu to enter designer from a read or edit form.
  • Help buttons are shown for each field in field labels.
  • ​Click help button to launch help customization screen.
    • Add a custom help and click "Save" to commit it.
    • Click "Reset" to remove a custom help
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