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Work Order Acceptance

Work order acceptance can be performed by work order accepters who are customers of maintenance operations, or maintenance managers. Accepters are defined by site. 

  • Menu path: Organization module | ACL Profiles | WO Accepter; or from EAM or Customer's site screens.
    • A category set may be configured to indicate what work orders an accepter can accept.
    • For instance, a PM work order may be accepted by operational managers, while a repair work order is accepted by maintenance managers.
    • Work order category set is defined in: Admin | Data Design | WO Category Sets
  • An accepter can add the following info when accepting a WO: 
    • Comments about the acceptance
    • Work area cleanliness after WO is done 

There are two workflows for accepting work orders: 

  • A. WO accepters accept work orders
    • WO accepters log into Calem, use "My summary" tab of the dashboard to find out work orders to accept. Go to those work orders and accept them. 
    • This is the default workflow for web and mobile clients. 
  • B. Technical staff execute acceptance. 
    • Technical staff who completed work orders get acceptance from accepters. In this case, accepters do not log into Calem and technical staff enter the accepter‟s name in WO acceptance. 
    • This is the default workflow for Calem Offline for Android. 

Administrators can configure B. as default workflow for web and mobile clients. See Admin Guide for more information.

Here is a screenshot of a completed work order ready for acceptance:

Asset Relationship Diagram (Deprecated)
Turning off Email Notification for WO Planners

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