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Module Bar Minimization

A quick background about Calem module bar:

  • The module bar in the AjaxWeb shows the modules available for the login users. One can click a module button in the module bar to jump to a module with module menu bar showing at the top of the Calem desktop screen. See the screenshot below.
Minimizing module bar makes more space available for the main data area. This feature is driven by customer feedback.

Module Bar Minimization

A new minimization button is added to the bottom of the module bar. The icon of the button is set dynamically: 

  • Icon​ "<": to minimize the module bar into an icon list. 
  • Icon ">": to expand the module bar to show both icon and text. 
  • This feature will be available in the coming R10p release towards the end of July 2017. 

A screenshot before "<" is clicked:​

The screenshot after "<" is clicked makes the module bar to show module icons without texts (screenshot below). Clicking ">" will restore the module bar to the screenshot above.

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