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Workflow Events Enhancements for Work Orders

​The following use cases have been addressed:

  • ​Turn off notifications for preventive maintenance work orders while allowing the same notifications for non-PM work orders.
  • Do not send notifications when work orders are closed.
  • Do not notify technical staff and clients when a work order is created or approved. The notifications should only be sent when work orders are released or in progress.
The following events have been added to Calem to address the business cases above:
  • "approve" and "pm_approve" events for work orders being approved for non-PM and PM work orders respectively.
  • "release" and "pm_release" events for work orders being released for non-PM and PM work orders.
  • "close" and "pm_close" events for work orders being closed for non-PM and PM work orders.
  • "pm_comment_new", "pm_comment_upd" for comments and comment updates for PM work orders.
  • "pm_att_new" for attachments added to PM work orders.
Administrators can configure system-wide events to enable or disable these events. They can also configure recipients for each event. For instance, work order planners receive both PM and non-PM notifications, while supervisors receive only non-PM notifications.

Assignment events are generated when a user is assigned to a work order. A status filter has been added to generate the events only when work orders are in certain statuses. The default statuses are "Released" and "In Progress". Administrators can configure the status filters based on business requirements.

See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information about the workflow enhancements.

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