Calem Enterprise R23a in April 2023

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R23 on March 29, 2023. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • AI for Asset Failure Prediction
  • Business Lines for Assets
  • Multiple lines of REQ/PO for repair and services
  • Asset Tree for non-connected assets by owner groups
  • Enable REQ and PO for Phones of Calem Mobile
  • Multiple MAC Addresses for Assets
  • Purchase Budget Dashboard
  • User Seat Reports
  • PM Due List in Home Screen
  • A total of 33 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R23a

8720  [Inventory] Barcode ReadOnly handling
8719  [Work order] WO category to default to Corrective
8717  [Requisition] REQ report to include project owner
8713  [Database] Sandbox sync screen hanging
8710  [Purchase] Exclusive Repair - WO is determined by REQ/PO Line
8708  [OLAP] IdP certificate change - metadata update
8705  [Asset] Business line for asset
8700  [Purchase] PO report to include project owner
8698  [Requisition] Repair process menu consideration
8693  [Purchase] PO Deletion should consider REQ reference
8692  [Asset] Asset replacement for current PM WOs of replaced asset
8691  [Work order] Work order labor time incorrectly reported - Calcutta Time zone
8690  [PM] PM Calendar report is getting a connection error message
8689  [Multi-Org/Site] Add a user seat report
8680  [PM] Adding PM Due list to Favorite | WO tab
8679  [Work order] Inventory transaction is recording a wrong asset tag
8674  [Requisition] REQ/PO Service/Repair multiple items
8673  [Integration] ERP integration for outside service
8671  [Requisition] Mobile REQ form opens into design mode in the web
8670  [Calem Mobile] Enable REQ in the mobile
8667  [Asset] Asset tree broken by owner group
8665  [Inventory] Inventory Tran. Report: Physical count not working
8664  [Calem Mobile] User listing to show in Calem Mobile
8663  [Service Request] SR image print not scale correctly
8661  [Integration] Remote deployment not creating groups remotely
8660  [Work order] WO home page to hide status chart
8658  [Asset] Linear asset "_note" field cleanup
8657  [Asset] Multiple Mac Addresses for an asset
8656  [AI - Artificial Intelligence] AI for asset failure prediction
8655  [Work order] WO new detail data cause tab to switch
8642  [User Interface] Dark Theme - Detail list caption shown in blue
8641  [Work order] Work order last modified by a user without logging
8638  [Purchase] Purchase budget dashboard

Calem Enterprise R23 in February 2023

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R23 on February 7, 2023. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • Asset lifespan alerts and timeline view
  • Work order timeline view
  • Project Authorization for expenditure (AFE)
  • Classic Mint theme for enhanced user experience
  • Create WO with file attachments
  • PO line with item revision number
  • IP address field for location as confiugration element
  • WO menu to unlink parent/child relation
  • Floor plans to use locations's geocodes for assets
  • A total of 35 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R23

8631  [Multi-Org/Site] Unable to sync company name to Calem from ERP
8627  [User Interface] Classic Mint (or Classic+) theme which is of good value
8626  [Work order] Work step job role or team
8624  [Purchase] To add Estimated delivery time for PO lines
8623  [Inventory] Inventory close to order dashlets multi-site labeling
8622  [Inventory] Asset item and owner group
8618  [Integration] Deployment customization to multiple services at once
8617  [Asset] Floor plan to use locations for assets/work orders
8613  [Asset] Asset delete photo to prompt first
8612  [Asset] Asset Timeline Views in Calem
8609  [Inventory] Store price transaction type is not in the dropdown
8608  [Purchase] WO comments to show most recent first
8606  [Work order] Buyer by vendors for PO
8605  [Admin] Unable to login - floating seats used up
8604  [Project] Project funding support feature
8603  [System] Username with single quote login failed
8601  [Document] Attachment to show as links in list view
8599  [Purchase] Purchase PO list report date selection confusion
8598  [Logging] Change logs to check for changes
8597  [Admin] To make "Delete" status in Inventory deleteabel
8596  [Database] Error in defrag table error at daily DB defrag.
8595  [PM] PM calendar monthly view not showing times due
8594  [User Interface] Unable to log into Calem - got a blank screen
8593  [Work order] WO TaskView - add subject to planning tab
8590  [Integration] OffsiteRepair ERP integration failed - no error message
8588  [PM] PM Plan site access control by profile
8586  [Work order] Allow a menu to remove parent/child relationship
8584  [Asset] IP address field for location
8583  [Asset] Record view map is not re-centered
8582  [Work order] Work orders by meter triggers
8579  [Purchase] PO line Revision number
8578  [Asset] Asset Lifespan management
8569  [Work order] To consolidate WO DataView tabs
8557  [Work order] Creating WO to allow attaching files
7066  [Work order] Work order timeline view

Calem Enterprise R22g in December 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22g on December 23, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • Multi-MAP API integration including Eri ArcGIS.
  • A new menu in Asset module to upload meter readings.
  • Parts usage for asset locations
  • Daily dashboard to use queue for batch processing
  • Duplicate WO checking to include WOs of duplication
  • WO inspection bulk operation for passing and resetting
  • List row search failed for WO status in Spanish
  • Database monitoring and alerts
  • Querying key settings in REST API
  • A total of 28 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22g

8577  [Asset] Asset meter reading report issue
8576  [API] Query for API info by key
8574  [Inventory] ERP Integration: Offsite repair receive failed but ERP with a receive transaction
8572  [Admin] Groups not showing in the group tree after migration
8570  [System] Cron jobs not staring in Ubuntu
8568  [Logging] Option to turn off Badge refresh logging
8564  [Work order] Kanban completed & done to reduce the time period
8563  [Inventory] Recover inventory description from change logs
8562  [Work order] Remove a child WO from Child WO list
8560  [Work order] Duplicate WO check skipping duplicate WOs
8558  [Database] MySQL 8.0 is slower than MariaDB 10.3 on Ubuntu LTS 20.04
8556  [Search] List row search for Spanish language failed
8553  [Asset] A menu to upload meter readings
8552  [Work order] WO inspection in bulk
8550  [System] Custom backup does not have contents in NFS environment
8548  [System] User screens not usable after maintenance window
8544  [Asset] Location usage and bill of material
8542  [Database] Budget drill down taking about 5 seconds
8541  [Database] Use MySQL in Calem Cloud service
8540  [Admin] Unable to export Login Duration report
8539  [System] Badge refreshing and session management
8538  [Database] Error in database migration to MariaDB 10.3.34
8536  [Work order] The "State" field should be managed internally by Calem
8535  [Integration] Vendor without vendor sites
8534  [Database] Monthly backup to keep last 12 months
8531  [System] Database monitor alert
8519  [Dashboard] Daily Dashboard to use queue out of the box
5378  [Asset] GIS system integration - Esri integration

Calem Enterprise R22f in November 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22f on November 9, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • Instant Dashboards by Cacheing
  • SR Duplicate Prompt as in WOs
  • WO Scheduling Status in WO List
  • Meter triggers in real time at entry
  • Launching Floor Plan Visualization from an Asset or WO
  • Storage Usage Alert by Emails
  • Optional Quantity Edit screen for adding items in REQ/PO
  • Wrong scheduled start dates when creating WO from PM manually
  • Calem API whitelist by hostnames
  • A total of 23 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22f

8530  [Work order] WO/SR badge is broken for Classic Theme
8529  [Asset] Asset quick meter entry showing Org module menu
8528  [Work order] WO scheduling information from WO list
8527  [User Interface] Badge remote invocation to not show error box
8525  [Search] List row search to support "AND"
8524  [Asset] WO by Meter trigger to be of real time
8521  [Work order] Floor plan asset view error
8520  [Calem Mobile] "More" (...) menu is not shown in asset view from asset tree
8518  [Work order] Wrong Sched Start|Planned Start|Planned Finish by Create WO from PM
8517  [Work order] Create WO from PM - showing inactive PMs
8516  [Purchase] PO screen is not shown when creating a PO from PO Home
8515  [API] To enable API whitelist by hostnames
8514  [System] Badge API logging to be turned off
8513  [API] Invalid API profile in API call
8512  [Asset] Upload: Custom field change not reflected in "Last modified"
8511  [Requisition] Qty edit list screen in REQ/PO/PM to make optional
8510  [Service Request] SR duplicate prompt as in WO
8509  [User Interface] Module bar ordering docked by left - not when docked by top
8508  [PM] PM Plan site is not populated when "Site access" is checked
8506  [System] Apache service stopped in test nodes
8497  [Purchase] PO invoice payment summary info from PO form
8496  [Dashboard] Inventory valuation dashboard taking a while to show
8495  [System] Disk usage alert for Calem
8489  [Asset] Location query "!=" is slow

Calem Enterprise R22e in October 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22e on October 15, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • Owner groups by location
  • Document revision for documents
  • Badges for work orders and service requests
  • Menu search by tree
  • Mint theme for Calem
  • Dark theme for Calem
  • Mobile dashboard list view enhancement
  • Asset part usage performance enhancement
  • Location custom fields to work orders
  • WO summary by asset class
  • A total of 62 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22e

8499  [User Interface] Blank screen at login after R22e upgrade
8498  [Multi-Org/Site] ERP sync failed - vendor name is too long
8493  [Database] Error screen when accessing inventory module
8492  [General] Asset tree looping - an asset was displayed as own child
8491  [Asset] Location form next - not refreshing asset tab
8490  [Asset] Asset clone - turn off "Cloned from..."
8488  [Database] MariaDB Database deadlocks detected
8487  [Database] Got error message when database is not availalble
8486  [PM] Readings to Due in PM Due with coloring
8485  [Work order] Part usage by asset report to standardize
8484  [Favorite/Home] Adding location lists to Home/Favorite
8481  [Work order] To turn off auto-release of WO by assignment
8476  [User Interface] Process menu to prompt user to confirm
8475  [Inventory] ERP Integration issue - Event Order wrong (Offsite Receive Transactions)
8474  [Inventory] Import physical count transaction not updating stock
8473  [Inventory] Query screen of Physical count report is confusing
8471  [Inventory] Unable to send non-asset item for off-site repair
8470  [Work order] WO Status graph to expand with new statuses
8469  [Asset] Spare Parts Sync from Asset usage to Spares by Asset
8468  [Integration] SAML SSO integration by authentication
8467  [Work order] Unable to complete a work order permit
8466  [User Interface] Field finder in a read/edit/new page
8465  [Search] General search for menu items in Calem
8464  [User Interface] Option to toggle Mods on top
8463  [Asset] Asset class tree - Class form "Edit" button not enabled
8462  [User Interface] Add color fields for callout of info
8461  [User Interface] Scrollbar review for New/Edit/Read/List views
8460  [User Interface] Form tab close icon to redo
8459  [Work order] Linear Asset Section to turn off for WO Editing
8457  [Asset] Asset owner groups for locations to be applied to work orders
8456  [Work order] Add asset description to a work order list
8455  [PM] Missing "reading released" and "reading due" in WOs from PM meters
8454  [User Interface] Rollback mint render and themes
8451  [Security - General] Error message including password
8450  [Work order] Auto-fill contact of asset/location as contact
8449  [Dashboard] Drilldown list of Inventory budget dashboard not showing work orders
8448  [Service Request] Flag SR module with new SRs
8447  [User Interface] Add Classic Mint Option
8446  [Calem Mobile] Mobile Dashboard - list view scrolling issue
8445  [Document] Add document revision and misc features in Calem
8444  [PM] PM Plan Site Access auto-fill sites
8443  [Multi-Org/Site] Multi-org implementation blog
8441  [Asset] Location searches (my/shared) saved open empty
8440  [Inventory] Inventory Kit use with qty
8439  [Work order] Location custom fields to copy to WO
8438  [Database] MariaDB not starting up
8434  [Asset] Showing company name as the root node
8433  [Asset] Asset/Location to allow Next/Prev operation
8432  [Work order] Adding location note to WO inspection list
8431  [Work order] WO history for locations not showing PM inspection list
8430  [User Interface] Training slides to review
8429  [API] How to query last modified from location by API
8427  [Database] MariaDB cluster lost connection in R2022d upgrade
8426  [Database] Upgrade process to check for object existence before creating
8425  [Database] Address table index not able to create
8423  [Asset] Asset form open taking long time
8421  [Contract] Use "Class set" to replace "Category set"
8420  [Analysis] Adding WO summary grouped by asset class
8414  [API] Maximum number of rows to fetch in API
8412  [Requisition] REQ creation to open to items tab
7840  [User Interface] Calem Dark Mode - Theme
7814  [System] Menu search function in Calem

Calem Enterprise R22d in August 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22d on August 11, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • Inventory owner group for purchase control
  • Dashboard for Calem Mobile
  • Location relationship and diagram
  • Asset and location status control by work order
  • Company code in route object for multitenant
  • REQ and PO open to "Items" tab
  • Work order reviewed flag for PMs
  • Calem desktop defaults to one row of menu bar at the top
  • Adding a language pack for Indonesian
  • The label of "Full name" of user is changed to "User"
  • A total of 60 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22d

8406  [PM] PM Plan by site to auto-add site access row
8405  [Calem Mobile] Mobile/Android: blank screen & not scrollable
8404  [Calem Mobile] Mobile: WO status log record view stack up
8403  [Work order] Unable to complete a WO - duplicate key exception
8402  [Integration] PO synchronization issue - Unit conversion failed
8401  [Calem Mobile] Location form not embedded
8400  [User Interface] Mint theme - icon/text wrap
8399  [User Interface] Home menu is shown as the default menu
8398  [System] Service to remove anonymous login for SR
8397  [Work order] Work order form open taking 10 seconds
8396  [Work order] All WO/Child - to turn off print/export by default
8395  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] To modify "Full name" to "User"
8394  [Dashboard] Dashboard height to adjust to 12/14 rows
8393  [User Interface] Form section add padding
8391  [Requisition] REQ to open with Items tab
8389  [Analysis] Location summary by dept
8387  [System] SAML SSO no group handling
8386  [System] Data upload errors should raise an exception to stop
8383  [Asset] Asset log list display error
8382  [Work order] Remove Print-All menu from WO
8381  [Work order] WO Accepted not closed - Title incorrect
8380  [Work order] WO change log not showing changes
8379  [Service Request] SR asset/location required
8377  [PM] When PM plan is set to ReviewRequired, PM is not updated
8376  [Work order] Review required for CM (non-PM) work orders
8375  [Admin] User seat list to add username
8374  [Asset] Asset owner group refactoring
8373  [Calem Mobile] Dashboard P&S + Asset in Tablet
8372  [Dashboard] Dashboard Asset hours to be by 1 day as default
8371  [Purchase] Purchase order print error with repairs of assets
8370  [Inventory] Add vendor to PO list in Site Inventory
8369  [Inventory] Inventory owner group access control
8368  [Admin] User upload without Full name to be blocked
8366  [Work order] Work order print not including attachment
8364  [Inventory] Option to create manufacturer from lookup screen
8363  [Inventory] Item reference showing blank item numbers
8362  [Inventory] Item referenced number was modified in bulk
8361  [Inventory] To provide a link in reserved work order list of inventory
8360  [Requisition] Vendor part # is not brought over in REQ item
8359  [User Interface] Web UI to make 1 top row default for admin profile
8357  [Inventory] Inventory flag not showing in list view
8355  [System] Adding a translation pack for Indonesian
8354  [Inventory] Data upload failure with missing column for site
8352  [System] Product title customization not provided
8351  [Asset] To add location relationship as in asset
8350  [Service Request] Asset and Location status per SR/WO
8347  [Service Request] Workflow Email service is not working
8344  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Route object to allow site code
8343  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] ACL profile list report
8341  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Fax column to extend to 24 chars
8340  [PM] PM Calendar PM Plan Subject to show
8337  [Asset] Quick reading entry to allow 4 months (3 past and 1 current)
8335  [Training] PM Meter "Release Interval" in User Guide not shown in the form
8331  [System] Error dialog not showing error properly in Mint style
8319  [Calem Mobile] Work order screen not scrollable sometimes
8295  [PM] PM Seq & exclusion to have a separate lists
8202  [Workflow] WO/SR status change to include comments

Calem Enterprise R22c in June 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22c on June 14, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • Quick meter entry for Calem Mobile
  • Service Request Disapproval notification
  • Purchase Order Print Customization
  • My assignment completed WO lists
  • Data Upload error message clarification
  • Data change event with readable presentation
  • A total of 22 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22c

8334  [Admin] Viewing Users Logged-In got session lost in Calem
8333  [Work order] WO Generation meter reading estimate
8332  [Inventory] Inventory checkout stock not shown
8330  [Inventory] KC integration - adding event # to error log
8328  [Work order] A WO is generated too early by meter
8327  [Service Request] SR Disapproval notification
8326  [Inventory] Adding "Search Row" button to Receiving Slip Report
8325  [Work order] Add WO "Code" submenu for more info
8324  [Data Upload] Lookup reference error not clear
8322  [User Interface] Sub-Menu in Home form being cut-off
8318  [System] Data change events to decode into readable format
8317  [Asset] Adding Specification to Asset Part Usage List
8316  [Inventory] ERP integration error code not clear enough
8315  [Work order] How are cost centers configured in work orders
8314  [Inventory] Inventory unable to be checked out by ERP integration
8312  [Asset] Quick meter entry for Calem Mobile
8310  [Inventory] Add Asset Tag for WO checkout
8309  [Work order] My assignment to have a list showing work orders completed
8306  [Purchase] Purchase Order Print Customization
8305  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Error message when assigning a supervisor
8304  [Asset] Quick meter entry for - Monthly
8303  [Integration] Data Upload Error message

Calem Enterprise R22b in May 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22b on May 16, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • Weekly Scheduling with Team Access Control
  • REST API to allow selective deletion
  • Adding short videos to work orders in Calem Mobile
  • Drilldown List in Inventory Transaction Dashboards
  • New Lists and filtering for PM/Non-PM Work Orders
  • Added a process to close historical work orders not accepted
  • Disposed assets excluded from lookups in work order creation
  • Estimating time of days from meter readings in PM meter work order generation
  • Turning off Calem Mobile by profiles
  • Turning off Auto-Provision per Profile Set in SAML SSO
  • Workflow close event for service requests
  • A total of 32 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22b

8299  [Asset] Asset Item in Asset not directly editable
8298  [System] Enable Deletion support for WO Scheduling
8297  [Workflow] SR close event to add for SR workflow notifications
8296  [System] SAML SSO Profile-Set to optionally turn off auto-provisioning
8294  [PM] Showing remaining readings for PMs by meters
8293  [Work order] WO logbook to provide search row
8292  [Inventory] Transaction drill down for inventory dashboards
8291  [Service Request] SR new user creation recipient is digits
8290  [Work order] Estimating "Need by" for meters generated earlier
8289  [Work order] PM work order duplicate releases
8288  [Work order] WO Status menu: Complete ahead of Hold
8287  [Schedule] Weekly schedule does not support team as WO Planner
8286  [Work order] Disposed assets should not allow one to create a work order
8285  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile release to App Store/Play
8284  [Work order] My team assignment should be open work orders only
8283  [Setup] SAML SSO Secured Session Flag in Load Balancer
8282  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC location change not recorded in history
8281  [Inventory] Qty to order set for items of min/max with auto-ordering
8279  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User employee # change not logged
8277  [Work order] To provide a procedure to close historical work orders
8276  [Setup] SAML SSO setup issues
8273  [Calem Mobile] Physical count transaction item lookup blank screen
8271  [Setup] Asset upload by report (cmv_asset) not triggering plugin (by cm_asset)
8270  [Setup] Service export to remove certain data
8269  [Work order] Show open work orders by PM/Non-PM
8267  [Inventory] Inventory receiving single item & receiving all enhacements
8266  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile: WO status log was not shown
8262  [Calem Mobile] Upload video to Calem from Mobile
8261  [Inventory] Add the vendor to Inventory Order List by Min/Max report
8259  [Schedule] Weekly Scheduling screen by team access control
8247  [Calem Mobile] Is it possible to turn off mobile user per profile
8224  [Calem Mobile] WO notes to support voice to text

Calem Enterprise R22a in March 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22b on Mar 16, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • New budget KPI for part and services
  • New inventory repair KPI
  • Inventory average consumption monthly for an item
  • New transaction for Inter-site transfer
  • New transaction for inventory disposal
  • Inventory return control by work order completion
  • Asset monitoring services configuration
  • Full page view for weekly scheduling read-only view
  • Process to undo repair WOs by canceling WOs
  • Team support profile group for single-sign-on
  • Units are required in items and inventory
  • A total of 49 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22a1 in March 2022

8265  [Work order] Calem Mobile - notes added in completion not making into comments
8264  [Inventory] Cost center code is missing in project checkout in barcode
8263  [API] REST API Insert not working for PHP 5
8257  [Data Upload] Document - upload a file (exceed upload max) got a cut-off error message box
8256  [Dashboard] Dashboard - WO summary with invalid menu
8255  [System] Upgrade Calem service failed for PHP 5.3
8254  [Inventory] Storeroom team auto-fill by profile
8253  [User Interface] Upload file "Save" button not enabled
8252  [Document] Document home tab has a typo "Docment"
8251  [Inventory] Barcode checkout of inventory - project not handled properly
8250  [System] ionCube loader error from Apache error_log
8248  [System] Sandbox Sync from Prod causing ERP integration not reset for Sandbox
8245  [Work order] WO print inspection list
8242  [Dashboard] Dashboard inventory budget list export not customizable
8241  [Asset] Upload asset without location configured
8239  [Work order] Edit a work order and the lookup of requester might get a blank screen
8238  [Security - General] SAML SSO standard plugin for auto-provisioning
8236  [Work order] WO Dept to set by cost center or the requester - not assigned user
8235  [Requisition] REQ due date requirement should only be applied at approval
8234  [Inventory] ERP integration for multiple transactions

Support Cases Resolved in R22a in March 2022

8232  [Work order] Cost center from Asset/location will check their validity
8231  [Schedule] Make read-only scheduling screen full-screen
8230  [PM] PM not generating WOs
8229  [Inventory] UOM at inventory and item to make required
8228  [Purchase] Voiding PO to rename PO #
8227  [Inventory] Qty in Stock in Site Inventory by Bin to rename
8226  [Inventory] To add a flag in checkout for repair checkout
8225  [System] In ERP integration use "Approved by" as the requester
8222  [Schedule] Is it possible to support Scheduling on a full page
8221  [System] Teams for profile sets
8220  [Inventory] Got unique index error in PO receiving
8219  [Inventory] Checkout for ICT/Disposal: Dispose
8218  [Work order] WO report with extra WO fields
8217  [Dashboard] WO monthly KPI to have two decimal points for percentage
8216  [Inventory] Inventory dashboard - close to order
8215  [User Interface] Password protection in user interface and export
8212  [Inventory] Add WO subject in checkout screen for WO #
8211  [Inventory] Inventory return limit by WO close
8210  [User Interface] Read/edit section to add a band
8209  [System] Error in displaying image not available
8208  [Work order] Add WO docs report (as WO attachments)
8207  [User Interface] Notes display length to make the same as subject
8206  [Asset] Asset change log to exclude aggregate cost fields
8205  [API] API Doc header signature error
8204  [Inventory] Physical count - unable to set 0 qty for a bin
8203  [Inventory] Option to allow a repair WO to be canceled
8201  [System] Calem Remote deployment for overlapping custom fields
8200  [Inventory] Repair return transaction: cost center and WO #
8199  [Dashboard] WO Open by category/priority to allow list drill down
8198  [Inventory] Adding tran qty in the tran summary report
8196  [Dashboard] WO Open by dept to allow list drill down
8195  [Inventory] Inventory multi-site to allow warehouse selection
8192  [Inventory] Inventory item avg consumption monthly
8190  [User Interface] Home Form - Custom filters were not applied in site data migration
8189  [Inventory] To handle disposal warehouse - means to process it.
8188  [Schedule] Weekly schedule read-only view not working for single site
8187  [Setup] Turn off touch link by default at web client
8185  [Requisition] REQ approver/team may be renamed as suggested
8184  [Requisition] REQ approval auto-find use site approval first
8183  [Asset] Asset clone "clone from" message
8181  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Org module to have ACL Profile shows next to EAM Company
8180  [Asset] Asset clone to pass custom fields in the trigger
8178  [Asset] Asset custom trigger not activated from "Change Asset Item"
8177  [Inventory] Enter an inventory number save got a blank screen
8172  [Setup] Duplicate Sync Prod menu in Sandbox
8165  [Performance] Warehouse KPI module - Phase 3
8141  [Asset] Creating a tab in location for monitoring management
8118  [Requisition] REQ due date not in the past
8110  [System] Login log to extend time to 12 months & reports
8062  [Inventory] Checkout for ICT/Disposal - Transfer

Calem Enterprise R22 in February 2022

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R22 on Feb. 7, 2022. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • New multi-site maintenance KPIs
  • New multi-site warehouse KPIs
  • Added a chart of top labor hours by asset
  • Barcode label print from phones/tablets
  • PO inspection before receiving
  • Time limit in return of spare parts
  • Return spare part by work order number
  • Menu to create repair WO by parts checked out
  • New report of custom fields
  • New Read-only view of WO weekly scheduling
  • Cleanup of custom fields in Sandbox DB after sync from Prod DB
  • A total of 40 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R22

8174  [User Interface] Method setMenuVisible not defined for mobile
8173  [Work order] Refactor WO Dup Check process
8171  [Setup] Sync Prod to Test service - got error when creating custom field
8170  [Asset] Asset item number changes
8169  [Admin] Report of custom fields
8164  [Training] Training expiration feature & Doc issues
8163  [Inventory] Storeroom restriction refactoring
8162  [Barcode] Barcode checkout to enforce storeroom restriction
8161  [Inventory] Inventory receive/adjustment cost calculation incorrect
8160  [Asset] Asset clone and alternative serial #
8159  [Inventory] Create Part Repair - transaction list of checkout is showing all sites
8156  [Purchase] Inspection before receiving PO to storeroom - Option 1
8155  [Integration] Owner site blank in scheduled reports
8153  [PM] Dependent PM not generating work orders by meter
8149  [Inventory] To time limit the Inventory part checkout return
8148  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Search of Listing of company (Vendor/Manufacturer) blank screen
8146  [Work order] Mandate comments at completion of WO
8145  [Work scheduling] WO Scheduling enhancements
8144  [Inventory] Repair part process to improve
8142  [Inventory] Error message in receiving inventory part
8140  [Asset] Asset logs from cascaded changes
8137  [Inventory] Inventory transaction failed in calem, but sent over to ERP
8136  [Inventory] Barcode checkout is not excluding items of "Other"
8135  [Purchase] Add WO# to PO line list
8132  [Work order] WO scheduled start time not changed when a user is scheduled
8131  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch to allow Phone/Tablet profile
8130  [Dashboard] Top labor hours by asset
8128  [PM] PM meters with tiered meter release not generating after 1st WO
8127  [Inventory] Last received to exclude inventory merge
8125  [PM] PM Meter generation error - a WO is generated by PM/meter
8124  [PM] PM meter logging to be added
8123  [Inventory] ERP Integration - inventory physical count to pass qty changed
8120  [Inventory] Adding time created and user created in Items report
8114  [Requisition] PO insertion failure
8101  [Work order] Refactor - WO completion rate (MOC/SR)
8089  [Performance] Maintenance KPI module - Phase 2
8045  [Calem Mobile] How to print labels from iPad
7986  [Asset] Asset meter reading invalid range
7942  [Performance] Warehouse KPI module
7744  [Inventory] Physical count/move: Confirm menu refinement

Calem Enterprise R21f in December 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21f on Dec. 21, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • New maintenance KPIs
  • Item creation to prompt for potential duplication
  • Repair Storeroom for receiving repaired parts
  • Item loading from barcode scan
  • Owner group of ACL profile to support exclusion list
  • Email notification to admin for first time SR submission via email
  • Adding a photo by taking one (not from photo library)
  • Calem Touch allow using phone groups for tablets
  • Asset by location is enabled by default
  • Allow a Site prefix for SR numbering
  • List toolbar to allow caption and menu in one row.
  • A total of 75 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R21f

8107  [Dashboard] WO Labor hours to show top values in the chart
8106  [Dashboard] Option to not show value in the column chart
8104  [Requisition] REQ approval not triggering ERP integration
8103  [Inventory] Inventory valuation not matching in Calem Reports
8102  [Dashboard] Home screen charts simplification
8100  [Dashboard] Dashboard tabs re-arranged
8097  [Asset] Asset clone screen - old asset info
8096  [Work order] Enable Asset lookup by location in SR/WO
8095  [Inventory] ERP integration - how to report error in batch checkout
8094  [Inventory] Item creation to prompt for matching attributes
8093  [Service Request] Site-prefix for SR numbering
8087  [Work order] Asset by location: asset is filled with 'undefined'
8085  [User Interface] Compacting the list view caption + toolbar
8081  [User Interface] List toolbar to support caption and menu in one row
8080  [Inventory] Transaction freeze to check for inactive flag
8077  [Inventory] Add a "Safety" flag to inventory
8074  [Calem Mobile] Module readonly for mobile not working
8072  [User Interface] Confirmation to show at top center
8071  [Admin] Group design - new group showing all groups (not parent)
8069  [Calem Mobile] Mobile customization for phone & tablet
8068  [Service Request] SR not showing all the data
8065  [Project] Project cost process
8063  [Inventory] Tran time different from creation time
8061  [Inventory] ERP Integration to include WO # for Checkout/Return
8059  [Inventory] Return repaired part with Bin selection & "Sent/received"
8058  [Inventory] Checkout form - seachRow not working for storeroom column
8056  [Inventory] Inventory merge - no stock, no merge transaction
8055  [Inventory] Inventory valuation handling for merge
8054  [Inventory] ERP material sync - Item update cascaded to inventory not synced
8053  [Inventory] Scan to update Item photo from iPad
8051  [Purchase] PO list report to optionally provide a vendor search
8050  [System] MFA login requires email (not app)
8049  [Inventory] Inventory summary dashboard (Home)
8046  [Asset] Position of asset to be tied to parent asset
8044  [Work order] New WO P&S KPI - Operational KPI
8043  [PM] PM next due for color coded
8042  [Work order] "Reopen" to be allowed for only users who can close
8041  [Service Request] For a first time user submitting an SR to notify admin users
8040  [User Interface] Mint UI - logout icon not smooth when highlighted
8039  [Inventory] Site inventory currency change handling
8035  [Purchase] Provide a vendor report with part/price and contact info
8033  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Monitor user misc issues
8031  [Integration] Inventory checkout - to allow a cost project Id in ERP integration
8030  [Integration] ERP Integration - old values are the same as new values
8029  [Data Upload] Error in setting parent asset of asset to null
8028  [Integration] ERP-Integration: Allow event to specify the listener per event
8027  [Calem Mobile] Add photo from camera directly
8026  [User Interface] Google map without services
8025  [User Interface] UI Color changes
8024  [Asset] Asset by location to hide by location menu
8023  [Inventory] Max-stock control caused an error when voiding a REQ
8022  [System] Unlimited user session time tracking
8021  [User Interface] Customizing colors for gauge
8020  [User Interface] Splash screen customization
8019  [User Interface] Customization for favorite icon
8011  [Work order] Cost center fill at UI upon Asset/Location change
8010  [Inventory] Provide an option for "Not repaired" from off-site repair
8007  [User Interface] Colored field styling - colors
8005  [Inventory] Inventory transaction failed by ERP integration (not active event)
8004  [User Interface] To use a different class for Desktop User
8003  [PM] PM Due to show due date in relative term (in 8 days)
8002  [User Interface] Remove form tab's icon to make it smaller
8001  [User Interface] Colored fields to have a class for customization
8000  [System] Option to load up fonts from google - for customization
7999  [System] Both array of custom CSS files
7992  [System] When sync Test from Prod - remote services cache is out of sync
7991  [System] Remote deploy - to remove views per source
7987  [Favorite/Home] Blank screen from Home/Asset/Meter set
7983  [System] Scripts to run after sandbox sync
7962  [User Interface] Webix upgrade to R9.1
7954  [Barcode] Have a process to backup and remove scan logs
7941  [Performance] Maintenance KPI module - Phase 1
7910  [Inventory] Recycle-bin to display more readable format (administrator)
7902  [Inventory] Inventory Unit inactive flag
7652  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Owner group profile to support exclusion

Calem Enterprise R21e in October 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21e on Oct. 16, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • Web Client Mint Theme and Home Screens
  • OAuth Authentication Integration
  • MariaDB data row optimization
  • Create SR/WO via Location
  • PM WO generation once by time
  • Mandatory meter readings for asset & location
  • Inventory Data Sync to ERP
  • Inventory merge by excel upload
  • Configuration for WO Wait statuses
  • Gauge screens for WO, SR and Asset
  • Excel export for large data set
  • A total of 94 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R21e

7977  [Upgrade] R21e upgrade failed for PHP5.3 services
7976  [User Interface] Mint error message is cutting off string on the right
7975  [Data Upload] When creating data from row the lookup Id was invalid
7973  [Inventory] Create items at uploading inventory for merging
7970  [Inventory] Inventory transaction count graph having too many steps
7969  [Inventory] Add avg_pricing to inventory merge template
7968  [Requisition] PO Status chart user not found
7967  [User Interface] PM list (using PM view) not showing custom fields
7965  [Inventory] Return parts to a different location
7963  [PM] PM "Next due" change is not causing a change event
7960  [Service Request] Auto-refresh to turn off for mobile
7959  [Purchase] Changed the site logo - PO print still used old logo
7958  [User Interface] Refactor Dialogs for Mint UI
7956  [Work order] WO wait status - waiting and ready
7953  [Work order] WO release once by meter is releasing more WOs
7952  [Work order] Option to release a PM only once
7951  [User Interface] Rollback to right-aligned: Desktop Tabs to show at center-left
7948  [API] REST API to get Asset got an error
7947  [Inventory] ERP integration: Inventory and vendor sync
7946  [Inventory] Add transaction reports
7945  [Analysis] WO backlog by category title not set
7939  [System] Missing unique index in installation
7938  [Asset] Allow WO creation from location
7937  [User Interface] Work order Home list view not updated after completion
7936  [Work order] WO priority by asset not to use default
7935  [Work order] To require the population of dropdown/fields
7934  [Work order] WO Dept by user assigned
7933  [Work order] PM WO completed without actual start time
7932  [Asset] Asset tree to show in read-only mode and create SR/WO
7930  [System] OAuth auto-provision team
7929  [Asset] Making asset item not required in asset management
7927  [User Interface] Kanban board error when open a few times
7926  [User Interface] Custom theme support in Calem
7925  [User Interface] New UI - Navigation bar on top
7922  [User Interface] Turning off the feature of tab restoration
7921  [Work order] Add Avatar for Kanban without photos
7920  [PM] Custom fields from PM Plan to WO & PM
7918  [Training] Floating expiration for training
7917  [Training] Training users to show all regardless of expiration date
7916  [Work order] WO Gauge to show overall system status
7915  [Inventory] Merge-Receive to include source item number
7914  [Service Request] Create SR/WO via location
7913  [Service Request] SR creation screen is blank - restored tab
7912  [Work order] WO execution tab list view title cut-off
7909  [Inventory] Item merge by excel
7908  [User Interface] Odd/Even grid coloring
7907  [PM] PM inspection WO generation
7906  [User Interface] WO map open - error message
7905  [User Interface] Top bar into one row
7904  [User Interface] Each module will have its own dashboard
7901  [System] MySQL running out of space
7899  [Service Request] SR photos to be included in SR submission
7898  [Service Request] SR photo to include in SR print
7897  [Asset] Asset tree not shown in service request asset lookup list
7896  [Asset] Asset insertion key violation, but asset not found
7893  [Asset] Asset MTBF report to allow grouping by Dept
7892  [Inventory] Inventory Min/Max order control
7891  [Asset] Mandatory meter readings for PM/CM and WO completion
7890  [Calem Mobile] OAuth mobile client issue - menu not aligned to the right
7889  [Inventory] Inventory merge failed for inventory vendor
7888  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile OAuth login - User Agent not allowed
7886  [Inventory] Site inventory by bin & Site inventory valuation report got error
7885  [User Interface] PM Show/hide default data is not obvious
7884  [Calem Mobile] SSO (SAML/OAuth) logout session removal
7882  [Work order] Completion parent WOs with child WOs
7878  [Inventory] AMS SR submission is broken
7877  [Inventory] Change LotNumber to Storeroom in KC-Tran Interface
7875  [Work order] Repair WO deletion - part is not returned
7874  [Inventory] Item addition to verify manufacturer number
7873  [System] MFA login edit (My Account) by App was broken
7872  [User Interface] Calem web login page - UI change
7869  [Work order] WO Gen - release PM failure no transaction
7868  [Work order] WO Gen - Auto-Close is joining custom fields
7865  [Database] Custom fields and category attributes table engine to be InnoDB
7864  [Database] Guid migration - WO log deletion deadlock (utf8/latin1)
7863  [Database] Guid for category attributes - Latin1 encoding
7862  [Database] Custom Id field should use guid type latin1 encoding
7861  [Database] MariaDB: MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows error
7860  [Database] Azure MariaDB migration
7859  [Database] Unable to import DB from MySQL to MariaDB
7858  [Database] MariaDB/MySQL to use ANSI encoding for Ids
7856  [Database] MariaDB/MySQL to use text/blob sizes
7854  [Integration] Multi-REQ PO integration error
7853  [Inventory] Inventory merge checkbox needs deletion button
7852  [Requisition] REQ/PO order management
7851  [Work order] Pivot bar chart to show integer for counts
7842  [Database] Increase short note size to 86 from 76 - InnoDB Row Size Limit
7836  [Report] Excel library to migrate to Spout or a good cache solution
7828  [System] New UI for Calem as an option - Top 1 row & Home Form
7827  [System] OAuth authentication client in Calem
7596  [Report] Excel export failure - error due to large data size
7329  [Report] Excel export is slow for large asset list with many columns
6526  [Report] Excel export memory overflow
6185  [Report] PHPExcel replacement

Calem Enterprise R21d in August 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21d on Aug. 16, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

  • Inventory merging to address duplicates
  • Asset downtime by work orders
  • WO Pivot by priorities and site
  • An option to exclude failure codes from MTBF calculation
  • Work assignment weekly report not handle dates properly
  • SR priorities to use default text for easy understanding
  • Lookup buttons turned off for anonymous request entry
  • Kanban view to handle UTF-8 encoding
  • Added asset criticality grouping in MTBF reporting
  • Up to 3 form tabs are restored at login
  • A total of 40 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R21d

7850  [User Interface] Desktop Tabs to show at center-left
7849  [User Interface] Web desktop to restore tabs opened
7848  [Database] Use MariaDB going forward with new service provision
7847  [Asset] Asset deletion error - a serial entry deletion failed
7841  [Inventory] Purchase module - duplicate vendor list forms
7839  [Report] Meter charts failed when there are no readings
7838  [User Interface] Contrast mode not showing hyperlink
7837  [Inventory] Cost center missing in Off-site repair receiving
7835  [Report] Unable to export inventory transactions
7834  [Asset] Duplicate serial number error in asset upload
7833  [Data Upload] Upload data running out of memory
7832  [System] Calem is not responsive and very slow
7831  [Service Request] SR by email not showing chars correctly
7830  [Inventory] ERP integration: Off-site repair unable to send off
7826  [Schedule] Sync weekly schedule and assignment report text
7825  [Work order] Asset downtime auto-entry
7824  [Schedule] WO Assignment report by week - incorrect dates
7823  [Work order] Work assignment weekly view is different from weekly schedule
7822  [Service Request] SR priorities to use P1, P2, etc. with note
7820  [Work order] Cost Center to add in Create Repair WO
7817  [Admin] Readonly profile can edit dropdowns
7811  [Purchase] PO preview error message
7810  [Database] WO table "last_incomplete" caused error in row size overflow
7809  [System] ERP integration issue
7808  [Asset] Asset upgrade losing custom dropdown in asset priorities
7807  [System] Multi-Tab form design is broken - got blank screen
7806  [Inventory] Processes for inventory codification merging
7805  [Work order] Pivot is it possible to show P0/P1 as bars
7804  [Asset] MTBF report grouped by asset criticality
7803  [Asset] MTBF report different from WO list
7802  [Inventory] Kanban is not showing - error message
7801  [System] Doc_img reporting directory to clean up
7800  [Asset] MTBF flag for failure code - some failure is not MTBF related
7799  [Service Request] Turn off lookup button for SR anonymous entry
7798  [Work order] WO Pivot chart reusing configuration screen
7797  [System] To provide event no at ERP notification failure
7757  [Asset] MTBF by class only
7751  [User Interface] Option to search field in a screen
7716  [Inventory] Inventory checkout slip and signature
7656  [Inventory] A utility to merge site inventory into a single code

Calem Enterprise R21c in July 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21c on July 11, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • WO Kanban Visualization
  • WO Pivot Chart Visualization
  • Multi-meter reading charts by meter sets
  • Daily quick meter entry
  • All WOs by performance date and request time
  • Change (MOC) status duration in status log
  • Profile option to customize reports
  • Hide inactive assets by default (and other objects)
  • ERP integration workflow notification upon exception
  • ERP integration synchronous mode supported
  • A total of 40 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R21c

7796  [System] R21c upgrade failure - UTF encoding
7795  [Inventory] Unable to check out site inventory from Inventory | Transaction (admin)
7794  [System] ERP Integration - syncProcess (admin)
7792  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Add a site field to the user seat list (admin)
7790  [Asset] Hide inactive assets from asset tree (admin)
7789  [System] Upload module has save button enabled at readonly
7788  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Job Role lookup does not have free text search
7787  [System] Provide an option to customize report list only
7786  [Asset] Meter chart to provide meter set based multi-meter selection (admin)
7785  [Dashboard] WO summary losing header portion
7784  [Work order] Work order Analysis visualization
7783  [User Interface] Kanban to enable skin support
7781  [Inventory] Site inventory by bin for valuation report
7779  [Inventory] Inventory physical count transaction using wrong bin
7778  [Dashboard] Dashboard server cache to clean up
7777  [Dashboard] Asset dashboard MTBF to allow selection of classes
7775  [Service Request] Unable to delete SR due to status log
7772  [User Interface] Calem web client styles intruding to plug-ins
7771  [Work order] Add "last_incomplete" to the status tracking
7770  [System] Receiving off-site repair to be treated as stock return
7769  [Asset] Daily quick meter reading entry
7767  [Work order] All WOs released and later for a time period
7766  [PM] PM-Dbo to support update by Id without plan & asset/location
7765  [Inventory] Revision flag for Calem items in ERP integration
7763  [Work order] WO Specialty Active flag to be added in Calem
7762  [Purchase] Removing PO items to make "Edit", not counted as delete
7759  [MOC (Management of Change)] Status duration report as in WO for MOC (admin)
7758  [Asset] Quick meter entry to be available in Favorite module
7756  [Asset] Unable to search "Asset" in the MTBF
7750  [Purchase] PO due date and item due date are not the same
7748  [Work order] Wo Acceptance signature to be migrated
7747  [Schedule] Schedules - the end date is not deleted
7743  [Inventory] Rename "Return by Storeroom" to "Return to Storeroom"
7740  [Dashboard] ChartView for Open WO list view
7738  [Work order] Open WO Bar chart by priority
7688  [Integration] Report and Notification for integration
7591  [Work order] Work order visual board for management
7575  [Asset] Asset cleanup - legacy asset from previous solution
7572  [Asset] Remove old location and asset
7032  [Workflow] Option to turn off REQ/PO/MOC emails (admin)

Calem Enterprise R21b in June 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21b on June 5, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Open WO list made default for work order module
  • Inventory Repair Processes for internal and offsite repair
  • Two-Way ERP Integration
  • Read-Only multi-site inventory form
  • Service request Pre-Approved status (renamed from Responded status)
  • PM Weekly metric in WO Summary list of Dashboard
  • My Team WO to show all WOs assigned to the teams of the login user
  • Inventory return to storeroom allows repaired items
  • Resolved duplicated WOs created from Asset Tree in Calem Mobile
  • Support SSL connection to MySQL
  • A total of 48 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R21b

7739  [System] ERP Unit conversion by alias
7737  [System] ERP integration with PO being approved coming in
7734  [Asset] Asset update with logging
7733  [Integration] Dropdown Set deployment not updated
7732  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] To remove blank ACL profiles for users
7731  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] CostCenter Alias for integration
7728  [Inventory] Min/Max reorder issue for continuous reordering
7727  [Work order] WO steps not mandatory for completing WOs
7726  [Integration] Misc issues in merging Calem services
7724  [Inventory] Calem Mobile to show Description for Site Inventory
7722  [Integration] ERP Integration: Outbound inventory transactions
7721  [Requisition] Misc UI: REQ approval due date layout change
7720  [Integration] Data package for update should only include update portion, not old
7719  [Work order] SR priority to WO to keep the same
7718  [Work order] Option to pick other failures per WO Specialty
7717  [Inventory] To add prompt for WO Planned inventory checkout menu
7714  [Service Request] SR status comments to be added as comments
7713  [Integration] ERP Integration - custom notifier support
7712  [Dashboard] Dashboard to add my PMs weekly (current, past and next)
7711  [Inventory] Min/Max generation upon entry was turned off - to reconsider
7710  [Work order] Tablet: unable to check off steps beyond 46 steps
7709  [Inventory] Batch upload of images to inventory items
7708  [Work order] To show assembly at the check list of PM steps
7707  [Work order] Make Open WO the default menu for WO
7706  [Inventory] Inventory Unit merge: reuse units of the same Ids
7705  [RCM] Failure lookup to support tree
7704  [Requisition] REQ item view failed to create - affecting new installation
7703  [Setup] MySQL connection failure per SSL requirement
7702  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] ACL-Profile: Site-level WO/SR status control to deprecate
7701  [Inventory] Inventory transaction by store to change: Physical, Return, Move
7700  [System] Customer service migration to Calem Multi-Site
7699  [Service Request] SR support for codification review process
7698  [Asset] iPad: asset tree is too small to use - mis-click, etc.
7697  [Dashboard] Instance merge: WO created/completed daily not populated
7696  [System] WF mail queue to allow longer retry time
7695  [System] Email accounts reported spam activities
7694  [Service Request] SR Mail not created from subject encoding issue
7693  [Work order] Duplicate WOs created from iPad/Completed WO creation
7692  [Service Request] Subject encoding not correct
7691  [Work order] My Team WO - to allow a separate exclusion config
7690  [Asset] Asset manufacture date
7689  [Calem Mobile] To provide document module in the Calem Mobile
7638  [Inventory] Receive from asset repair work order
7637  [Work order] Work order for asset spare part repair
7636  [Asset] Rebuildable asset flag to indicate if an asset is spare part (with repair cost here)
7630  [Inventory] Review of inventory pricing at return/checkout
7626  [Inventory] Remote Site inventory access for view
7601  [Inventory] Internal and external repair process for integration

Calem Enterprise R21a in May 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21a on May 2, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • WO Labor Summary including available, actual, scheduled and planned
  • PO Default values by vendors
  • Work order status duration in status log
  • Make due date required in REQ approval
  • Asset Clone to support custom fields
  • Add Inventory photo from Calem Mobile
  • PO Print without attachment
  • Inventory revision to allow global naming
  • Merge Calem Instances to a Central Calem Multi-site Instance
  • ERP Integration for REQ/PO/Inventory
  • A total of 57 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R21a

7687  [Inventory] Inventory merging - keep track of old Site
7686  [Service Request] SR via email: Unable to parse utf-8 properly
7685  [Work order] WO Print HTML/PDF has word cut-off in wrapping
7684  [Work order] Allow one to complete safety steps for completed WO
7683  [System] Report for ACL user assignment
7682  [User Interface] To remove trailing space in upgrade of data
7680  [Purchase] PO print without document attached
7679  [System] ERP Integration for REQ/PO/Inventory
7678  [System] Evaluate array_diff by array_diff_assoc
7677  [Inventory] Inventory transaction in Central Calem, but not in source service
7673  [Inventory] Option to use global lot for repair purpose
7672  [Inventory] Storage requirement in inventory
7670  [PM] PM group report for export/import
7669  [Integration] Instance Merge - Inventory qty on order incorrect
7668  [Purchase] PO default values by vendor/vendor site
7667  [Inventory] Add ABC class field to site inventory screen
7666  [Inventory] Inventory revision to allow global naming
7665  [Work order] Owner user field in location to make a contact in WO
7664  [System] When deleting a custom field/dropdown, its customized text is not deleted
7662  [Inventory] Transaction history for bin selection should show Bin
7661  [Integration] Deployment tool - custom fields checked off but deployed
7660  [System] To include custom directory in backup
7659  [Barcode] Barcode physical count cannot use bins in storeroom
7658  [System] Customize WO part list to include only # column
7657  [Asset] QR code in asset list is not working per Admin Guide
7655  [Integration] MOC Status logging not generated from upload
7654  [Purchase] Completed POs to be included in Open PO Chart
7653  [Inventory] Site inventory by bin to show manufacturer part #
7651  [Dashboard] Weekly hours summary report per team
7650  [Dashboard] Weekly hours summary report
7649  [Dashboard] Avg Time in WO Summary KPI to clarify by text label
7648  [Analysis] Add “% Done” in WO Summary (Analysis | WO Analysis)
7647  [Schedule] Auto-fill "Planned" hours if any in Assign to Others
7646  [Asset] Asset clone not accessible to custom trigger
7645  [PM] Unable to load PM from PM Plan
7644  [Asset] Asset clone to support custom fields copying
7643  [User Interface] QR code failure in asset screen when empty
7640  [Search] != (not equal) support in list row search
7635  [PM] PM Inspection not site-sensitive
7634  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Job Role to add maximize icon to see whole list
7633  [Inventory] Show equivalent qty in mobile search
7632  [Inventory] Inventory photo to add for Calem Mobile
7631  [Integration] Email service provider blacklist issue
7629  [Integration] Merging Calem instances to a central service
7628  [Purchase] PO workflow email template has "description"
7625  [Purchase] Purchase invoice total incorrect per freight/tax
7624  [Purchase] To display invoice total, tax and freight
7623  [Inventory] Work order status duration report
7622  [Inventory] REQ generation to launch for Physical count transaction confirmation
7620  [Requisition] Make due date required when REQ is approved
7619  [Requisition] REQ auto-gen is requested by administrator
7618  [Integration] Asset upload is slow
7617  [Integration] Upload asset takes long time
7616  [Integration] How to set a lookup value to empty from the upload
7613  [Inventory] Vendor & Vendor part to site inventory report
7612  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change comments report like WO comments
7565  [Inventory] Import Custom Excel of New items and stock

Calem Enterprise R21 in February 2021

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R21 on Feburary 14, 2021. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • QR label print
  • Inventory kit for productivity in purchase and checkout
  • Calem Data Dictionary for admin and system integrators
  • Purchase progress visualization Chart
  • Work Order progress visualization Chart
  • Inventory valuation report refactored
  • Support implementation in Ubuntu LTS 20.04 and PHP 7.4
  • Unable to scan barcode from iPad
  • Added custom permissions per API key/secret
  • Simplified freight and tax in purchase receiving
  • A total of 87 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R21

7615  [Inventory] Unable to upload a longitude of negative value
7607  [Inventory] Allow menu to have own help text
7606  [User Interface] Edit/create screen to add space between field columns
7605  [Inventory] Location of physical count transaction not remembered
7604  [Workflow] Email delivery issue when notifying users
7603  [Inventory] Inventory Valuation report - to have a valuation of 0
7602  [Inventory] Change unit in inventory and item to stock unit
7600  [Inventory] Unit of Measure for export
7599  [User Interface] To show help text when hovering over the help icon
7598  [Asset] Set an asset with an item the serial number is not updated
7597  [Requisition] Do not generate REQ when creating a site inventory with min/max
7595  [Purchase] Search bar in prices of vendor sites
7594  [Work order] Turn off work order completion by inspection
7593  [Work order] WO SLA server process error
7592  [Purchase] Add Payment term in vendor
7590  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Update CM Plan at Company/Site to be non-PM
7589  [Inventory] Rename "Store Inventory" to "Stock"
7588  [Report] Text field to use bottom border as other fields
7587  [Barcode] QR code display refactoring
7586  [High-Availability] Configuration for workflow/report in HA setup
7585  [Data Upload] Asset upload plug-in
7584  [Asset] Child meter reading time taken not correct
7583  [Inventory] Physical count to show bin stock/history
7582  [System] Dev Process - sync sandbox failed
7581  [Database] Support customization of field attributes in the server
7580  [Inventory] Inventory barcode print support
7579  [PM] PM Status/PM Plan status issue
7578  [Asset] Asset meter reading to block future date input
7577  [Asset] Refactor MTBF dashboard to use failure codes
7576  [Work order] Failure Flag for Corrective|Reactive maintenance
7574  [Inventory] Inventory cleanup
7573  [User Interface] Read text display width taking up whole page width
7571  [PM] PM dependency loop check
7570  [User Interface] Server error message display refactoring
7569  [Workflow] Workflow email queue to allow deletion button
7567  [PM] Cost center from Asset to be displayed
7564  [Asset] Usage meter reading with incorrect previous readings
7563  [Requisition] PO creation from REQ is missing info
7562  [Inventory] Inventory valuation and average pricing are off by a lot
7561  [Database] Row size too large for MariaDB 10.3
7560  [Database] MariaDB 10.3 and MySQL 8.0 user creation
7559  [Calem Mobile] iPad WO list view not showing in R20f
7558  [Work order] Add WO Clock renamed to Add WO Hours
7557  [Service Request] SR request error with "Location:"
7556  [Asset] Asset clone to allow asset item config
7555  [System] Ubuntu LTS 20.04 and PHP 7.4
7552  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile logout and touch issues
7551  [Inventory] Modify asset attributes upon receipt to inventory
7550  [Inventory] Offsite repair receipt process is bypassed when receiving from PO
7549  [Calem Mobile] Unable to go to asset record from tree
7548  [Calem Mobile] Unable to scan barcode from iPad
7547  [Asset] Showing meter unit at readings view
7546  [PM] Meters without group, asset/location
7545  [PM] Reading interval vs custom interval
7544  [Security - General] Cyber security of Calem
7541  [Asset] Asset relationship rework
7539  [Inventory] Qty difference between stock and site inventory
7538  [Dashboard] WO logbook should stay in the dashboard module
7537  [Setup] Upgrade process caused NFS folder removed
7536  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Add cost center report list for export
7535  [Asset] Asset barcode in the main page
7533  [Inventory] Show Inventory with bin info
7528  [System] To handle network issue with a better message
7527  [User Interface - Designer] WO downtime list missing + and - buttons
7525  [Asset] Asset move with status change
7524  [System] Calem data dictionary from Admin module
7523  [Inventory] Inventory list photo icons not showing/layout issue
7521  [Asset] Location update mandate sites being filled
7520  [PM] Generate a REQ for service from REQ
7518  [System] Cloudtest sync caused missing group customization
7517  [Admin] Admin group tree view - view group not working sometimes
7516  [Asset] Linear asset section conditional display
7515  [Requisition] REQ progress visualization by req status and assignment
7514  [Inventory] Inventory net checkout report
7513  [API] Permissions per API key/secret
7512  [Work order] WO Part Checkout Issues
7511  [User Interface] Date lookup showing wrong date for 11/30/45 as 11/30/1945
7510  [Integration] A blank row after caption causing the excel to be skipped
7508  [Inventory] Ways to improve freight/tax handling
7506  [Asset] Asset tag alias
7505  [Inventory] Allow one to remove inventory checkout transactions
7504  [Inventory] Chinese translation change
7503  [PM] Asset replacement - PM copy
7502  [Inventory] Packaging slips for inventory receipts
7494  [Database] Unable to sync test DB from production
7490  [Inventory] Inventory kit function

Calem Enterprise R20f in November 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R20f on November 24, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • QR code display and print
  • Two-factor login with Apps including google autenticator and Duo
  • Receive all items from POs with bin configuration
  • WO comments report list with date range
  • Meter reading reports with filtering by meter group
  • Resolved issue of receiving items directly with multi-currency
  • Resolved connection issue to MySQL 8.0 database
  • Enforced same store for bin re-use in inventory receiving and move
  • Removed custom translation for tests for Spanish language pack
  • A total of 21 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20f

7501  [Calem Mobile] Unable to log into Calem touch
7499  [Inventory] Storeroom to mandate bin to do stock transaction
7493  [Work order] WO Comments list to allow more options
7491  [Inventory] Inventory QtyOnOrder mismatch
7489  [Asset] Allow search by meter group in meter readings report
7487  [Inventory] Inventory move issue
7484  [Work order] WO # to generate QR code for checkout parts
7483  [System] Apache server not responding
7478  [Work order] Custom field not copied when replacing asset in WO
7476  [System] Unable to connect to MySQL 8.0
7475  [Inventory] Allow serial number without asset item set
7473  [Asset] Unable to delete a serial number
7472  [Inventory] Add Qty on order to the reservation list report
7463  [Admin] Inventory transaction freezing rules to allow editing
7455  [Inventory] Return items to storeroom failed
7447  [Inventory] Inventory receiving multi-currency
7446  [Inventory] Receiving all to add asset and location
7445  [Inventory] Default bins for receiving all items in a PO
7444  [I18n (Localization)] ES lang has a custom messages included
7442  [Inventory] Inventory reservation should support "item" number in search
7145  [Security - General] Google authenticator 2FA support

Calem Enterprise R20e in October 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R20e on October 11, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Security enhancements for vulnerabilities
  • Categorization renamed to class
  • Bin selection for batch PO receipts
  • DB backup script without table locks
  • Copy custom fields from service request to work order
  • Inventory transaction freeze by time range
  • Provide a script to check database health
  • Allow deletion of personal customization in read-only mode
  • Resolved editing permission for read-only module
  • Add an inventory reservation report for no-auto-order items
  • A total of 46 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20e

7438  [I18n (Localization)] Custom dropdown and field language labels
7435  [Security - General] Vulnerabilities test report
7433  [Inventory] There is a discrepancy between site inventory/store qty and stock
7432  [Purchase] Editing asset tag in PO
7431  [I18n (Localization)] Custom message loading the wrong locale
7429  [Integration] SimpleSamlphp session file size is 0
7426  [Asset] Set asset module to be read-only - can edit location
7425  [System] Personal customization delete function
7424  [System] Calem is hanging if the group cache is empty
7422  [Integration] DB health-check script
7421  [System] PHP Logging library upgraded
7420  [Asset] Asset clone failure - error message is vague
7419  [Inventory] Freeze inventory transaction by a time range
7416  [Database] Unable to open inventory forms
7415  [Integration] Next due date import got an invalid date
7412  [Purchase] PO email template locale determination
7411  [Inventory] Batch PO receiving bin selection
7410  [Calem Mobile] SR to WO creation error
7409  [Calem Mobile] Asset lookup screen to add more fields in mobile
7408  [Setup] Calem upgrade guide to review
7407  [Calem Mobile] Asset doc list - pdf doc not showing
7406  [Database] DB backup may cause deadlock by sqldump
7405  [Integration] SAML SSO Login failure from SimplSamlPhp in HA deployment
7404  [Calem Mobile] Remove "Search Row" from Inventory stock select
7403  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch to allow asset back to inventory at replacement
7402  [Work order] Work order with Inspection checked with asset replacement error
7401  [Calem Mobile] Add photo to WO but the list is not refreshed
7400  [Asset] Unable to add meter reading in French/Spanish
7398  [Inventory] Receiving asset to inventory to add to Calem Mobile
7396  [Service Request] SR custom fields to WO
7394  [Inventory] Item reservation report for no-auto-order items
7393  [Workflow] Customer email not working in SR email read
7392  [Workflow] Email workflow issues - cert/domain mismatch
7391  [Service Request] Service request site assignment issue
7390  [Inventory] Receiving transaction was done twice
7389  [System] Unable to login with SAML User Provisioning
7388  [Logging] To turn off API repetitive logging
7386  [Service Request] Allow SR in PO/REQ so to link to an SR
7385  [Work order] Add a comments section to planning tab of WO task view
7384  [System] License login issue from login list
7383  [Barcode] Barcode with QR code works better
7382  [Inventory] Site inventory with bin info
7380  [Integration] MFA - login to allow cookie for user config
7379  [Integration] Unable to delete an export record
7345  [Asset] To rename categorization to class
7222  [System] Group hierarchy to be added

Calem Enterprise R20d in August 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R20d on August 20, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Building floor plans and cmms integration
  • PMs with tiered meter schedules
  • Asset replacement to move replaced to storeroom
  • Asset replacement - to copy custom fields
  • Teams for vendor employees
  • Calem API Guide for sync data from Calem
  • User provisioning from SAML SSO
  • Email service request to provide field support
  • QtyOnOrder caused parts not being generated
  • New item number support with existing numbers
  • A total of 49 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20d

7376  [System] SAML SSO User provisioning integration issue
7374  [System] simpleSAMLphp login session issue
7373  [Logging] Add trace logs in Calem
7371  [Service Request] SR request time being a future time allowed
7370  [Asset] Asset status report with columns in different fonts
7369  [Asset] Asset replacement - to copy custom fields
7368  [Asset] Asset replacement to move replaced to storeroom
7367  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Teams for vendors
7365  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch "Setting" tab cannot be activated
7363  [Integration] C-Account login via Touch SSO failure
7362  [Work order] Security measures are not checked when completing work orders
7361  [Work order] Start/stop clock is creating future ending time
7358  [Asset] Error uploading doc - from error log
7357  [Calem Mobile] Calem touch desktop access for proxy implementation
7356  [Inventory] New item number support with existing numbers
7355  [Service Request] Asset status not updated from upload
7354  [API] API tricks to get data changes from Calem
7353  [Inventory] Min/Max should be below min to order
7352  [PM] Supporting tiered reading maintenance
7351  [Designer] Close button not showing in readings list
7350  [Service Request] Email service request to provide field support
7349  [Integration] Custom field labels cannot be modified from resource files
7348  [Workflow] Password reset ("Forgot Your Password") is not working with IP host
7347  [Inventory] Do not reorder if items are inactive
7344  [Inventory] To show bin info at the site inventory list
7341  [Asset] Asset reading incorrect for absolute reading
7339  [Inventory] Display average moving price at checkout stock list
7338  [Inventory] QtyOnOrder is not in sync and caused parts not being generated
7337  [Dashboard] Unable to display dashboard sometimes
7335  [Asset] Upload reading with time taken but without reading
7334  [System] PHPMailer to upgrade
7333  [Service Request] Workflow email template in UTF-8 encoding not shown
7332  [PM] PM/PM Plan audit trail to increase
7331  [Asset] Add photo for Asset in Calem Touch
7330  [Work order] Work order audit issue
7328  [Admin] Workflow email queue export error
7326  [Document] User/Admin Guide - doc update log
7325  [Inventory] Move transaction is not shown in the Bin by history lookup
7324  [Requisition] Reason short note as free text
7323  [Work order] Enter a labor entry through barcode: scanned flag is not set
7322  [Asset] Unable to enter a meter reading due to rollover
7318  [MOC (Management of Change)] Dynamic next status menu for MOC
7316  [System] User seat with empty username
7314  [Calem Mobile] Landscape WO list not showing record view
7311  [PM] Add asset description to PM list
7310  [Work order] Populating docs from location of assets
7305  [System] User provisioning from SAML SSO
7285  [System] Calem SSL cert invalid by end users
6936  [Integration] Building floor plans and cmms integration

Calem Enterprise R20c in June 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2020c on June 25, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • SAML SSO added in Calem Mobile for AppStore and Google Play
  • Option to require notes in PM Checklist
  • High Availability options for On-Site and Cloud Services
  • Work order screen performance improvements
  • New admin processes in Admin Module
  • Misc enhancements in Inventory Module
  • Asset doc list added
  • Added support for Calem behind a proxy
  • Detail list view maximization
  • Secondary priority for Asset/location
  • A total of 65 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20c

7312  [Work order] Query optimization not working if custom field is used
7307  [Calem Mobile] Record view not working after iOS upgrade
7306  [Calem Mobile] InAppBrowser not working after upgrade to 4.0.0
7303  [Work order] Unable to print work order
7301  [Inventory] Inventory qtyOnOrder is incorrect
7300  [Asset] Asset text customization in Asset tree view
7298  [Work order] Work order logging to include all fields
7297  [Integration] Notes about uploading to empty fields
7296  [Work order] SLA contract WO Due date is empty
7295  [Database] Installation guide to remove PDO info
7294  [Search] Unable to use like for lookup field
7293  [Database] MySQL tuner index review
7292  [Database] Defrag tables daily
7291  [Work order] Ack window to close sooner
7290  [Work order] Clock start/stop causing huge labor hours
7289  [Calem Mobile] Asset Location change in Calem Mobile
7288  [System] Option to turn on/off debug logging
7287  [Inventory] 'Consign. Net issues’ list from Report menu not working
7286  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC comment status is referring to WO status
7284  [Admin] Option to download calem.log from module
7283  [User Interface] Javascript loading "load" parameter is lost (content encoding lost from proxy)
7282  [Inventory] To show manufacturer/part # in site inventory lookup at item receiving
7281  [Asset] Address not including country code
7280  [Work order] Open work order auto-refreshing
7278  [System] System not responding and lock out error
7277  [Database] MySQL memory usage upgrade
7276  [Work order] WO labor entry trigger - reduction in function
7274  [Purchase] PO print PDF to add tax and total
7272  [System] Calem is not working with a proxy in front of it
7271  [Database] InnoDB size exceeded - to check all
7268  [Asset] Adding asset doc list to Asset
7267  [Calem Mobile] Asset photo not showing in the Calem Mobile consistently
7266  [Report] PDF print support when placed behind load balancer
7264  [Barcode] Create WO from barcode screen priority not set
7262  [API] API query is not including cached fields
7261  [Inventory] "Items - All" list excludes asset items
7260  [API] Create SR via API and return the row created
7258  [System] Build language pack for test service
7256  [Service Request] SR onWO Due and other due times should not show as timer if completed
7255  [Work order] Work order SLA Due not calculated
7254  [Work order] Work order dashboard monthly WOs not consistent
7253  [System] Provide a menu to backup database with a label
7252  [Inventory] Asset spares by asset with error message
7251  [Inventory] Spare part by asset report with undefined fields
7250  [Inventory] Checkout frequency report error
7249  [System] Provide heartbeat support
7248  [System] SAML SSO Login by SSO First/Last name
7247  [Asset] Asset/location secondary priority
7246  [Setup] RedHat Installation Scripts
7245  [Inventory] Feature enhancements for inventory module
7244  [System] SAML SSO login error
7243  [Purchase] Add export to PO to pay list
7241  [Analysis] WO labor summary error message
7240  [Dashboard] WO dashboard to provide export function
7239  [PM] PM Step completion requiring notes entry
7238  [PM] PM schedule overwrite - should hide by default
7237  [User Interface] Maximize list view - to provide maximize/restore
7236  [Report] Location export causing an error from server
7234  [System] Load balancer and https
7233  [Requisition] Unable to receive an item to PO
7231  [System] Calem High Availability for RedHat
7230  [Database] Cloud backup to use install's configuration if not provided
7229  [Requisition] To add last approver to REQ screen?
7214  [System] Prod to Test migration from console
7208  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch to support SAML SSO

Calem Enterprise R20b in April 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2020b on April 18, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Added login by SAML SSO
  • Added deployment scripts for RedHat Linux
  • Added Multi-service deployment simplification tool
  • Repair REQ/PO to allow non-repair lines
  • Set device down when create WO from SR
  • Vendor techs process to use Calem without login
  • WO asset/location change to include asset downtime
  • Added Vendor & bin list to touch client
  • PDF document viewer to support pinch-zoom scaling in Calem Mobile
  • WO due times in H:M:S are confusing
  • A total of 29 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20b

7228  [Work order] Check out parts to WO showing empty stock list
7226  [Dashboard] Warning messages in the error log - dashboard
7223  [PM] PM Plan inactive to stop PM generation
7220  [Requisition] Repair REQ/PO to allow non-repair lines
7219  [Dashboard] Service request SR to show completed in green
7218  [Asset] WO labor update on asset not logged
7216  [System] Multi-service deployment simplification tool
7215  [System] SUPER user required to import mysql db
7213  [Inventory] PO receive and adjust issue
7212  [Purchase] Receiving slips print from PO receipt screen
7209  [Work order] Due dates in H:M:S are confusing
7207  [Calem Mobile] PDF document not pinch-zoom scaling
7206  [Calem Mobile] Unable to view excel file from iPad
7205  [Asset] Location labor hrs and cost
7203  [Purchase] Add Vendor part number in PO
7202  [PM] PM monthly calendar to show one cell for each due
7201  [Service Request] PM Plan log not extended to 70 chars
7200  [Work order] Vendor techs process to use Calem without login
7199  [PM] PM Asset to add site field
7198  [Service Request] Set device down when create WO from SR
7197  [Work order] WO asset/location change to include asset downtime
7196  [Calem Mobile] SR approve and WO creation
7195  [Inventory] Add Vendor & bin list to touch client
7194  [Asset] Add completed WO creation in asset tree
7192  [System] To support base table for queries in views
7190  [Requisition] PO # population in REQ
7107  [System] RedHat Linux deployment
7095  [System] Calem to support SAML SSO

Calem Enterprise R20a in March 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2020a on March 2, 2020. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Asset Tree View in Calem Touch
  • List Scrolling in iPhone/iPad not working
  • Free text to support start with and end with
  • Added SR to WO SLA service alarms
  • Allow linking PM steps and docs for re-use
  • Show SLA due time as Warning timer with coloring
  • PMs to support multi-locations
  • Multiple SRs and work order dependency
  • SR/WO lookup for open and all SRs
  • Reports for WO scheduling by team
  • A total of 41 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R20a

7189  [Asset] Allow asset parent change without location change
7187  [Requisition] Unable to add REQ items to a REQ
7186  [Work order] Planned part adding to Calem not working
7185  [Asset] Asset last status timestamp
7184  [PM] PM steps combined reporting to rename it
7183  [Calem Mobile] Custom help caused Calem Mobile blank screen
7181  [Requisition] To show REQ requester and buyer for REQs
7180  [Work order] WO inspection causing work order not being completed
7179  [Document] Download multiple docs at a time
7178  [Requisition] Completed REQ to not count as on order
7177  [Purchase] PO receipt summary by vendors
7176  [Requisition] REQ overdue report not query correctly
7175  [Requisition] To ensure all orders fulfilled before completing REQ
7173  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch iPhone app is not orientation compliant
7172  [Inventory] Replaced serial number in WO part list to show
7169  [Inventory] Note field label change for PO/REQ lines
7168  [Work order] Touch client WO Start Clock showing
7167  [Asset] Asset replacement transaction parent asset not set
7165  [Work order] WO report by team for next week
7163  [Search] Free text search to provide options
7162  [Inventory] Add Bin Qty list to inventory
7161  [Calem Mobile] List scrolling is not working
7160  [Asset] Asset/location status
7159  [PM] PM Plan name to extend to 70 chars
7158  [Service Request] Default WO status when created from SR should be approved
7157  [Service Request] Mandate SR approved before creating work orders
7155  [Work order] To show current asset status in WO
7154  [PM] PM Plan description to pre-fill note if left blank
7153  [System] Unable to clean up recycle-bin
7152  [PM] PM doc's note should be document name
7151  [PM] PM part showing store/bin as duplicates
7150  [Calem Mobile] Asset tree in Calem Touch
7149  [PM] To allow PM Plans to share steps with different supporting materials
7148  [Asset] Location deletion to include logs
7147  [Work order] Use "PM Duration Hrs" for "Duration (Hrs)"
7146  [Asset] Change asset priority P2 to be different from P1
7144  [Inventory] Generic flag not copied to site inventory at creation
7143  [Service Request] SR to WO timer by priority
7142  [Work order] Show SLA finish as Warning timer with coloring
6981  [PM] PM inspection may include locations
5884  [Work order] Multiple SRs related to a WO

Calem Enterprise R2020 in February 2020

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2020 on February 2, 2020. Calem Enterprise R2020 includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Link warehouses from different Calem Services
  • EU GDPR compliance
  • New barcode function for work orders
  • Support launching video links from task instructions
  • Generic items that are not stocked
  • Inventory usage by asset number
  • Requisition overdue export
  • Weekly scheduling by teams
  • Clone an asset with attachments
  • Adding PM Duration (hours) in WO
  • A total of 34 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2020

7140  [Document] Support launching video links from task instructions
7139  [System] 2nd LDAP server not working
7137  [Asset] Filter on a custom asset field in WO
7136  [Search] Error in list row search to filter on a custom checkbox field
7135  [Service Request] SR Requester & time are not filled when created from API
7134  [Service Request] SR priority to copy from Asset/Location
7133  [Database] Location/asset record form not show by invalid categorization attributes
7131  [Work scheduling] User team to show at weekly schedule screen
7130  [Asset] Categorization to allow a description field
7129  [Asset] Clone an asset in Calem
7128  [Requisition] REQ overdue list export
7127  [Security - General] Password to set to 8 chars at a minimum
7126  [Work scheduling] To allow filtering users by teams/users
7125  [Database] No query in a location list causing the map view to fail
7124  [Setup] Ubuntu 18.04 wkhtmltopdf caused apt update to fail
7121  [Work order] Reports of PMs due this and next week
7120  [Schedule] Schedule not generating for users
7119  [Inventory] Unable to checkout service to work orders
7116  [Work order] PM Duration (hours) in WO
7115  [Inventory] Inventory usage by asset number
7114  [Work order] Work order location change with asset error
7112  [Work order] WO map view error without all site access
7111  [PM] PM Inspection not enforced when completing work orders
7110  [Work order] Empty seq and description in WO step read view
7109  [Integration] Uploading team user failure
7108  [Purchase] PO Print with quote number
7106  [Service Request] SR to create MOC
7105  [Work order] Asset selection to utilize both asset item and asset parts
7101  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC to by-pass pre-approval
7100  [Inventory] To support generic items that are not stocked
7099  [System] EU GDPR Compliance
7098  [Inventory] Link warehouses from different services in Calem
7096  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Adding team got blank screen from Change Reviewer/Approver lookup
7058  [Barcode] Additional barcode function when scanned

Calem Enterprise R2019e in December 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019e on December 5, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019d includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Map oriented screens for work orders, locations and assets
  • Linear Asset in Calem
  • Requisition receiving time overdue notification
  • Barcode physical count transaction for stock move
  • Requisition pre-approval by site
  • API support of aggregate functions in data queries
  • Editing PO/REQ configuration after approved
  • PO line item to support taxable flag
  • Work order list to show additional asset/location info
  • Instant search cannot be turned on in web client
  • A total of 28 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2019e

7093  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Unable to add a user to a team
7092  [Work order] Planned part not showing in checkout screen
7091  [User Interface] Instant search is turned off by default?
7089  [System] WF WO test taking too long
7088  [System] Calem test set: build2 running out of time
7087  [User Interface] WO edit start at being 0 showing as empty
7086  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch not loading
7085  [User Interface] Client debugging support
7084  [User Interface] Work order edit - lookup causing form refreshed
7083  [Asset] Categorization to default to No UI
7081  [LDAP] Default ACL profile for LDAP user just created
7080  [LDAP] LDAP not returning username
7079  [Work order] Unable to add work order labor - system failed
7077  [Requisition] REQ receive time limitation - to notify users per status configuration
7076  [Inventory] Add "attach invoice" in item receiving screen
7075  [Purchase] PO line item to support taxable flag
7074  [Inventory] Inventory Physical Count Transaction
7073  [Work order] Work order dispatch board header too high
7072  [API] API support of aggregate functions and fetch
7071  [PM] Duration (hours) and Labor hours not showing in PM list/report
7067  [Requisition] REQ pre-approver by site
7065  [Asset] Asset part list addition - shows empty list
7064  [Work order] Completed work order upon created is not shown correctly
7063  [PM] PM inspection not allow by site & by location
7062  [Purchase] Editing PO after it's approved
7059  [Work order] Work order list to show additional asset/location info
6688  [User Interface] Map oriented screens
6019  [Asset] Linear Asset in Calem

Calem Enterprise R2019d in October 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019d on October 30, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019d includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Receiving services to work orders from purchase orders
  • Added Qty in stock in WO part planning
  • Inventory checkout to cost centers
  • Receive all PO items to stock
  • Receive all PO items to work orders/cost centers directly
  • Multiple docs creation through drag and drop
  • PDF viewer allows scrolling in Calem Mobile
  • User deactivation by inactive access
  • Email notification of high value items in purchase orders
  • Tracking of user record changes
  • A total of 28 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2019d

7056  [Work order] WO status update is not working
7055  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User logs to track changes
7054  [Purchase] Notification of high values line items
7053  [Document] Drag and drop in uploading docs
7052  [Inventory] Qty in Stock in the part planning tab
7051  [Purchase] Batch void/complete POs
7050  [Purchase] PO voiding - how to void a PO acked
7049  [Purchase] PO Approved access not enforced by edit button
7048  [Inventory] Batch receipts with checkout
7047  [Admin] Login log has time out checked with session duration less than timeout interval
7046  [Scheduler] Semaphore - to clean up semaphore
7045  [Calem Mobile] PDF viewer does not scroll downward
7043  [Inventory] Deprecating receive by REQ
7042  [Purchase] Color setting for each status of PO
7041  [Inventory] Batch receive items to storerooms
7040  [Purchase] PO totals to have 2 decimals
7039  [Inventory] Allow receiving a service to WO from PO
7038  [Inventory] QtyOnOrder not updated after receiving from PO to WO directly
7037  [Purchase] Receive from PO to WO directly - autofill WO#
7036  [Inventory] Checkout cost center to a machine
7035  [Purchase] Last received at purchase
7033  [Integration] Scheduled report preview in html format
7030  [Requisition] REQ deletion showing PO is approved
7026  [Integration] Scheduled report for All WO preview error
7018  [Admin] To provide a menu to export prod to test
7014  [Security - General] User inactivation after no login for a while
7013  [PM] Allow steps to include doc references
6464  [PM] PM flag (is_planned) to be in sync with PM category

Calem Enterprise R2019c in September 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019c on September 16, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019c includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Work order clock by barcode in Calem Mobile
  • New maintenance KPIs
  • Security enhancements: 2 factor authentication, password expiration and password strength.
  • Inventory cost tracking by price lots
  • Inventory valuation reports
  • Default values for lookups and dropdowns
  • REQ and PO approval by site
  • REQ edit access control after approval
  • Asset dashboards for MTBF, MTTI and MTTR to show without operating meters
  • Asset assembly and business line codes
  • A total of 79 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2019c

7007  [PM] Asset replacement issue
7006  [Inventory] Inventory transactions by site
7005  [Asset] Adding asset assembly codes
7004  [PM] Break down PM chunk of text into steps
7003  [Inventory] Physical count transaction bin lookup to auto load
7002  [Asset] Asset meter readings show empty result
7001  [Asset] Meter reading report for rounds
7000  [Inventory] Inventory valuation by reference and transactions
6999  [Work order] PDF doc to allow an option to turn off printing
6998  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User site change restricted by company
6997  [PM] PM Inspection asset list filtering
6996  [System] Calem API Test in Java
6995  [Asset] PM meter filtering by site
6994  [Inventory] Inventory transaction valuation report
6992  [Calem Mobile] Edit asset barcode from iOS phone
6990  [Dashboard] PMs next month and last month
6989  [Barcode] Barcode native code refactoring
6986  [Barcode] Barcode scan function to extend
6985  [Requisition] REQ editing access control
6984  [Inventory] REQ Qty to order updates before approval
6983  [Inventory] Manufactuer part number to populate part references
6982  [Work order] Use barcode to start/stop clock for work orders
6980  [Requisition] Introduction of "Ready" status to requisition
6979  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Allow the deletion of "inactive" employees
6978  [Requisition] Batch req approval not handling approval level check
6977  [Report] Work order comments messed up in print
6976  [Purchase] To add Quote number in REQ and PO
6973  [Purchase] PO print address breakup
6972  [Inventory] Inventory item number re-factor
6971  [Purchase] Purchase/REQ print should use 2 decimal points
6968  [Inventory] Barcode checkout item note not filled
6967  [Purchase] PO approval routing by site/levels
6966  [Requisition] Create PO from REQ screen - disabled users not hidden
6965  [Requisition] REQ Approval by site and levels
6964  [Work order] WO labor editing by start time only
6963  [Integration] Calem excel templates 1st column not blank
6960  [Requisition] Allow upload REQ lines
6959  [Inventory] Item revision in PO/REQ
6958  [Purchase] PO Edit control after being approved.
6957  [Purchase] Vendor TOC (term of contract) or Standard TOC in PO
6956  [Purchase] Showing vendor site address at PO form
6955  [Asset] Mandatory asset item for asset
6954  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC lookup issue from WO editing
6953  [Work order] Project list is empty when creating a work order
6952  [System] Default values in Calem for dropdown and lookups
6951  [Report] Asset export date error
6950  [Purchase] PO preview before approved
6949  [Inventory] Allow REQ to be voided from list view or record form
6948  [Inventory] REQ gen batch process to do QtyOnOrder reset only
6947  [Inventory] Inventory transaction report to report total receive and checkout
6946  [Dashboard] WO KPIs to add due/past-due/to be due
6945  [Work order] Add WO KPI in KPI-10 for category
6944  [Inventory] Physical count and bin move
6943  [Security - General] Two factor login by email
6942  [Security - General] Password reset every 6 months or so
6941  [Inventory] Bin Qty list showing wrong quantity
6940  [Analysis] Analysis | WO created/completed numbers not match
6939  [Security - General] Password strength enforcement
6938  [Work order] Adding meter to WO got an error message
6937  [Asset] Location deletion to check store list
6935  [Report] Excel export list 1st column error
6934  [Work order] Work order generation error - table definition has changed
6933  [Work order] Add "Used Tool" - location is required for asset
6932  [Inventory] Inventory transaction report and physical counting
6931  [Inventory] Physical count report not working with custom date range
6929  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC review notification by team/catgorization
6928  [Inventory] "On Order" not updated when receiving an item to work order.
6927  [Asset] Edit asset photo and got error message for "png" file
6926  [Inventory] Storeroom costing - what about Bin of the storeroom
6925  [Inventory] Product line adding to asset
6924  [Inventory] Add equivalent at inventory screen
6923  [Purchase] Vendor/manufacturer from purchase module
6921  [Work order] In R2019a and R2019b work order steps not sorted by seq properly
6920  [Asset] Uploading asset with parent asset w/o location
6918  [Asset] Filtering handling for lookups of location
6917  [Dashboard] Maintenance WOs KPIs
6916  [Dashboard] Asset dashboard is not showing MTBF, MTTI and MTTR
6915  [Work order] Turning off status log in work order print
6911  [Asset] Allow asset specific item specification

Calem Enterprise R2019b in May 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019b on May 26, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019b includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Asset: Asset item change and stock update
  • API: Data fetch to include category attributes
  • MOC: status change to enforce access control
  • Search: Instant on/off from free text search
  • API: Data change event subscription
  • System: Ubuntu 1804 and PHP 7.2 support
  • Excel: Migration of PHPExcel to PhpSpreadsheet for PHP 7.2
  • Inventory: Checkout to location and project
  • Inspection: Add doc tab to inspection module
  • Project: Add doc tab to project module
  • A total of 22 cases addressed\

Support Cases Resolved in R2019b

6914  [Purchase] Add PO Item summary | Cost codes at PO Lines
6910  [Project] Add doc tab to project module
6908  [Asset] Unable to change parent meter
6907  [Search] Instant on/off from instant search
6906  [Document] Add docs to inspection module
6905  [Document] Add doc report list
6904  [Document] Doc categorization tree
6903  [Inventory] Inventory checkout to project directly
6902  [Inventory] Inventory checkout to location
6901  [Asset] Assets not showing up in Calem Enterprise
6898  [Asset] Custom triggers and event queues
6897  [Integration] API fetch to include category attributes
6896  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC status change to enforce access rights
6895  [Inventory] Items list not hiding inactive items
6894  [Asset] Replace "Category" with "Categorization" in asset report
6840  [System] PM migration support
6839  [Asset] Asset migration support
6829  [Inventory] Asset item number change and stock update
6788  [System] PHP7.2 non-numerical value issue
6786  [System] Migrate PHPExcel to PhpSpreadsheet
6784  [System] PHP7.2: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
6739  [Upgrade] Ubuntu 18.04 and PHP 7.2 support

Calem Enterprise R2019a in April 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019a on April 30, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019a includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Set asset status to down from WO creation
  • Work order origination default to trouble call
  • Site inventory added by PO line upload
  • Restrict changes after MOC is approved
  • Multi-requisition generated from Min/Max ordering for the same item
  • Vendor tax code by site
  • Performance optimization for report export
  • Add any meter to a work order
  • French and Spanish language updated
  • A total of 40 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2019a

6893  [General] French & Spanish translation update
6892  [MOC (Management of Change)] Unable to add users affected - got blank screen
6890  [Database] Custom table removal causing log view to fail
6889  [Inventory] Store bin default required
6887  [Purchase] Set Tax rate/code per vendor instead of each invoice
6886  [Inventory] Check out part of "Other" category got a blank screen
6885  [Work order] Default dropdown values for WO Origination
6884  [Purchase] Tax code modification
6880  [Work order] WO Time needed field is not showing required coloring
6879  [Inventory] An item not reordered per min/max
6877  [PM] PM number to use digit only
6876  [Purchase] Vendor performance report
6875  [System] API services disrupted by patch
6874  [Asset] Asset list report timed out
6873  [Work order] Add meters to work order not related to WO's asset/location
6871  [Inventory] Req auto-generated wrongfully upon receiving
6869  [MOC (Management of Change)] Restrict changes after MOC is approved
6867  [Inventory] Receive Adjustment to return 4 out of 12 received got error
6860  [Document] Upload doc from document list - saved to the root directory
6859  [Document] PDF doc to open in browser without download prompt
6856  [MOC (Management of Change)] Disapprove option for a change request
6855  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC completion prompt with open WOs
6854  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Team lead to auto-add as a team member
6848  [Work order] Asset status change from WO creation
6847  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Service site search is failing to filter by data entered
6845  [Asset] Asset with categorization to not enable own form layout
6844  [Vendor] Search row not showing sites with vendor flag set to 0
6843  [Inventory] PO receiving enhancements
6842  [Inventory] Multi-REQs generated for same work order
6841  [Inventory] Site Store description field
6838  [User Interface] Logo image not changed after config change
6837  [Work order] PM meter scheduling not handle null values
6836  [Purchase] Auto-add site inventory in PO line upload
6835  [System] PM Plan migration support
6834  [PM] PM Plan to have a vendor info
6833  [Work order] Actual start time to be adjust per labor report
6832  [Inventory] Receiving equipment: serial number not found
6831  [PM] To rename PM Type to PM Group
6830  [Purchase] PO Line notes field
6827  [Inventory] Go to Physical count report, set an item, lookup form not close

Calem Enterprise R2019 in March 2019

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 2019 on March 16, 2019. Calem Enterprise R2019 includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Scheduled reports for work orders
  • Critical assets and reports
  • Upload POs and Lines from Excel Templates
  • Multiple assets and locations in MOC (change management)
  • Inventory moves and return by storerooms
  • Online field help and customization
  • Inventory reports for activities and physical counts
  • Added German translation
  • MOC email subject line to include categorization of change
  • Misc inventory screen enhancements
  • A total of 79 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R2019

6824  [Asset] Allow setting parent asset in moving an asset
6823  [PM] PM part in PM Plan not showing sometimes
6822  [Inventory] Try to receive a part to work order, got location is required
6820  [Database] Native date query not working with between operator
6817  [Inventory] Physical count transaction support
6816  [Inventory] Bin level list in Inventory shows site inventory with no stock
6815  [Dashboard] Dashboard for critical assets to show non-PM work order counts
6814  [Designer] Deletion of group customization by admin
6813  [Data Upload] Dropdown values are not working in upload templates
6812  [System] Upload templates are missing the 2nd tab of dropdowns
6810  [Inventory] Simplify UOM lookup
6809  [Inventory] REQ item lookup not close lookup screen
6808  [Setup] Exclude upload_files in Prod to Test sync
6805  [Inventory] To simplify supplier upload
6804  [Report] Daily work order reports emailed
6803  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Site screen error with time zone change log
6802  [Purchase] Upload POs and PO lines to Calem
6801  [MOC (Management of Change)] Auto-Review and MOC Approve
6800  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC monitor to get limited emails
6797  [Setup] Password reset not working with IP URL
6796  [Work order] Parent child work order status change issues
6793  [Inventory] Inventory deletion configuration
6792  [Workflow] Workflow location not found exception
6791  [Inventory] Storeroom activities report
6789  [Dashboard] WO count by asset criticality/dept/month not working
6787  [Inventory] Physical count transaction sequence issue
6785  [Asset] Asset downtime and production downtime
6782  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Store user attribute in Calem
6780  [Calem Mobile] Checkout screen user entry improvement
6779  [Inventory] Inventory remark text box
6778  [Calem Mobile] Tablet checkout screen to fill out cost center if WO # is entered
6777  [Inventory] Upload asset causing item unique index error
6776  [Inventory] Min/Max to reorder when stock level below min stock level
6774  [Work order] PM On-Time report default to both
6773  [Upgrade] Add upload_id to PO for custom requirements
6770  [General] Community Edition Upgrade: req next_user_id
6769  [Upgrade] Community Edit Upgrade: work order "upload_id" not found
6768  [General] Community Edition Upgrade: error in description string
6767  [Upgrade] Community Edition Upgrade - missing doc files caused failure
6766  [Designer] Option to customize for general/categorization
6765  [I18n (Localization)] French translation update
6764  [Asset] Location note in asset list
6760  [Requisition] Add stock qty in REQ line lists
6758  [Integration] Uploading an asset excel causing hundreds new assets added
6757  [Purchase] Allow one to add items directly from PO
6753  [Requisition] PO creator name in REQ
6751  [Asset] Search stock by serial number
6744  [Asset] Add asset criticality for one to designate critical assets
6743  [Asset] Error adding assets with missing parent location
6738  [Inventory] Inventory and site inventory note/desc differ
6737  [Upgrade] Asset priority lookup incorrect from server
6736  [Dashboard] Critical equipment dashboard daily/monthly failures
6732  [Database] Database dictionary with field description
6731  [Data Upload] User upload failed due to team lookup
6730  [I18n (Localization)] Chinese translation to modify
6729  [Dashboard] Dashboard for login user KPI
6728  [Dashboard] Dashboard by work order specialty as by category
6721  [Integration] Reply email with html content is making into Calem
6720  [Data Upload] Invalid timezone Error when uploading data
6719  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Field length increase for user table
6715  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC planning tab has layout issue
6714  [Purchase] To copy matching custom fields from vendor to PO
6711  [Work order] Dashboard: WO LogBook to add commented by user
6710  [Inventory] Add vendor to PO invoice report
6709  [Purchase] Add a PO list report
6708  [Asset] Meter reading summary report
6705  [Data Upload] PM Plan data clean up and upload
6704  [Inventory] Unable to check out inventory - got errors
6702  [Inventory] Inventory operation improvement suggestions
6700  [Inventory] Item type renaming
6696  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC to add categorization at subject line
6694  [Data Upload] Verify boolean and numerical values being correct
6691  [Workflow] Time sent in workflow email queue was not populated
6690  [MOC (Management of Change)] Multiple assets/locations in MOC
6689  [I18n (Localization)] Adding German Translation file
6687  [Analysis] WO Summary to filter by request time/completion time/both?
6683  [Inventory] PO invoice & payment: add invoice date/reports
6682  [Inventory] Modify the French translation for "Qty to return"
6680  [Setup] Site inventory conversion to handle items provided

Calem Enterprise R11i in December 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11i on December 20, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11i includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Adding email logs for tracking outbound emails
  • Adding quotation in requisition processes
  • Purchase order invoice and payment tracking
  • Allow asset/location changes in MOC
  • Asset move to break child/parent relationship
  • Location and Asset summary report to group by site
  • Allow admin user to delete personalized views
  • A total of 58 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11i

6679  [Barcode] Barcode physical count error
6678  [Inventory] Item transactions by item number
6677  [Inventory] Min/Max to reorder when stock level reaches min stock level
6676  [Asset] Dropdown search not finding results
6675  [Inventory] Site vendor list export
6674  [Work order] Planned hours to left blank (not 0) to indicate there are planning
6673  [Security - General] Block http option for cloud access
6671  [Inventory] Re-order point is removed as a reorder method
6670  [Schedule] Provide a report for site timeoff
6668  [Setup] Apache rotate logs to add compression
6667  [Inventory] Asset item is not set to serialized upon insertion
6666  [Asset] Asset move to break child/parent relationship
6665  [Inventory] UOM base unit null causing issue
6664  [Workflow] Email logs to track
6663  [Data Upload] Change logs not activated from data upload
6662  [Integration] Items added from asset upload should be asset items
6661  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Add logs to company and site
6660  [Integration] Asset upload failure for vendor site
6659  [Database] Invalid assets in Calem
6658  [Purchase] PO approved should be modified to "Received" when all are received
6657  [Requisition] REQ site not used in site inventory creation
6655  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC asset/location change
6654  [Asset] Location summary report to group by site
6653  [User Interface] The French translation is showing black diamond for some chars
6650  [Inventory] Inventory summary list for reporting
6649  [Inventory] Item Level list to add ItemType and Last Received
6647  [Asset] Add location/ctgz to asset part list
6646  [Requisition] REQ|PO approval reminder after a window of 72 hours
6645  [Inventory] Inventory item to have a categorization of asset to use
6644  [Work order] PM WO scheduled start time is later than need by due to 0.25 hours planned hours
6643  [Inventory] checkout frequency report - record view undefined
6642  [Inventory] Add vendor and vendor part to item
6641  [Work order] add PM type to steps in work order
6639  [Work order] WO permit to allow for multiple choices
6638  [Work order] LOTO process to manage as check off list
6637  [Purchase] Multiple invoice payment and balances
6636  [Purchase] To allow lookup of vendor emails
6635  [Requisition] REQ workflow to include pricing discovery
6634  [Inventory] Add cost center to REQ and PO
6633  [Work order] To provide last completed by user at work order
6632  [Work order] To provide specific completion screen based on wo category
6631  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Job role and Specialty code report
6630  [Data Upload] Sequence number for attachment
6629  [PM] Planned labor to support crewSize and Unit Hours
6628  [PM] PM step upload via plan # and repoId
6624  [PM] PM Sequence to change to PM inclusion
6623  [Data Upload] Inventory migration from excel data source
6620  [PM] Step and Safety repository report
6619  [Asset] Asset item upload error with manufacturer site
6618  [Database] Custom lookup field query error
6617  [Work order] PATCH: SLA start/end date not calculated
6616  [Admin] To deprecated "Include WO status list" enforcement for WO group status config
6614  [Work order] WO Calendar enhancements
6613  [Document] User manual update for team
6612  [MOC (Management of Change)] Affected user to allow for multi-user selection
6611  [Setup] Unable to run custom build in a cloud service node
6606  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch R11 release
6130  [Designer] Allow admin to delete individual screen customization

Calem Enterprise R11h in October 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11h on October 28, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11h includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Added Geolocation collection for work order, asset and locations
  • Tracking location and asset changes from work orders
  • Work order calendar view
  • Change calendar view
  • Allow cost center, account, and department to be deactivated
  • Work order TaskView customization by categorization
  • Dropdown search not accurate
  • Add SLA contract monitoring to daily tasks
  • Negative hours may be reported in work orders
  • Samsung device login error (Android API 26)
  • A total of 27 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11h

6602  [Work order] WO Calendar filter not working
6601  [Work order] Geolocation code too long from web
6600  [MOC (Management of Change)] Allow filter of calendar for read-only user
6599  [Inventory] Asset attributes from items at receiving/manual creation
6598  [Asset] Item type in assets and maintenance
6597  [Contract] Future contracts for PM use
6596  [Work order] Allow downtime (planned/unplanned) to be filled out at acceptance screen
6595  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Allow a cost center to be deactivated
6591  [Calem Mobile] Geolocation support at data creation
6590  [Asset] Categorization tree to remove active checkbox
6589  [Work order] TaskView layout customization by categorization
6588  [Asset] Categorization filtering not working for asset/location
6587  [Work order] Work order calendar view
6586  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Add categorization list report for import/export
6585  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Unable to delete categorization list
6584  [Data Upload] Move community edition upgrade to R11g
6583  [User Interface] Edit collection must only include fields in the edit form
6580  [Contract] Unable to add assets to contract
6579  [Contract] Add contract to WO gen daily task for monitoring
6578  [Search] Dropdown search inaccurate
6576  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change management modification - Phase II (CE Edit)
6574  [Work order] Analysis labor summary report error when start/end time is entered
6573  [Purchase] PO site editing - copying from REQ
6567  [Calem Mobile] Calem Touch login error in Samsung device
6565  [Work order] Negative hours may be reported in work orders
6564  [Inventory] PO asset received
6557  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change management modification - Phase II (Calendar View)

Calem Enterprise R11g in October 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11g on October 7, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11g includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Failure tree for troubleshooting
  • Enhancement of Change Management
  • Search row with dropdown multi-selection
  • PM work order extra fields in WO completion screen
  • Work labor summary including actual, schedule and planned hours
  • Inventory move frequency report
  • Asset and Location summary reports
  • WO comment height increased for handwriting in WO print
  • PO asset receiving report
  • PM round stop next due report
  • A total of 30 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11g

6562  [Work order] Duplicate work order check to compare category
6561  [Asset] Asset location list: add parent/remove owner
6560  [Inventory] Inventory move frequency report
6559  [Work order] Child WO list view: swap Create/Add Child menu
6558  [Work order] Weekly planned, scheduled and actual hours
6556  [Work order] Support change request as a category in work order
6555  [Dashboard] Meter reading chart issue
6554  [Asset] Location list with group by support
6553  [Work order] Remove "State" field from editing of work orders
6552  [Asset] Asset part usage not showing assets used
6546  [Asset] Increase ext_po of asset to 70
6544  [PM] PM Plan desc update
6543  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Rename "Is EAM Crew?" to "Maintenance?"
6541  [Asset] Modify "out of service" to "Not-In-Service"
6540  [Admin] Admin report simplification
6539  [Purchase] Assets received from PO with report
6538  [Search] Search row to allow dropdown and multi-selection
6537  [Favorite/Home] Receive to one-store menu to be removed
6536  [RCM] Having specialty related failures
6534  [Requisition] Allow direct editing of REQ total
6533  [Work order] WO comment height adjustment to twice the height
6532  [Work order] WO print priority incorrect with Chinese translation
6531  [Inventory] Adding last received price & vendor at site inventory
6529  [Work order] PM work order with extra fields for editing
6528  [PM] PMs due list with round stops
6527  [PM] PM round stop list report
6525  [Asset] Remove add structure menu from asset list
6524  [Contract] Contract module to use line number in ordering SLA lines
6381  [MOC (Management of Change)] Create WO to default asset/location based on change
6070  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change management modification - Phase I

Calem Enterprise R11f in September 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11f on September 9, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11f includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Asset priority specification by location
  • Work order SLA start and finish updated when applicable
  • Requisition item supplier by site inventory
  • WO duplicate test will not compare PM/Non-PM work orders
  • Site vendor uniqueness enforcement when site is left empty
  • Asset move without location failed
  • Add In-Progress notification
  • Child PM work orders are shown in open work orders
  • Set asset status to Operating after WO completion
  • Asset tag in site inventory for specialized parts
  • Adj_qty translate to "Qty to return"
  • Allow assets from site in inspection PM
  • A total of 35 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11f

6520  [Asset] Add route for roadway asset locations
6517  [System] API to provide category attributes at record fetch only
6516  [Requisition] Unable to find supplier for inventory items
6514  [PM] Add WO status to PM query screen
6513  [Work order] WO duplicate test should avoid PM/Non-PM comparison
6512  [Work order] Work order multi-assignment not working
6511  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC: removal of reason code
6509  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline build failed without custom directory in view
6508  [Work order] WO premature end section in report
6506  [Asset] Child locations list not scrolling
6504  [PM] Cannot add asset to PM
6503  [User Interface] List view scrollbar to adjust after column is added to a list
6502  [Inventory] Add asset tag at the site inventory
6501  [Work order] To show PM work orders for round stops in open WOs
6500  [Work order] WO # ordering - to disable numerical ordering
6499  [Work order] Add In-Progress status notification to Calem.
6498  [Asset] Asset Status naming
6497  [Purchase] Purchase order editing fields
6496  [Inventory] Site vendor uniqueness enforcement
6494  [Requisition] REQ line with link to go to REQ or PO
6493  [Asset] Move an asset without location failed
6492  [Work order] SLA approaching estimate
6491  [Asset] Asset status should be in-store for assets in the storerooms
6490  [Work order] Labor requirement should not apply to child work orders with StatusToChild at Parent WO
6489  [Inventory] Unable to reuse serial number in receiving assets
6488  [Inventory] REQ/PO print to include asset tag
6487  [Inventory] Adj_qty translate to "Qty to return"
6485  [Inventory] Off-site Repair for multiple items in a REQ/PO
6484  [PM] Add priority to PM form list/report
6483  [Work order] Set asset status to Operating after WO completion
6482  [Work order] Priority cascading to child work order
6480  [Work order] Default WO priority to P6
6458  [Work order] Simplify work order Execution tab to focus on techs
6454  [Database] Database index review for performance
6407  [Inventory] Asset priority handling in inventory/location

Calem Enterprise R11e in August 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11e on August 16, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11e includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Asset checkout to show asset tag at checkout transaction report
  • Read-only users can create and save searches
  • Work order labor hour reporting via start and end time
  • Instant search is disabled at free text search for performance
  • Location is pre-populated when checking out to work order or asset
  • Last ACL profile is remembered in login screen
  • Rename Asset Group to Asset Item for better documentation
  • Added search row for asset and location lookup screen
  • Added Asset Move report for asset location analysis
  • Configuration to allow Failure code to be read-only at WO completion screen
  • Removed "WO creation" upon work order creation from comments list
  • Turned off Asset Tag generation flag by default at asset receiving screen
  • A total of 47 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11e

6442  [Admin] Default search is not using the group - causing def searching overwrite each other
6440  [Setup] Enforce https in the system in case of load balancer
6439  [User Interface] To check time field for date time field requirement
6437  [Workflow] Email notification configuration by regions
6436  [Work order] Work order labor hours by start/end time
6432  [Inventory] Items renamed to "Items - Part/Tool"
6430  [Asset] Location record for central operations not open
6428  [Inventory] Add isSerialized flag at site inventory
6427  [Database] Go-live data migration - tailoring data to import
6425  [Setup] Clean up test data from training
6421  [Security - ACL] Remember last profile used (based on login)
6420  [Inventory] Asset replacement by categorization (not parent categorization)
6418  [Inventory] Use "OEM-Retained" for asset not returned from repair
6417  [Inventory] Off-site repair replacement is to have 0 cost
6416  [Inventory] Add search row in stock
6415  [Asset] Asset move report based on asset transaction
6414  [User Interface - Chrome] Read-only profile unable to create a new search
6413  [User Interface] Auto-lookup instant search limitation
6412  [Inventory] Asset Tag not populated in checkout tran
6411  [User Interface] Auto-lookup to disable instant search?
6410  [Inventory] Serial # checkout - invalid serial status
6408  [Work order] Adding approved work order list
6406  [Inventory] Checkout location pre-population
6403  [Inventory] Bin # is not showing search in pick other
6402  [Inventory] do not generate asset tag by default
6398  [Asset] Add the bin to asset list
6397  [Work order] Enable PM wo generation by more statuses
6396  [Work order] Enable labor requirement for WO completion
6395  [Work order] Make 'failure_code" readonly at completion
6394  [Work order] "In-process" menu to "InProgress"
6393  [Admin] Additional service sites necessary?
6392  [User Interface] Turning off instant search
6390  [PM] PM round cascading status changes to block notification?
6389  [Work order] Work order status change failure causing workflow message being sent out
6386  [User Interface] Dangling "Field lookup is floating box showing up there."
6385  [Work order] "WO created" is added as comments
6384  [Work order] Cannot complete WO till all permit/safety/steps are completed
6383  [Inventory] Unable to check out serialized stock item
6382  [Asset] Inventory flag in location not set for stores
6380  [Asset] Add search row in asset/location lookup
6378  [MOC (Management of Change)] Hide automation, P&ID checkboxes
6376  [Asset] Data migration to set parent location per location hirearchy
6374  [Work order] To add work order category to wo list view
6373  [Work order] To add Category to work order creation screen
6372  [Work order] Work order accept/reject
6342  [Asset] Rename asset group to asset item
5104  [Work order] Adding status entry in the log when a WO is created

Calem Enterprise R11d in August 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11d on August 12, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11d includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Off-site Repair workflow
  • PO invoice adjustment for inventory receipts
  • Asset costing in inventory transactions
  • Work order child status cascading
  • Return to vendor transaction added in inventory module
  • API to handle fetching category attributes
  • Drag and drop to add item photo
  • Work order priority by asset/location
  • Work order specialty-based notification
  • Showing asset picture in Calem Mobile
  • PO receipt transaction to show vendor/payment/invoice
  • Adding line items to contracts
  • A total of 84 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11d

6368  [Project] Add contracts to projects
6367  [Project] Project status addition
6366  [Contract] Color-status field of contract|Project
6364  [Purchase] Simplify PO site to make it as its own site
6362  [Asset] Longitude/Latitude settings
6361  [Asset] Asset priority color-coding
6359  [Inventory] Inventory asset move transaction
6356  [Inventory] Qty adj may cause InSiteStore to go out of sync
6355  [Inventory] Checkout screen to have a prompt to enter WO|User|Asset
6354  [Inventory] Adding an item to req - got message "Item not found"
6352  [Inventory] Item UOM simplification
6351  [Integration] API to provide category attributes
6350  [User Interface] Auto-completion is clearing the user input
6349  [Admin] Add IP to user logs
6348  [Admin] Password reset to unblock user
6347  [Purchase] Add "Received" status to PO
6346  [Purchase] Add open POs as in open REQs
6345  [Requisition] Allow auto-PO generation at req approval
6343  [Inventory] Normalize inventory site to be service site
6341  [Asset] Asset tree search is not finding records with ACL profiles
6340  [Inventory] Batch physical count to queue re-ordering processing
6338  [Asset] Deprecating "Rebuildable" flag
6337  [Asset] Codes at location to be deprecated
6336  [Inventory] Asset & item: Icon flag to deprecate
6334  [Inventory] Block asset receipt if serial number is not defined
6333  [Inventory] Consolidate isAssetGroup and Serialized
6332  [Asset] Add a isCE flag at location
6331  [Inventory] Allow drag and drop to add an item photo
6330  [PM] Asset categorization & PM categorization in WO
6329  [Inventory] Storeroom for repair, inspection, etc
6328  [Setup] Web installation icon to link to Calem web site
6327  [Contract] Contract lines
6326  [Contract] Contracts allow pending status
6324  [Inventory] Receive to Stores slips missing
6323  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Remove "REQ Requester" monitor role
6321  [Training] Allow training docs in training module
6320  [Work order] Work order failure counts enhancements
6319  [Work order] MTBF with no drill down and the data quality is low
6317  [Work order] Do not prompt duplicate WO from Calem Touch
6316  [Asset] To show child locations
6313  [Inventory] Asset to enforce receipt to be by quantity each
6311  [System] Error message display
6308  [Purchase] PO Item Total cost incorrect
6307  [Asset] Asset location move while in inventory to handle
6305  [Workflow] Workflow email notification for teams
6304  [Requisition] Requisition item vendor editing shows blank page
6303  [Designer] Auto generate a name after label
6302  [Setup] Password reset email should be sent right-away
6301  [Designer] Custom global data should not backup for every change
6300  [PM] PM Rounds add hide inactive
6299  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Show disabled flag in vendor/manufactuers
6298  [PM] Add a section in PM for schedule overwrite
6297  [PM] To show PM round in PM list view
6296  [Work order] Skip WO generation if asset/location is not found
6294  [PM] Add child status cascade to PM round
6293  [PM] Add site to PM round
6290  [Inventory] Show asset tag in stock along with serial number
6289  [Asset] Add index for store and bin fields in asset
6288  [Analysis] Show planned hours in work order summary in analysis
6287  [Work order] Work order specialty-based notification
6285  [Inventory] Add service to inventory category
6284  [Asset] Manufacturer part number to 50 chars
6283  [Asset] Asset creation transaction to turn off
6282  [Asset] Asset status addition - not ready
6281  [Database] Add seeded dropdown fields to dropdown customization
6280  [Asset] Location status addition
6279  [Inventory] PO invoice adjustment to apply unit cost per UnitMeasure
6278  [Inventory] Block "Receive to one store" menu
6277  [Asset] Add monitored flag in asset/location
6275  [Setup] Asset categorization added in work orders
6274  [Inventory] Asset cost in inventory checkout
6273  [Inventory] To replace receive to one store in mobile
6268  [Calem Mobile] Showing asset picture in pad
6264  [Inventory] Return to vendor transaction
6250  [Asset] Categorization tree at the asset level
6246  [Inventory] Part sent out for repair Receive new one for replacement
6244  [Workflow] Add priority to WO email subject line
6220  [Inventory] Inventory flags controlled at item/site
6122  [Inventory] Inventory transaction to show vendor/payment/invoice
6118  [Work order] Work order priority by asset/location
6096  [Requisition] REQ/PO for part repair
6090  [Work order] Work order outside repair cost tracking
5578  [System] Data migration processes
5074  [Calem Mobile] Data Links for Calem Touch

Calem Enterprise R11c in June 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11c on June 21, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11c includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Asset creation at serialized item receiving
  • Issue serialized items to location
  • Asset replacement by asset categorization
  • Use work order category set in SLA and status timespan
  • Data audits for primary objects in Calem
  • Add asset photo with drag and drop
  • Cross-site teams for monitoring and work order acceptance
  • Update PO and inventory by invoices
  • A total of 51 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11c

6272  [Work order] Work order PDF is missing Chinese characters
6271  [Inventory] Site inventory auto-creation at receiving
6270  [Calem Mobile] Work order screen edit screen save prompt without changes
6269  [Calem Mobile] Work order screen not refreshed after an edit
6267  [Calem Mobile] Allow cost center edit in work order for mobile app
6266  [Logging] PO logging to add "line_no" field
6263  [Purchase] PO notification email previous status incorrect
6262  [Purchase] Add "Invoiced" status in PO status graph
6260  [Inventory] Receive asset menu renaming
6259  [Inventory] Checkout transaction to reuse location
6258  [Asset] Asset photo as a drag-drop operation
6256  [Inventory] Deprecating item requester in monitor users
6255  [Inventory] Inventory store quantity out of sync from stock
6243  [Inventory] Receiving comments to go to asset comments
6242  [Inventory] To only support asset replacement by an inventory asset
6241  [Inventory] Do not record recycle-bin from inventory transaction deletion
6239  [Inventory] Serial assets receiving to create site inventory if not found
6237  [Inventory] Deprecating owning asset from inventory
6236  [Inventory] Physical count transaction to reset qty to 0
6234  [Inventory] Physical count import form not showing upon error
6233  [User Interface] Lookup validation failure not disabling "Save" button
6230  [Asset] Meter reading form not open
6229  [Inventory] Rename "Locator" to "Bin" in storeroom
6228  [Asset] Asset transaction extended
6226  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Team across orgs
6224  [Work order] Clean up tire related objects/artifacts
6223  [Database] Test failure in updating table: CmUpgradeBoListTest
6218  [Setup] User password reset not working
6216  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Set Site terminology as region
6214  [Work order] Asset categorization to show in work order
6211  [Work order] PM Round email notification
6208  [Asset] Asset tree to show asset info
6206  [Work order] Work order replacement process should use the asset's categorization to filter assets to replace
6205  [Asset] Location link is not opening categorization view
6204  [Inventory] Asset creation at receiving
6200  [Asset] Clarify Asset Spare parts are by asset group
6198  [Inventory] Simplify asset checkout with asset replacement function
6194  [Inventory] Auto-generate REQs process
6190  [Work order] Home: Work order templates to add
6187  [Asset] Asset fields addition for data migration
6186  [Work order] Custom On-Hold Statuses
6184  [Workflow] Error from PO workflow
6178  [Inventory] Asset number in inventory stock
6176  [Inventory] Inventory asset receiving workflow with cost/qty fix
6170  [Asset] Add a checkbox to indicated the system is down
6169  [Contract] Use category set in SLA and Status Timespan
6164  [Contract] SLA on-hold processing
6148  [Inventory] Issue assets to work order but different locations
6146  [Inventory] Checkout asset to a location
6056  [General] Data audits for primary objects in Calem
5820  [Asset] Barcode to move to 50 chars

Calem Enterprise R11b in May 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11b on May 21, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11b includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Home startup screen added with often-used data forms and tasks
  • Barcode module enhancements
  • Support work order accepters by work categories
  • Added PM Round to group PM work orders
  • Work order SLA by work categories
  • Work order status timespan configuration
  • Added asset status for monitoring integration
  • Added work order origins for third party integration
  • A total of 28 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11b

6165  [User Interface] Left module not showing scrollbar for IE
6162  [User Interface] Option to remove a label customization
6161  [User Interface] Field name changes: Moc # and Asset #
6160  [User Interface] PeerTab form to support overflow scrolling
6159  [User Interface] Form module should go by the form's definition with module
6158  [User Interface] List title customization
6156  [Search] Form default search
6154  [Designer] Customize work order causing form not to open
6152  [Inventory] Inventory transaction change of note field can be supported.
6150  [Asset] WO Asset category report to use Categorization
6138  [System] Cloud service lost connection
6136  [PM] PM plan number in logging not synced with PM Plan table
6128  [Inventory] Physical count import not modifying valuation change
6120  [Inventory] Item transaction note is customized to "Specification"
6106  [Contract] SLA violation relieved
6101  [Asset] Adding asset relation without categorization causing an error
6100  [PM] Simplify inspection management in Calem
6094  [Work order] Work order origin added third party WO creation
6088  [Work order] Rename "WO Type" to "Specialty"
6079  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Allow categorization lookup at Item for asset group
6078  [User Interface] Category attributes section label added to default view
6076  [Asset] Asset/Location fields for integration of monitoring
6048  [Contract] SLA by status traversal for work orders
6046  [PM] PM Route in PM definition
6044  [Asset] Asset status with up/down
6042  [Dashboard] Dashlet of data lists for work orders
5948  [Work order] Work order status alert
5886  [Work order] WO accepters for CM/PM

Calem Enterprise R11a in April 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11a on April 30, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11a includes features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Asset depreciation report by time period
  • Location layout by categorization
  • Work order layouts by category
  • Work order required fields by status and category
  • Attachment added for requisition and PO
  • Categorization added for documents and attachments
  • Option to show manufacturer, model and serial number in work order print
  • Single past due work order generated from PMs to avoid flooding work orders with past PM work orders
  • A total of 35 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11a

6064  [Inventory] Make the unit price during receiving to be readonly
6062  [Inventory] Receiving slip not having item and site
6060  [Inventory] Site inventory valuation different from manual calculation
6059  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Categorization detail list search not working
6041  [PM] Remove export flag from PM screen
6038  [Asset] Asset upload to replace category with categorization
6036  [Document] Attachment and doc categorization
6034  [Work order] Work order batch closing is hanging up
6032  [PM] PM Plan number to restrict to less than 50 chars
6028  [Report] Work order print blank lines collapsed
6026  [Work order] Work order print simplification
6022  [Service Request] Service request not to use radio buttons
6021  [Designer] View customization to keep the most recent X customization
6020  [User Interface] Currency edit not distinguish 0 and null values
6014  [Asset] Add categorization to the item/assetGroup screen
6012  [Asset] Asset deprecation by time period other than years
6010  [PM] Add status field in search form for PM/PM Plans
6006  [Asset] Asset group report not working
6004  [RCM] Failure set to not mandate root cause and action
6002  [Asset] Location categorization layouts
5998  [Work order] PM work order generation window for past-due work orders
5996  [Requisition] Vendor set at REQ item was ignored
5994  [Purchase] PO print document name for download
5992  [Integration] Date import is not taking dd/mm/yyyy format
5990  [Work order] Show manufacturer and model/serialNo for asset in work orders
5988  [Work order] WO fields requirement per status
5986  [Work order] Supporting work order layout based on categories
5980  [Requisition] How to auto-route REQ approval in min/max generated REQs
5978  [Requisition] Requisition item vendor is not kept
5971  [Document] Error in deleting an attachment
5970  [General] Issues with saving data to tablet
5964  [Asset] Asset spare parts not showing
5952  [Asset] Asset cost fields
5946  [Purchase] Requisition/PO to include attachment
5846  [System] Password reset not showing the same password

Calem Enterprise R11 in April 2018

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 11 on April 1, 2018. Calem Enterprise R11 is packed with exciting features based on feedbacks from customers. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Categorization tree for assets with flexible levels of category hierarchy.
  • Dashboard charts default to HTML5. Flash is no longer required.
  • Eight asset KPIs for weekly and monthly review
  • Asset depreciation report
  • Purchase process automation
  • Search row embedded in list view
  • Vendor performance report
  • Custom triggers allows for process integration
  • Signature in Calem Mobile
  • A total of 58 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in 11

5957  [Schedule] Color-coded calendar not showing days beyond current month
5956  [Dashboard] Dashboard reading graph not working
5955  [Dashboard] Moving dashboard to JavaScript version
5945  [Security - General] Admin user password is reset
5944  [Data Upload] Inventory data upload
5940  [PM] PM Blackout Days not working
5938  [Purchase] PO Signature by PO amount
5935  [User Interface] Category tree view scrolling not showing form on the right
5934  [Requisition] REQ vendor from PO history
5932  [User Interface] In-place lookup is not working
5930  [Work order] Work order generation issue
5926  [Work order] Work order summary to add closed work orders
5922  [Purchase] Add PO codes as lookups for people to build out codes
5921  [Inventory] Item upload - manufacturer site not created
5918  [Inventory] Inventory report | Locator level List report
5911  [Calem Mobile] WO Accepter lookup error
5910  [Work order] Signature support in Calem Touch Apps
5907  [Inventory] Locator level list record open error
5906  [Asset] Asset part list does not allow open asset
5902  [Service Request] Creating WO from SR got an error
5901  [Designer] Do not customize by categorization for seeded design
5900  [Asset] Asset tree cache enhancement
5898  [Service Request] Unable to generate SR from incoming email
5892  [Project] Projects to include changes
5890  [Inventory] Add checkout to Asset
5882  [Dashboard] Weekly KPI for asset and labor
5880  [Dashboard] Dashboard and report data different
5878  [Data Upload] Physical count import - auto-fill locators
5877  [Inventory] Physical count upload failure
5874  [Inventory] Inventory vendor prices upload
5872  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Duplicate full name caused upload to fail
5870  [Purchase] Unable to print PO - got a server 500 error message
5868  [Data Upload] Vendor price upload
5862  [Database] Cloud service stopped regularly
5858  [Purchase] Custom field logic in custom triggers
5856  [Work order] For step-based costing, allow planned labor to be step oriented
5854  [Report] Large excel file export
5852  [Purchase] PO delivery estimate
5850  [Purchase] PO automation process
5842  [Asset] Asset depreciation report
5838  [Barcode] Barcode feature enhancement
5836  [Requisition] Requisition item entry got an error message
5834  [Barcode] Barcode physical count failed when locator is modified
5833  [Barcode] Physical count transaction price field not filled
5825  [Inventory] Locator level list opens blank
5824  [Integration] Manufacturer not added with site
5823  [Integration] Item reference upload loader
5821  [Inventory] All items report list not showing asset groups
5815  [Integration] Item upload issues misc
5814  [Integration] Item note upload truncation
5812  [Inventory] Inventory data upload - single excel file
5808  [Inventory] Site inventory default list view for form and report
5806  [Search] Search UI enhancement
5804  [Purchase] PO terms/conditions document to start in new page
5772  [Performance] Search performance
5714  [Search] Need a cancel button at search
5582  [System] Categorization breakdown and custom fields

Calem Enterprise R10s in November 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10s on November 26, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10s is a release including exciting enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Barcode checkout enhancements
  • Bulk edit for PM and PM Plans
  • PO print enhancements
  • Weekly schedule auto-refresh
  • A total of 22 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10s

5800  [Work order] Seeded search for "3-Released" in WO
5794  [Purchase] PO terms overflow 4000 chars
5791  [System] Client custom config file causing login error
5788  [Schedule] Weekly schedule auto-refresh
5784  [Purchase] PO print enhancements
5782  [Barcode] Transaction user in barcode checkout
5778  [User Interface] Dropdown list from form
5776  [Barcode] Barcode checkout deletion and focus
5762  [Work order] Showing asset # and meter group for meter rounds in WO
5760  [PM] Batch update user interface in PM Plan
5758  [Asset] Adding meter group or meter note to daily meter quick entry
5754  [Barcode] Barcode for touch enhancement
5748  [Work order] Work order step completion %
5746  [Service Request] Approved SR to create WO
5742  [PM] PM info not copied to work orders
5736  [PM] Batch update user interface in PM
5730  [PM] Populate repo # in the repository
5728  [Inventory] Segregate Asset groups from items
5726  [Asset] Bug in adding multi-assets for meter
5724  [Purchase] Item OnOrder is incorrect for voided PO
5720  [Admin] Session time estimate

Calem Enterprise R10r in October 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10r on October 20, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10r is a release including exciting enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Asset access control via owner groups
  • Multi-cloud service migration
  • Group status control with edit option
  • Self-service for password reminder
  • Add safety measure and steps to work orders from repositories
  • User Access Logs
  • Google analytics integration
  • PM import with schedules
  • Allow Friday as weekend
  • Items to support cost field
  • Purchase order items counted for inventory on-orders
  • Purchase traveler receipt report
  • Upload hangs and screen not accessible
  • A total of 33 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10r

5706  [Asset] Add description to Asset Part of asset
5704  [RCM] Failure report "Failure Set" rename to "Resolution"
5702  [RCM] Failure template to failure set and required in WO
5700  [PM] PM Calendar report error
5698  [Admin] User access logs
5694  [Security - ACL] Group status control for WO
5690  [Security - ACL] Group status design to use a single list
5688  [Work order] Allow safety measure repo to be looked up from WO
5686  [PM] PM Plan import with schedules
5684  [Work order] Work order sort failure by custom field
5680  [Integration] Multiple Cloud Services for Business Units
5678  [Integration] Add categories and asset group report in asset module
5674  [Integration] Asset created without site when uploading SR
5672  [Integration] Upload hangs and screen not accessible
5670  [Work order] DataView jumps to a wrong work order
5666  [Inventory] Physical count transaction to show qty changed
5665  [System] Google analytics integration
5664  [System] Handle error case when connection is lost
5663  [Work order] TaskView to reduce the read section for subsequent tabs
5662  [Purchase] PO print after being approved
5660  [Inventory] Traveler receipt report
5656  [Purchase] Unable to approve PO from PO Approvals list
5654  [Service Request] SR list for approval
5652  [Inventory] Part list without asset groups
5650  [Security - ACL] Asset access by owner groups
5648  [Integration] Site-based data migration
5646  [Inventory] Items to support cost field
5644  [PM] Add categorization to PM step/safety repository
5640  [Purchase] Purchase order items are not calculated for onOrder
5638  [Search] Search wait screen hanging - add a cancel button
5636  [Schedule] Allow Friday as weekend
5631  [Work order] Timestamp in work order emails
5366  [Admin] Self-service for login/blocked

Calem Enterprise R10q in September 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10q on September 1, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10q is a release including enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Asset and Location Lookup Tree
  • Object Open function
  • Asset and location note added in SR
  • Menu bar to show tooltips when minimized
  • Resolved work order completion error message
  • Resolved duplicate assets in asset system tree
  • A total of 19 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10q

5632  [Analysis] WO Analysis to have excel export for drill down list
5628  [Work order] Work permit can be added if WO is closed
5626  [Work order] Closed WO editable through field edit button
5621  [Schedule] Planned start vs. Scheduled Start
5618  [Inventory] Item "Category" is not set at upload
5610  [Work order] WO report with meter reading released
5606  [Service Request] Add failure code in SR
5604  [Service Request] Asset/Location note in SR
5600  [User Interface] Object open function
5594  [Work order] Comments on work orders not showing up in web
5588  [PM] Display quantity at site in PM parts
5586  [Work order] Work order completion complaining future time
5584  [Inventory] Receiving adjust by quantity got error message
5576  [Asset] Asset category tree mixing category/sub-category and sites
5574  [MOC (Management of Change)] Review status changes
5572  [MOC (Management of Change)] Canceling an MOC in the middle of life-cycle
5570  [Inventory] UOM conversion error to show UOM names
5568  [User Interface] Menu bar to show tooltip when minimized
2772  [Asset] Asset/Location Lookup from Asset Tree/Location Tree

Calem Enterprise R10p in August 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10p on August 1, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10p is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Meter Rounds for Calem Touch
  • Default steps for change management
  • Asset system tree by category and sub-category
  • Search in asset trees
  • Module bar minimization
  • Work order workflow customization
  • Print logos per site
  • A total of 29 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10p

5566  [Data Upload] Data upload not reporting error
5562  [System] Asset upload failure due to serial number conflict
5560  [Asset] Asset Tag length to increase to 50
5557  [Asset] Asset tree showActive/showInactive merged into a checkbox
5556  [User Interface] In-place edit button broken for detail record
5554  [Purchase] Allow status change for PO after submitting
5552  [Work order] Work order actual start/finish enforcement
5550  [Contract] Contract status management per end date
5548  [Setup] Vendor/manufacturer upload
5546  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address entry in vendor to support auto-completion
5544  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address entry to simplify
5542  [MOC (Management of Change)] Default steps for MOC
5540  [Work scheduling] Open WO board not working
5538  [Inventory] Stock removal when 0 quantity
5536  [Service Request] SR to WO approval control
5535  [Inventory] Avoiding UOM changes when checking out by receiving
5534  [Asset] Asset system tree by category/sub-category
5532  [Service Request] Add Ref# field in service request and copy to WO
5528  [Work order] Work Order Flow Customization
5526  [System] Installation backup caused disk overflow
5522  [Analysis] Add PM create/completed in WO Analysis
5520  [Calem Mobile] Unable to enter login and password in Touch Desktop
5518  [User Interface] Module bar enhancement
5516  [Asset] Asset tree enhancements
5514  [Asset] Free text search is slow with large data set
5510  [Asset] Rounds to take asset meter readings
5508  [User Interface] Print logos based on sites
5504  [Purchase] Purchase order print customization
5132  [Asset] Asset tree by category

Calem Enterprise R10o in June 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10o on June 25, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10o is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • View asset and location in map
  • Work order invoice by steps
  • Module read-only in Admin moudle
  • Text field auto-sizing based on contents
  • PHP 7 support
  • Access control for data links
  • SRs added to project and project tasks
  • A total of 18 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10o

5498  [Project] Add SR list to projects
5496  [Asset] Asset tree issues
5494  [Data Upload] Custom fields of location not uploaded
5492  [Setup] Latitude & logitude causing upload failure
5490  [Asset] Remove IT info from asset screen
5488  [Workflow] User email to check status
5486  [Workflow] Workflow email failed - memory limit reached
5484  [System] DB backup utility to support code backup
5480  [User Interface] Text field should fit the text content
5478  [Admin] Customize button is missing for admin user
5476  [Purchase] Site inventory vendor auto-completion not working
5470  [Work order] Access control to the links
5469  [Calem Mobile] Login error in Calem Touch
5468  [Document] File upload error
5458  [Asset] Add asset map as a separate tab
5432  [Work order] Work order lines and labor/material reporting
4849  [Setup] PHP 7 support (admin)
4114  [General] Read-only option at module level

Calem Enterprise R10n in June 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10n on June 5, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10n is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Weekly meter reading quick entry
  • Work order KPI for department per month
  • Work order invocing
  • Asset GPS coordinates
  • Asset category attributes enhancements
  • Inline Edit in reading screens
  • Barcode module enhacements
  • Turning off list view links
  • PM Plans default to "Fixed"
  • Duplicate user handling
  • A total of 33 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10n

5448  [System] Dropdown IDs with all digits are causing issues
5446  [Data Upload] Field label with "(" and ")" cause field data not uploaded
5444  [Asset] Unable to upload asset category attributes
5442  [Asset] Asset report by category not working
5440  [Asset] Remove PM Plans from asset group
5438  [Schedule] Make scheule cycle shift required
5436  [Work order] Work order invoicing
5430  [PM] Default to "Fixed" not floating for PM Plan
5428  [Dashboard] Dept by month metrics
5426  [Asset] Meter entry list view in Calem
5422  [Work order] Inspection assets not copied to work order
5418  [Dashboard] PM dashboard changes
5416  [Inventory] Add total info to Site Items report
5414  [User Interface] Turning off list view links
5413  [User Interface] Inline editing feature
5407  [Barcode] Handheld scanner app enhancements
5406  [Work order] Asset ordering in work order module
5404  [Purchase] PO tax rate editing
5398  [Inventory] PATCH - Receiving to a locator with empty store
5396  [User Interface] A gap between logo bar and module bar
5394  [Analysis] Dashboard WO created/completed daily not adding up
5392  [Asset] Category related screens not shown from asset list/tree
5390  [Work order] PATCH - Work order labor summary report user name empty
5386  [Calem Mobile] Barcode module to add to phone app
5384  [System] Duplicate full names to be blocked at entry
5382  [User Interface] Data entry recursive issues
5380  [PM] Hide inactive plans at PM PLan lookup
5376  [Data Upload] Data upload does not work with Excel 2016
5374  [Asset] GIS fields for asset/location

Calem Enterprise R10m in April 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10m on April 30, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10m is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Multiple words expression in free text search
  • Hide work orders by status based on dropdown set
  • Week number added in weekly schedule screen
  • Inventory checked out not showing planned parts
  • Handle date as datetime in data upload
  • Misc improvement to Calem Offline
  • A total of 32 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10m

5372  [PM] PM calendar showing due date color at end date
5370  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet client end time.
5368  [Calem Offline (Android)] Will be back to add a solution note.
5364  [Calem Offline (Android)] Work order signature is blank in PDF printout.
5362  [Dashboard] PM summary mismatch with client data.
5360  [Work order] Work order hidden by status excluded.
5358  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline client version control.
5356  [Calem Offline (Android)] Work order parts usage not cleared.
5354  [Calem Offline (Android)] Allow adding data in background sync.
5353  [PM] Step repository list not showing.
5352  [Search] Free text search to support keywords and.
5350  [Asset] Parent asset location lookup filtering.
5348  [Contract] Add asset group and note to the contract screen.
5346  [Work order] Custom sort order for work order labor.
5344  [I18n (Localization)] Supporting date format dd-mmm-yyyy.
5342  [Asset] Allow free text search in asset activity log.
5340  [Contract] Contract was created with a disabled site.
5338  [Calem Offline (Android)] Multiple sync process in place.
5336  [Inventory] Inventory checkout not showing planned parts.
5334  [System] Single quote in user name.
5332  [Calem Offline (Android)] Sync failure with error message.
5328  [Asset] Asset status report got an error.
5326  [Calem Mobile] Unable to view site item stock in tablet app.
5324  [Calem Offline (Android)] Add email to address info page.
5320  [Database] Update exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded;.
5318  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] City is not required field when defining Zip.
5316  [Integration] Upload to handle date format as datetime.
5314  [Schedule] Add week # in weekly schedule screen.
5313  [Inventory] Removal of site store blocked by tran reference.
5312  [Inventory] Store id is null.
5310  [Requisition] Add REQ priority to req line list.
5308  [Requisition] Enable editing REQ Item from REQ item list.

Calem Enterprise R10l in March 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10l on March 31, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10l is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Calendar view for meter readings
  • Open Work Order Board of Assignment
  • Requisition Approval Routing
  • PM Child work orders not generating
  • Location added to Asset Relation Graph
  • Work order search to support shift time
  • A total of 18 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10l

5298  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline sync to make background process.
5296  [Work order] Child PM not generating work orders.
5292  [Asset] Add child asset from Asset's Child Asset Tab.
5290  [User Interface] Turn on refresh menu at record read screen.
5289  [Work scheduling] Dispatch board closed when click "Show Inactive".
5288  [Inventory] Inventory items changed to items.
5282  [Requisition] REQ approval based on supervisors.
5280  [Asset] Adding location to asset label in asset graph.
5276  [Dashboard] Work order logbook to support date range and time query.
5274  [Work order] Work order search by native MySQL not working.
5272  [Work order] Work order status change error message.
5270  [I18n (Localization)] Italian langugage pack showing datetime with time only.
5268  [Asset] Asset Group to add Position.
5267  [Setup] Cloud service production to test sync.
5252  [Calem Offline (Android)] User full name is not populated in offline client list.
5250  [Work order] A place to show users and tickets assigned.
5222  [Asset] Meter reading in calendar view with coloring based on triggers.
4790  [Work order] WO comments scrolling issue.

Calem Enterprise R10k in February 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10k on February 25, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10k is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Calem Barcode for Windows 10 Touch Screen
  • Work order time to close report
  • Work order listing with asset sub-category
  • Calem Offline client enhancements for customer inventory
  • Calem Offline editing lost at screen rotation
  • PHP email address validation removed
  • A total of 25 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10k

5246  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site inventory and stock ordering.
5244  [Calem Offline (Android)] Supporting 4 fields list view.
5242  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site inventory to show site/item.
5240  [Calem Offline (Android)] Custom site inventory sync in offline.
5238  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline stock lookup query improvement.
5236  [Calem Offline (Android)] Customer inventory not downloaded in offline client.
5235  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Set customer site out of service got an error.
5234  [Service Request] Email validation by PHP.
5232  [Asset] Location status in lookup filtering.
5230  [Calem Offline (Android)] Comments lost when screen orientation changes.
5224  [Work order] WO labor cost report with asset sub-category.
5220  [Inventory] Site inventory failure screen from Items.
5218  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to find a serial number in offline client.
5216  [Asset] Serial number and asset group out of sync.
5214  [Work order] Work orders time to close report.
5212  [Barcode] Windows 10 Touch Screen problems.
5210  [Asset] Historical meter reading with current reading as previous reading.
5208  [Calem Offline (Android)] Custom required field for offline.
5207  [Work order] WO Generation error message.
5206  [Calem Offline (Android)] Solution note not showing in signature page.
5199  [Work order] Work order print design not showing.
5195  [User Interface] User screen blank after login.
5182  [Asset] Allow direct edit of "Category" for assets.
5180  [Report] Site comments HTML content caused 5 blank lines.
5177  [Dashboard] Meter Chart unable to find meter.

Calem Enterprise R10j in January 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10j on January 15, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10j is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Open Work Order KPI by Department
  • MyDropdowns for Offline Client
  • Asset Failure Report
  • Meter Reading Graph
  • Cross-site Inventory Movement
  • Limited Site Inventory for offline
  • Alternative Inventory Parts
  • Offline client sync with mobile network connection
  • PM Forecasting by Meters
  • Enable Object Links in list view
  • A total of 24 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10i

5174  [Asset] Failure frequency report by asset.
5172  [Work order] Empty comment lines in work order comments.
5168  [Work order] Batch status command for custom status.
5166  [Calem Offline (Android)] MyDropdown not supported on the tablet.
5164  [Work order] Work-assignment report weekly view blank.
5160  [Dashboard] Work order open KPI by department.
5155  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to update work orders in a tablet.
5154  [Work order] Allow category to be removed.
5152  [Work order] Option to allow "Assigned by" filled manually.
5150  [Report] Work order PDF printout overlapping.
5148  [Calem Offline (Android)] Limit site inventory downloaded to offline tablet.
5146  [Calem Offline (Android)] Sync failure with cellular connections.
5144  [Inventory] Cross-site inventory movement.
5142  [Contract] Asset contract listing.
5140  [PM] PM Calendar display.
5134  [Asset] Meter Reading Graph.
5128  [Inventory] Alternative part list.
5126  [Calem Offline (Android)] Project not shown in WO in the offline client.
5124  [Work order] Work order project lookup filtering.
5122  [Work order] Project name not shown in child WO creation.
5120  [User Interface] Data links in list view.
5106  [Document] Tie readme to manual changes.
5026  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company code not entered when creating an address from lookup.
1699  [PM] PM meter reading forecast or estimate?.

Calem Enterprise R10i in December 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10i on December 11, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10i is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Default work order sorting by last updated
  • PM Plan creation from work orders
  • Work order status control by assignment
  • Work order status control by labor
  • Work Order Archiving and Purging
  • Inventory receiving to multiple stores
  • Audit logs for software objects
  • Multi-work order canceling
  • Active flag for failure codes
  • Offline tablet address cut-off
  • My timesheet report
  • A total of 33 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10i

5103  [User Interface] Enable color fields in my clock/my time.
5100  [Work order] Labor entry in My Clock.
5096  [Calem Offline (Android)] Stock list not searching for item number.
5093  [Work order] Work order labor change not checking status control.
5092  [Work order] Work order job role not filled out.
5091  [PM] PM Pattern and Sequence to hide.
5088  [Designer] Multi-select in list view customization is not working.
5086  [Work order] Create PM Plan from Work Order.
5084  [Lookup] Failure codes to support active flag.
5080  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site Address links not showing in tablet offline.
5078  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet three lines addresses cut-off.
5072  [PM] PM Inspection report.
5068  [Calem Mobile] CmConf.mb.js to include in release.
5066  [Calem Offline (Android)] Initial offline sync error.
5062  [User Interface] Dropdown not working at bottom of the screen.
5060  [User Interface] IE 11 dropdown issue.
5058  [Search] Search screen checkbox saved for all.
5056  [Work order] Multiple WO status transition from "Ready to Schedule".
5054  [Work order] Multi-WO canceling.
5052  [Work order] Work Order Status control by "Assigned to".
5050  [Inventory] Project inventory should be filtered in checkout.
5048  [Project] Setting customer (not customer site) at project got an error.
5046  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Merge duplicate users.
5044  [Inventory] Inventory serialized list screen open error.
5042  [Work order] WO downtime auto-fill end time.
5040  [Software Asset] Change logs for software object.
5036  [PM] Duplicate PM work orders.
5034  [Work order] Work order sort by last-modified descending.
5032  [PM] Boilerplate PM Plans were deleted while in use.
5030  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Adding accepter from site should filter by the site.
5014  [Work order] Work-based status control by Labor.
4718  [General] Large history data 100,000. Should we purge.
3352  [General] Receiving to Multiple Stores.

Calem Enterprise R10g in November 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10g on November 1, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10g is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work Order Summary KPI
  • Work Order KPI by Department
  • Work Order editing by status control
  • Work Order Clone
  • Requisition and Purchase Order Clone
  • Receiving to work order directly
  • Asset bill of material auto-building
  • A total of 39 cases addressed in R10g

Support Cases Resolved in R10g

5007  [Report] PHPExcel upgraded to latest release.
5006  [Calem Offline (Android)] Item numbers not shown in planned part lookup.
5004  [Inventory] Private store owner user setup.
5000  [Designer] Customizing mySearchSelectList causing login failure.
4998  [Analysis] Open WO Summary KPI.
4996  [Work order] Open WO list order changed.
4994  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Contract scope by site enforcement.
4990  [Inventory] Extra serial number entry.
4988  [Inventory] Misleading message in serial number entry.
4986  [Inventory] Receiving items to filter project per inventory site.
4984  [Project] Project closed status not showing.
4983  [Purchase] PO Clone.
4982  [Requisition] REQ Clone.
4981  [Purchase] Remove item from site vendor list.
4980  [Asset] Meter readings : add the same value to several meters.
4972  [Asset] Parts Usage from Asset Form.
4970  [Asset] Bill of material auto-build out.
4968  [Work order] Work Order Clone.
4966  [Calem Mobile] All WO list is blank from Calem Touch.
4964  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Dept lookup is blank in creating users.
4962  [Dashboard] KPI for a department.
4960  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default tech for a site.
4958  [Dashboard] PM Created/Completed to have year to date function.
4956  [Service Request] To show requester name in anonymous SR entry.
4954  [Inventory] Receiving to work order directly.
4952  [Service Request] SR default priority enhancement.
4950  [Document] Document upload error shown garbled messages.
4948  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User duplicate by full name.
4946  [PM] WO status in PM not carried over to WO.
4942  [Work order] WO status control extending to editing.
4940  [Inventory] Allow search by item # in locator level list.
4936  [Inventory] Add Doc_Url field to item master.
4932  [Dashboard] WO summary by dept to have a PM counts.
4930  [Requisition] REQ item filtering based on WO planned part.
4928  [Requisition] REQ work order filtering by REQ site.
4926  [Contract] Adding multi-asset to a contract.
4924  [Vendor] Site vendor assignment not editable.
4922  [PM] Documents in PM plan.
4920  [Project] Project Customer site lookup should depend on service site.

Calem Enterprise R10f in September 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10f on September 15, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10f is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Barcode module for inventory transactions
  • Work order department summary dashboard
  • Drag and Drop to add multiple attachments
  • Tracking parts for outside repair
  • Option to have Dashboard without Flash Player
  • A total of 25 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10f

4918  [Inventory] Minimum value of 0 not enforced.
4916  [Asset] Asset part quantity cannot be updated.
4912  [Work order] Work Order to track parts out for repair.
4910  [Dashboard] Add department summary dashboard.
4908  [PM] Release schedule of PM Plan invalid check.
4906  [Inventory] Cannot remove checked serial numbers.
4904  [Contract] Contract type overflows and display is muddy.
4902  [Work order] "Assigned to" not filtering out "Disallowed" list.
4901  [Inventory] Replace label "Uom" by "Unit".
4900  [Work order] Add dept code in cost center.
4898  [Analysis] Error during export WO analysis.
4896  [PM] Had to add doc first before adding to PM plan.
4894  [Inventory] Site Inventory import not copying from items.
4890  [Requisition] REQ server voided handling.
4889  [Requisition] "Invalid" menu showing in REQ read screen.
4888  [Work order] current date as default value for WO time needed.
4886  [Inventory] Locator for Serialized items cannot be set.
4884  [Document] WO Upload file name shown incorrectly.
4882  [Requisition] Project BOM order info to show.
4880  [Work order] Attachments when creating WO from SR.
4878  [Work order] Multi-attachment addition in WO and SR.
4876  [Document] Drag & Drop to add attachement.
4874  [License] Display license information from inside Calem.
4590  [Inventory] Barcode for inventory transactions.
3569  [General] Dashboard to remove dependency on flash.

Calem Enterprise R10e in August 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10e on August 8, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10e is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Lock-out/Tag-out process
  • PM copy/paste
  • Repositories for PM safety measures and steps
  • Open WO alerts by priorities
  • Add device images in asset relationship diagrams
  • KPI-10: WO open for 10 days by dept/month
  • Dashboard graph maximization
  • Project BOM by quanity
  • A total of 22 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10e

4871  [User Interface] Remove "At" from date time edit form.
4870  [Work order] WO Open menu simplification.
4868  [Asset] Unable to add parts from asset group.
4866  [PM] Rework "SLA value"/UOM in PM screen.
4863  [Work order] Dates are empty when printing a WO.
4861  [PM] PM uniqueness by asset/location/pmPlan.
4860  [PM] Coloring PM Plan by status.
4858  [PM] PM Safety repository.
4856  [PM] PM Cloning.
4854  [Work order] Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedure.
4852  [Inventory] Inventory checkout transaction.
4848  [Work order] Work Order open email alerts.
4845  [PM] PM to use datetime for last done.
4844  [PM] PM/PM Plan defaults.
4843  [Requisition] Requisition item view edit error.
4842  [Requisition] REQ order by last modified time.
4840  [Asset] Add device image in asset diagram.
4832  [Dashboard] KPI-10: WO open for 10 days by dept/month.
4830  [Dashboard] Avg time spent (hour) per WO/dept/year chart small.
4816  [General] PO Editing enforcement.
4806  [General] Project BOM by quantity.

Calem Enterprise R10d in July 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10d on July 5, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10d is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work Order duplicate check in WO creation
  • Spanish language pack
  • WO Step enforcement by status
  • WO generation future days window ("Days ahead") auto-configuration
  • Calem Mobile for Android upgraded to latest Cordova release
  • Calem Offline part lookup by note
  • Alternate workflow reply email in notifications
  • Allow user to kick off WO generation and user schedule generation from client
  • Multi-selection data entry enhancement
  • New KPIs for work orders
  • A total of 40 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10d

4820  [User Interface] WO duplicate view caption centered.
4818  [Designer] Missing data fields causing forms not to open.
4814  [Purchase] Drop-ship address support.
4813  [Analysis] WO Created daily/monthly by category/origin.
4812  [Inventory] Auto-reordering was not enabled at creation.
4810  [User Interface] Empty value not showing properly in edit screen.
4804  [Asset] Problem to implement attributes for sub-category.
4802  [Work order] WO Start clock is broken in TaskView.
4801  [Calem Mobile] WO On-Hold status does not allow comments.
4796  [Inventory] UPC code for items.
4794  [Inventory] Project setting to all the stock items.
4792  [Work order] Have item description and note in PM and WO.
4789  [PM] Minor changes to PM.
4788  [Designer] Dropdown customization default.
4786  [Workflow] Not "new comment" notification if comment is empty.
4784  [General] Available languages.
4782  [System] API calls got error.
4780  [PM] "Days ahead" to be less than the schedule.
4779  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Error in ACL profile multi-sites.
4778  [Calem Mobile] Upgrade Cordova for Calem Mobile.
4776  [Workflow] Alternate reply email for workflow notifications.
4775  [PM] Custom fields from asset to PM.
4774  [Work order] Lookup multi-selection to simplify data entry.
4772  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline part # lookup.
4770  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline editing is lost when sync starts.
4768  [Work order] WO Step enforcement by status.
4766  [Work order] Duplicate WO detection.
4765  [Database] "cmv_in_skill" error in web installation.
4762  [Work order] Work order to order by request time.
4758  [Calem Mobile] Layout not found for WO: My request.
4756  [Calem Mobile] Cost center lookup is empty.
4754  [Work order] WO Planner requirement for dispatch board/weekly scheduler.
4753  [Inventory] Add items in store list.
4752  [Inventory] Enable locator requirement by default.
4748  [Dashboard] New KPI for work orders.
4744  [Work order] WO Acceptance.
4742  [Work order] WO checkout with planned parts (administrator) - resolved.
4736  [Setup] Allow user to kick off WO generation.
4728  [Work order] Work order task view.
4727  [Asset] Asset relationship diagram enabling.

Calem Enterprise R10c in May 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10c on May 31, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10c is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • New Key performance indicators for work orders
  • Graph relation diagram for assets and non-assets
  • Enhancement of skill matching in work order assignment
  • Enhancement of saved search with list forms
  • Vendor list in Calem Touch
  • Work order step enforcement by site
  • Enhancement of PDF printing in work orders
  • Inventory physical count export
  • Custom dropdown set by site
  • Add items to PO directly
  • Inventory store prices for new and used parts
  • A total of 52 support cases of enhancements and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10c

4714  [PM] Create WO from PM Plan or PM.
4709  [User Interface] User screen add ACL profile lookup selection.
4708  [Search] Saved search change till tab-off.
4707  [Asset] Meter reading deletion enhancements.
4704  [Asset] Multi-Selection for Asset Spares.
4702  [Work order] Change "New" status color to Orange.
4700  [Work order] Number of actual part lines in WO Print.
4698  [Work order] WO Print PDF doc scaling off.
4696  [User Interface] Select all only selects 40 rows in lookup.
4694  [Calem Mobile] Add Vendor list to Calem Touch.
4692  [Work order] RMA status tracking in WO.
4690  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Skill Matching not requiring all options.
4688  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Skill settings options.
4686  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User cloning with details.
4684  [Asset] Reading type change from meter group to meters.
4682  [Asset] Default meter reading type to gauge.
4680  [PM] Remove "Repeat schedule" from PM by default.
4678  [Work order] PM Auto-assignment to use time of PM due.
4676  [Work order] WO approved status to blue.
4674  [Search] Search selection to change to lists.
4673  [Search] Search admin changes require a login to be effective.
4672  [Work order] Add stock searches for WO statuses.
4670  [Inventory] Default item category to "Part".
4668  [Purchase] Add items to PO directly.
4666  [Inventory] Used parts pricing vs new parts.
4664  [Work order] PDF document not printed in WO.
4662  [Purchase] PO PDF print not working.
4660  [PM] To hide start and until in repeat schedule by default.
4658  [Service Request] SR and WO email notifications not received.
4656  [Asset] Work orders in asset status report.
4654  [Asset] Asset status report excel template.
4652  [Work order] Child PM generation issue.
4648  [Inventory] Turning off Min/Max order control at insertion time.
4646  [Inventory] List of report for Inventory and Site Inventory.
4644  [Work order] Adding note to work order part/tool for print.
4643  [Work order] Inspection list in WO.
4640  [Designer] Pin Group form at Design mode.
4638  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Admin ACL profile user customization.
4636  [Work order] WO Step enforcement.
4634  [Inventory] Physical count export for import.
4632  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address by zip code.
4630  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Missing "+" in Country lookup.
4629  [Training] Training user add unique constraint.
4628  [Document] Document in Doc ACL Site form is empty.
4627  [Inventory] Hide reorder point for inventory.
4626  [Analysis] Asset downtime drilldown list title is null.
4624  [Work order] "More" menu dropdown for WOs to print is too long.
4623  [Work order] WO creation screen simplified.
4622  [Work order] WO TaskView grayed out on CreditHold.
4596  [Asset] Graph Relationships of CI type and sub-types for CMDB.
4558  [Admin] Customize dropdown list by site.
4466  [Work order] WO dashboard for Year-to-day and past two months.

Calem Enterprise R10b in April 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10b on April 3, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10b is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Relationships of asset categories and sub-categories
  • New Work order summary dashboard
  • New change management dashboard
  • Restoring deleted data from recycle-bin
  • Support dropdowns match in free text search
  • Many other enhancemens and bug fixes

Support Cases Resolved in R10b

4594  [Asset] Custom field query of asset group from assets.
4592  [Work order] WO cost center to copy from asset/location.
4588  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] ACL profile adding users with filtering.
4586  [Dashboard] New WO Summary dashboard.
4582  [Dashboard] WO print list.
4581  [Asset] Asset tab for asset category form.
4580  [Designer] Use Phone as default customization for Tablet/Touch.
4579  [User Interface] "Primary failure" changed to "Failure".
4578  [User Interface] Lang option is not set at login screen.
4576  [Data Upload] Adding first column as comment.
4575  [Dashboard] Dashboard initial height adjustment.
4574  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default values for Users.
4572  [Work order] WO sched hours based on PM Plan hours.
4570  [Inventory] Inventory category to set to Part if null.
4568  [User Interface - Designer] "Clean up" button for UI design.
4565  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Adding company listing report.
4564  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default company and site to manufacturer.
4562  [System] Recover deleted records from recycle-bin.
4560  [Inventory] Adding "Item type" to stock list in checking out.
4559  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC status color-coded.
4556  [Database] Extend email addr field length.
4554  [Work order] "Open WO" menu was moved.
4551  [Dashboard] WO dashboard summary lists consolidation.
4550  [Work order] Export open work order got exception.
4548  [User Interface - Designer] Custom field label was lost.
4546  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC to show most recently requested first.
4545  [User Interface] Lookup field to respond to field clear stroke.
4543  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change MOC/RCM/PM with texts.
4537  [Data Upload] Data upload to open the upload list form.
4536  [Work order] Site disallowed not enforced at scheduled labor.
4534  [Work order] Unable to schedule users to work order.
4530  [Work order] Asset or location prompt for WO/SR.
4528  [MOC (Management of Change)] Merge status notes into MOC comments.
4527  [Search] Support dropdown match in free text search.
4525  [MOC (Management of Change)] TaskView switching to active tab.
4524  [Data Upload] Default asset/location status to active.
4522  [Work order] Default start time for downtime to WO request time.
4515  [Asset] Asset meter view error.
4514  [Work order] Time is a day earlier when generating WO by "Last released".
4512  [PM] Add PDF print with doc number for PM Plan.
4510  [Work order] Doc number not printed in terminal WO PDF.
4508  [Asset] Extra fields for asset.
4507  [Database] Remove unique index (external_id).
4506  [Document] Upload doc with Chinese name failed.
4505  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC review sections in MOC planning stage.
4504  [Asset] View MOCs from Asset/Location.
4502  [MOC (Management of Change)] Rework "RFI" status.
4500  [Data Upload] Data upload plug-in for custom data.
4446  [Asset] Relationships of CI type and sub-types for CMDB.

Calem Enterprise R10a in February 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10a on February 29, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10a is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work order permits
  • Work order task view
  • MOC task view
  • Work order time by site time zones
  • Date time export in excel with time zone information

Support Cases Resolved in R10a

4498  [Asset] Unable to load meters for locations.
4496  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC pre-reviewed status and OnWo status (administrator) - resolved.
4494  [Setup] Datetime field export error.
4490  [Inventory] Inventory checkout blank screen.
4489  [Data Upload] Datetime export in excel.
4488  [Work order] Time display by time zones for work orders.
4484  [MOC (Management of Change)] New workflows for MOC.
4482  [Work order] New workflows for WO.
4480  [Data Upload] Data upload added a lookup by its ID.
4478  [Asset] Additional fields for assets.
4476  [Work order] Additional fields for premature ending of WO.
4474  [Work order] Work order completion info extended.
4473  [License] Fixed user license entry.
4472  [Work order] WO Safety Notes renamed to Safety Measures and Lookups.
4470  [Inventory] Inventory transaction export failure.
4469  [User Interface] Session invalid prompt followed by leaving page prompt.
4464  [Work order] WO print changes for permits, etc..
4462  [Work order] Special Work Permits for work orders.
4460  [Calem Offline (Android)] Android default sync timeouts.

Calem Enterprise R10 in January 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10 on January 23, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10 is a major release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Category and sub-category attributes for assets.
  • Auto-uploading meter readings.
  • Scheduled reports and email notification.
  • Corrective work orders from meter triggers
  • Custom fields to support dropdown and lookup fields
  • Turning off boiler-plate PM steps at PM Plans
  • Import from exported excel files.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.

Support Cases Resolved in R10

4456  [Work order] WO print with dual-language labels.
4452  [Work order] WO description to be set per failure code.
4450  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default team setup at user level.
4449  [Integration] Export and Import support.
4448  [Asset] Sub-category added to asset groups.
4444  [Asset] Asset list form showing scrollbars.
4443  [User Interface] Toolbar dropdown menu to auto-open when flying over.
4442  [Asset] Asset class to be replaced with rebuildable.
4441  [Asset] Asset auto-numbering by sub-category.
4440  [Asset] Asset type renamed to Asset Group.
4439  [User Interface] Use "Close" icon as cancel.
4438  [User Interface] Lookup forms to show like a popup screen.
4437  [User Interface] Remove "+"/"-"/Refresh from read screen.
4436  [Designer] Table/dropdown design form menu change.
4435  [Search] Free text search enhancement.
4434  [User Interface] Hide "Open" menu.
4432  [Schedule] Weekly schedule sort by team.
4430  [Asset] Meter transactions upload regularly.
4428  [Asset] Meter trigger to generate a corrective work order.
4426  [Work order] Open WO full screen from reports.
4425  [Work order] Cannot open WO from WO Downtime report.
4424  [PM] Turning off boiler plate PM steps at PM Plan.
4422  [Report] Scheduled monthly report of open work orders.
4420  [Contract] Contract asset lookup filtering not applied.
4398  [Asset] Asset type specific attributes.
2644  [General] Custom Fields to Support Dropdowns.

Calem Enterprise R9.0j in November 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0j on November 30, 2015. This is a maintenance release with enhancements.
  • Unplanned downtime for work orders
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Required dropdown fields in Service request

List of Cases in R9.0j

4404  [Work order] WO Completion screen RCM fields required.
4403  [User Interface] HTTP HEAD requests.
4400  [Workflow] Workflow enhancements.
4396  [Service Request] Make SR priority and category required fields.
4391  [Work order] Unplanned downtime in work orders.
4386  [Service Request] Close SRs that have WOs closed.

Calem Enterprise R9.0i in October 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0i on October 19, 2015. This is a feature release with bug fixes.
  • Users not allowed for site/customer
  • Field links removed in list views

List of Cases in R9.0i

4376  [Work order] WO Picklist is empty.
4375  [Work order] Wrong site inventory opened from part link in WO.
4374  [Work order] WO parts checkout error.
4372  [User Interface] Keep a form that cannot be bumped.
4370  [Setup] PHP 5.5 and 5.6 for Calem.
4368  [Project] Create WO for a project task.
4366  [Admin] Open a user seat row got an error message.
4320  [Schedule] Tech ‘do not send list’.
4276  [User Interface] Remove links at the list view.

Calem Enterprise R9.0h in October 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0h on October 5, 2015. This is a maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Work order history tab
  • Weekly schedule enhancements
  • Batch asset/location change in work orders
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0h

4364  [Work scheduling] Schedule Description.
4362  [Schedule] PTO or Training Time Block.
4360  [Work order] Asset/Location changes in batch.
4358  [PM] Adding custom fields to PM/WO.
4354  [Work order] PM WO completed quick view.
4350  [Work order] RCM codes not showing when completing work orders.
4345  [User Interface] Group form closing caused its tab left dangling.
4146  [General] RCM for tablet offline.

Calem Enterprise R9.0g in September 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0g on September 12, 2015. This is a feature release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Project Inventory and bill of material
  • Calem Designer UI enhancements
  • Asset export by location
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0g

4334  [Asset] Asset report by location.
4332  [Requisition] Project bill of material in REQ.
4330  [System] Edits lost at session expiration.
4328  [Admin] Parent group lookup empty.
4326  [Designer] Creation (+) button not showing in Open SR.
4324  [User Interface] Top screen section coloring.
4322  [Designer] Showing Group designed.
4308  [Inventory] Project inventory management.
4302  [Service Request] Service request created from email with different times (auditing).
4282  [Calem Mobile] Errors when adding meter readings from tablet.
3868  [General] Workflow mail queue cleanup.

Calem Enterprise R9.0f in August 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0f on August 23, 2015. This is a minor maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

List of Cases in R9.0f

4316  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Popups for city, state, zip and country are blank.
4314  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] City lookup dropdown to show state.
4310  [Work order] WO Actual completion time overwritten by current date/time.
4306  [User Interface] WO view link blank.
4304  [PM] Work order instruction to allow sequence setting.
4300  [Calem Mobile] Asset Type cannot be created from Calem Starter.

Calem Enterprise R9.0e in August 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0e on August 16, 2015. This is a minor maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Skip duplicate PM WOs in generation
  • PM Plan creation from Calem Touch
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0e

4299  [User Interface] "SolutionO" should be "Solution".
4298  [Calem Mobile] Phone Edit/New screen field label cutoff.
4297  [PM] Custom WO gen auto set.
4296  [PM] PM duplicate check for "Fixed" work orders.
4294  [PM] Rename PM Plan "Release schedule" to "Repeat Schedule".
4293  [Work order] WO PDF step print overlapping.
4292  [Calem Mobile] Approve a REQ with warning info hanging.
4291  [PM] PM Plan Release schedule not showing.
4290  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] State lookup is not working.
4288  [PM] PM Step report not filtering by site.
4285  [User Interface] Refresh client causing it to hang.
4283  [Work order] Status coloring in PM OnTime report.
4258  [PM] PM Plan creation from Calem Touch.
4089  [General] Sync Set Unique Key Violation (March 2015).

Calem Enterprise R9.0d in July 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0d on July 28, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key requests addressed in this release:

  • Favorite module added for quick menu launch
  • Additional comments/conditions added for WO instructional steps
  • Calem Touch updated for Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Custom style sheet available for Calem
  • Calem Mobile Starter and Started supported in the cloud release

List of Cases in R9.0d

4278  [User Interface] Stylesheet customization allowed.
4277  [Asset] Asset discovery menu hidden by default.
4275  [User Interface] Listview checkbox selection.
4274  [User Interface] Module bar to support scrolling.
4273  [User Interface] Adding favorite menu for quick access.
4272  [Work order] WO Step to add more fields.
4268  [Calem Mobile] Tablet sync error to record in sync.
4266  [PM] PM work order generated on Sunday (4th Monday).
4262  [Admin] App/Device profile deprecated.
4259  [Work order] Failure code lookup not working with individual code.
4257  [Calem Mobile] Calem client capability support.
4255  [Calem Mobile] Lookup creation in Calem Touch.
4238  [Calem Mobile] Galaxy S4 not scrolling in Calem Touch.
3918  [General] Warning from Protocol class.

Calem Enterprise R9.0c in July 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0c on July 1, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key requests addressed in this release:

  • New dashboard metrics including PM On Time and Schedules
  • Payment collection by card swipe for Calem Android Offline
  • Optional display of inactive assets in tree
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0c

4240  [Calem Mobile] Make inventory module available for phone profile in Calem Touch.
4236  [User Interface] Cannot print PM Plan list.
4234  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline new ACL not visible from tablet.
4233  [User Interface] Lookup form cache turned off.
4232  [User Interface] Replace EAM company list with EAM company.
4230  [User Interface] List view customization to show fields sorted.
4229  [User Interface] Left module bar to remove top sash.
4227  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline tablet default connection timeout to 20 seconds.
4226  [Workflow] Email reply to WO notification not recorded as comment.
4224  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show site status flag (disabled/out of service) in popup view.
4222  [Asset] Add address in location.
4214  [Dashboard] WO age by priority drilldown.
4212  [Work order] PM Late reports with summary stats.
4210  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User site assignment multi-user addition.
4208  [Calem Offline (Android)] Accepter not downloaded to Tablet.
4206  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet allows the use of accepters that are not active.
4204  [System] Removal of unused upgrade function.
4202  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet sync failure from timeout.
4200  [Asset] Asset tree hiding assets of inactive statuses.
4198  [Asset] Asset tree not shown with asset/location circular reference.
4197  [Calem Mobile] Touch interface blank with Chrome 43.
4196  [Asset] Location Meter not editable.
4194  [User Interface] Remove some modules from the module list.
4192  [Asset] Unable to delete a unused meter.
4190  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Show "Login blocked" in user list.
4174  [User Interface] favicon.ico error in access log.
4170  [User Interface] Option to hide invalid objects in the list.
4088  [General] Android tablet payment processing.
4042  [General] Use Link for read view for lookup fields.
4032  [General] Query for more than one items.
3948  [General] Additional analytics.
3924  [General] Make module name friendly for new comers.
3904  [General] Meter Reading edits and most recent reading.
3547  [General] Auto-fill Step/Doc sequence numbers.
3476  [General] User and Address Enhancement.
2259  [Work order] WO updated when PM Plan steps are changed.

Calem Enterprise R9.0b in May 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0b on May 1, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key issues addressed in this release:

  • SR metrics
  • WO labor summary report
  • Labor and item discounts
  • Inventory transaction valuation tracking
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0b

4168  [Calem Offline (Android)] New and Approved WOs in tablet client.
4166  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User site assignment not working for non-eam sites.
4164  [Dashboard] Dashboard "Mine" tab renamed to "My Summary".
4162  [Analysis] Asset downtime analysis reports.
4161  [Analysis] Refactor Asset analysis report.
4160  [Calem Mobile] Option to turn off mobile touch auto-redirect.
4158  [Calem Offline (Android)] Removal of accepted tickets after sync.
4156  [Analysis] Refactor WO summary in Analysis module.
4155  [Work order] Change Asset/Location menu for PM WO.
4154  [Work order] Work order auto-labor hours by status change.
4152  [Work order] PM contract expiration notification in email.
4150  [Work order] Removal of experimental tire forms.
4148  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company/site fields in site skill screen confusing.
4144  [Calem Offline (Android)] Asset/location ticket history from tablet.
4142  [Service Request] SR description in html.
4140  [Work order] WO comments to include status change notes.
4138  [Service Request] Service request was created for wrong site.
4136  [Work order] Query to show WO comments in the past two days.
4134  [Integration] Import cm_pm.xls error.
4132  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO PDF without labor entries.
4130  [Asset] Asset location change in contract.
4128  [Asset] Actual finish in query and report for asset status report.
4126  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to change ticket status to "Completed" or "InProgress".
4125  [Inventory] Customer inventory no charge.
4124  [Asset] Finish date in asset status report.
4122  [Work order] PATCH - Error when completing a work order.
4120  [Work order] Work order sorting by "PM?", "Priority" and "Need by" not working.
4116  [Inventory] Inventory transaction cost tracking issue.
4112  [Work order] Weekly PMs no weekend schedule.
4110  [Setup] FTP service for cloud service.
4108  [Document] Calem Manuals version to reflect R9.0a.
4104  [System] Floating seat session cleanup at browser close.
4100  [Work order] Close work orders that are not completed.
4094  [Report] WO labor hour report.
4092  [Report] Asset OLAP report no function.
4086  [Work order] Labor/Material site-based discounts.
3946  [Security - ACL] SR Metrics.
3916  [Inventory] Update store's item note based on site inventory.
3906  [Asset] Add Current Reading to Asset Status.
3878  [PM] PM Steps list search screen issue.
3872  [Workflow] SMS notification email with reply template.
3866  [Inventory] Show thumbnail in inventory list as in asset.
3864  [Inventory] Photo field in site inventory.
3862  [Requisition] Supplier price to be set by inventory receiving.
3854  [System] Idle timeout for floating license users.
3842  [Work order] Reporting work order labor hours got error message.
3836  [Asset] Location List Report.
3820  [Asset] Add a URL field in asset.
3816  [Work order] URL in attachment not showing URL in read view.
3354  [Asset] PMs from Asset and Location Screens.

Calem Enterprise R9.0a in March 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0a on March 22, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Key issues addressed in this release:
  • Unable to use Calem with IE9
  • Calem Touch enhancements including meter reading entry in work order.
  • Calem Offline enhancements including address for contact/requester.
  • Exclusive work order clocking (only one active clock at a time)
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0a

4084  [User Interface - Designer] No customization not effective for "Customize" tabs.
4082  [Service Request] SR SLA calculation for WO statuses.
4080  [Work order] Customer service notes to show at the top of description.
4078  [Schedule] User scheduling is off by one day.
4074  [Work order] Work order cost showing negative values.
4073  [Work order] Clicking a WO does not open it.
4069  [User Interface] User read screen link button simplification.
4068  [Work order] WO Generation for 30th of the month error.
4066  [Calem Offline (Android)] Closed WOs still shows in the tablet.
4064  [Calem Offline (Android)] Calem Offline for Nexus 9.
4062  [Work scheduling] Weekly Schedule to enable Site/Job Role filtering.
4060  [Asset] Asset label change.
4056  [Work order] Show transaction note at WO part list.
4054  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO # from tablet not updated to permanent #.
4050  [System] Last Login not updated from Touch.
4048  [Workflow] Do not handle out of office from email reply.
4045  [RCM] RCM Lookup by codes.
4036  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO view error.
4034  [Work order] Work order status change issue in IE9.
4024  [Calem Offline (Android)] Docs in Offline for Site/Location/Asset.
4022  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address list search not working.
4020  [General] RapidSSL not trusted in mobile.
4018  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show address in google map.
4017  [Calem Offline (Android)] WOs of Accepted status included in download.
4016  [Work order] Child WO to copy asset by default.
4014  [Calem Offline (Android)] "Will-Be-Back" workflow wrong.
4012  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show address/phone for contact/requestor in WO.
4010  [General] Meter reading entry from Touch.
4008  [General] Tablet password saving option.
4006  [Work order] WO parts check out issue.
4004  [General] Calem Touch not working with locally installed service.
4002  [General] Show open work orders from asset.
4000  [User Interface] Change Language in Touch misspelled.
3998  [Work order] Add WO completed (not closed) to Calem Touch.
3992  [General] Link for work order number in touch.
3988  [Work order] Work order clock hours too high.
3984  [Schedule] Multiple day scheduling
3934  [Work order] Scheduling but not released.
3884  [PM] Default time to 8:00 AM for "Next due" in PM.
3408  [Work order] Completing Steps from My Work.
3396  [PM] Display PM Current Due in PM Report.

Calem Enterprise R9.0 in February 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0 on February 1, 2015. It includes Calem Mobile integrated with Calem Designers. The mobile solution is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The mobile solution is also available for desktop users with Chrome and Safari browsers. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

List of Cases in R9.0

3980  [Service Request] SR Service Site Change Notification.
3978  [Calem Offline (Android)] Allow launching Touch from offline.
3976  [Calem Offline (Android)] Start/Stop Clock for Android offline.
3974  [Calem Offline (Android)] Labor hours based on status changes.
3972  [Calem Offline (Android)] Color-coding WO status/priority.
3971  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show Child WO from work order view.
3970  [Calem Offline (Android)] "I will be back" for WO.
3968  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO assignment ordering in tablet.
3966  [Work order] Allow email for WO TS notification.
3964  [Calem Offline (Android)] Add attachment by browsing pictures.
3962  [Asset] Location service log is not working.
3960  [Schedule] WO "Shift to start" to be used for assignment shift.
3958  [Report] WO print detail list row control.
3957  [User Interface - Designer] WO master-detail list view overlapping.
3956  [Work order] Transactions menu in WO part list.
3952  [Work order] Bulk complete to add actual start/finish.
3950  [Schedule] Scheduled hours counted twice in user schedule.
3949  [Work order] WO status completion screen to preset finished time.
3944  [Work order] Default shift for work order schedule.
3942  [Schedule] More than one Schedule cycles for a user.
3940  [Work order] WO Assignment default hours.
3938  [Work order] WO comments in chronological order.
3937  [User Interface] Screen Text Changes for Touch.
3936  [Work order] WO Assignment to users of inactive status.
3932  [Help] Calem Touch to replace Calem Mobile in user manuals.
3931  [User Interface] "Time needed" changed to "Need by".
3930  [Work order] Change "Notes" in WO to "Solution".
3928  [User Interface] Edit error prompt by screen field order.
3922  [Report] WO Print Time incorrect for Cairo Time.
3920  [Workflow] Workflow PHP warning.
3917  [Work order] Enable auto-complete for inspection WO.
3914  [Work order] Auto-Close WO not closing a work order.
3912  [Work order] Add menu ID in designer.
3910  [User Interface] CSS requiring browser refresh in upgrade.
3909  [User Interface] WO/SR Priority label simplification.
3908  [Work order] WO bulk Commands are renamed to Commands.
3907  [Work order] Color-code Priority/Status of WO/SR.
3902  [I18n (Localization)] R8.5q French Language Issue.
3900  [Calem Offline (Android)] Asset type sync took long time.
3896  [Search] Saved search re-arrangement.
3893  [System] Data model API refactoring.
3892  [User Interface] Use "Create" to Replace "New".
3891  [System] Apache 2.4.4 in Windows not responding sometimes.
3888  [User Interface] Add touch UI for desktop.
3887  [Inventory] Remove unused inventory widget.
3886  [Work order] Allow custom message in WO from SR.
3877  [Calem Mobile] iPhone 5 orientation change not working.
3876  [System] IE network log showing syntax error.
3870  [Inventory] Customer Inventory Management.
3861  [Designer] Personal customization to block when customization is off.
3860  [Designer] Module layout not showing newly added menu items.
3858  [Calem Mobile] New asset/location menu and scan.
3857  [Search] Free text search to not show text for search/clear buttons.
3852  [Service Request] A service request created via email has blank username.
3850  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Manufacturer list search error.
3846  [Inventory] PATCH - Site inventory import not copying over item's UOM and NOTE.
3844  [Work order] WO PDF Print shows "????" for Arabic.
3834  [Work order] Set truck down time to current if empty for Tire change.
3833  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC section review got error message.
3814  [System] Calem Mobile Solution.
3812  [Calem Offline (Android)] Planned part is empty while checkout showed parts.
3810  [Work order] WO checkout not based on WO service site.
3808  [Calem Offline (Android)] Planned part and checkout issue in Tablet client.
3804  [Work order] Tire change screen issue.
3802  [Work order] WO Downtime not updated properly.
3800  [Work order] Adding time_needed to work assignment report.
3798  [Work order] Search error in All WO form.
3784  [Asset] Asset Tree not refreshed after manual move.
3720  [Calem Mobile] Mobile app for maintenance staff and managers.
3618  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile App for End Users.

Calem Enterprise R8.5q on September 29, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5q on September 29, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Multi-user/sites lookups to speed up data entry
  • Service request inside company web site
  • Batch work order print as individual jobs
  • Many enhancements and bug fixes for Android tablet offline solution

Multi-User/Site Lookups

The multi-entry lookup allows one to select more than one user, site or other items. It makes data entry much more efficient than single entry lookups.

Service Request Integration

You can now integrate service request entry into your web site so staff can enter service requests at your web site without going to Calem cloud service.

Batch Work Order Prints

Calem now allows one to download work orders as an archive of work orders each in its own PDF file. One can then print the work orders each as an individual printing job so advanced printer functions can be utilized including double-side printing, auto-stapling, etc.

Enhancements of Tablet Offline Solution

Many enhancements and bug fixes have been completed for the Android tablet offline solution. Signature is easier to take, and newly created child work order is streamlined.

List of Cases in R8.5q

3792  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Offline Sync inactive session.
3791  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Auto truncation of sync logs.
3790  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Table selection error in Sync.
3789  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Screen rotation instability.
3787  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Auto-sync will keep trying if failed.
3786  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet screen rotation caused a crash.
3780  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Site inventory was downloaded in each sync.
3778  [Work order] WO Clock status configurations.
3776  [Work order] WO Planned part lookup.
3774  [User Interface] Multi-lookup workflow.
3773  [Security - ACL] Allow the clone of ACL profile.
3772  [Work order] Multiple Asset for RMA repair.
3770  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Child WO display after creation.
3768  [Mobile - Offline - Android] WiFi Turn on caused crash.
3765  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Login Crash.
3764  [Mobile - Offline - Android] RMA for location issue.
3762  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Assignment not shown after sync till a refresh.
3760  [Work order] Child work order list to open work order directly.
3758  [User Interface] Support multi-field ordering.
3757  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Work Orders Created not updated with new number.
3756  [Mobile - Offline - Android] My assignment list view blank after changes.
3754  [Service Request] Service request priority by SLA contract.
3752  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Child work order location error.
3750  [Service Request] Flush SR email notifications when SR emails received.
3749  [Schedule] Change WF email to every 3 minutes from 15 mins.
3748  [Asset] Add aset specific reports (Unit and Tire).
3747  [Asset] Two meter readings at asset level.
3746  [Work order] Server warning in WF module.
3745  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Cannot go back at exception in update client screen.
3744  [Work order] Add cost to downtime in WO.
3742  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Show offline client download counts in calem logs.
3740  [Work order] A child work order may show twice in My Work tree.
3738  [Security - General] Anonymous SR user taking up floating license.
3736  [Service Request] Service request entry integration with customer site.
3734  [Work order] Add subject to work order clock screen.
3732  [Work order] Upgrade/fix labor hours not counted by clocking.
3729  [Purchase] Multi-PO PDF Generation.
3728  [Report] WO PDF list view length not fully used.
3727  [Admin] Group added not showing till refresh.
3726  [Report] Text overlapping in PDF print.
3718  [Requisition] REQ item price reset to 0 when changed.
3716  [Work order] Mult-job role workflow.
3715  [Asset] Add WO# in asset for transaction recording.
3714  [Work order] Add new asset in WO for replacement.
3713  [User Interface] Change "no." to "#" in labels.
3712  [User Interface] Support 8 column form layout.
3711  [User Interface] Form field labels are turning into bold.
3710  [User Interface] Change Delete/Open icons.
3708  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Debug log showing a lot of info.
3706  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Signature Issues.
3704  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Client Crash at times.
3702  [Work order] Planned parts not based on WO service site.
3700  [Mobile - Offline - Android] PATCH - Parts not available from tablet client.
3698  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Sync Set Unique Key Violation.
3697  [Setup] Allow a login termination date.
3696  [System] Warning in logs for LDAP, Protocol and Workflow.
3695  [Work order] Adding a notes to WO.
3694  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Upgrade to R8.5q sync error.
3692  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Resolution showing as one line.
3690  [Mobile - Offline - Android] WO Status Log timestamp from Tablet Overwritten.
3689  [Asset] Asset Type Code ID.
3688  [Work order] Add asset down and up time in WO.
3686  [PM] Steps in PM Plan Export in Excel.
3685  [Asset] Additional reading values in reading tran.
3684  [Work order] Work order delays.
3683  [Work order] Custom WO Tire Forms.
3682  [Work order] WO RCM lookup by codes.
3681  [Work order] WO Reference #.
3680  [Asset] Location used for Asset Storage.
3679  [RCM] Asset Transaction from Action Codes.
3677  [Asset] Asset Transaction Refactoring.
3676  [Integration] Unable to download templates for data upload.
3674  [Work order] Bulk Status Transition not working.
3673  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User Monitor roles.
3672  [Security - General] Floating Seat User Login.
3662  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Signature section was cut off in Tablet client.
3660  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Location Lookup Error.
3659  [User Interface] REQ Item Unit Cost Reported Changed.
3656  [User Interface] Cancel/Close icon to redo.
3655  [Security - General] Ananymous Login Restrict to SR entry only.
3654  [PM] PM's Asset and Location are not in sync.
3652  [Work order] Change WO order to be ascending.
3650  [Workflow] Duplicate emails for SR/WO.
3648  [Inventory] Inventory On Order/To Order Sync.
3646  [Purchase] Price setting to 0 when adding REQ to PO.
3644  [Inventory] Requisition Price Changed to 0.
3608  [Work order] Print images in WO PDF Print.
3580  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Signature screen cut-off.
3446  [Work order] WO batch print as individual jobs.
3329  [Inventory] Set Part Price in returning a part.
3326  [Work order] WO Tool and Part Maintenance while in Store.
2540  [Lookup] Lookup Selection Duplication Error.

Calem Enterprise R8.5p on August 3, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5p on August 3, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Work order clock start/stop
  • Weekly Schedule with resources and enforcement
  • SMS Notification on/off
  • Floating license seats

Work Order Clock Start/Stop

Technicians can use the new feature to manage time spent in work orders. Calem will translate the clock events into work hours and report them in work orders.

Weekly Schedule with resources and enforcement

Weekly schedule screens now show the available hours for users under schedule. One can optionally enable over-schedule control so that staff are not schedule beyond their available hours.

SMS Notification on/off

SMS notifications can be controlled at user level or at event level. You can selectively enable events for SMS notifications based on your business requirements.

Floating License Seats

Floating license seats allow staff to share license seats. For organizations with users who need to use Calem in different shifts or different work schedules it is efficient economically to purchase floating license seats instead of fixed seats for every user.

List of Items for R8.5p Release

3641  [PM] PM Logging Support.
3636  [Project] Project Task List Report.
3634  [Inventory] Inventory Move Receipt.
3632  [Work order] WO TS notification.
3630  [Work order] Downtime Printed in WO.
3628  [Service Request] SR Logging as in WO.
3626  [User Interface] Server mime type wrong.
3624  [Inventory] Store Inventory Report no Store Filtering.
3623  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default to turn off email notifications.
3622  [User Interface] Shift "(None)" not displayed in dropdown design.
3620  [Work order] Adding Service Site's address/phone to WO Print.
3616  [System] Login to enforce active user status.
3614  [Schedule] Weekly Schedule No Availability Error.
3612  [Schedule] Show Available Hours in Weekly Schedule.
3611  [User Interface] Icons only for common menu buttons.
3610  [Work order] Generated WO PDF included in WO Print.
3609  [User Interface] Change menu "Tasks" to "More".
3606  [Work order] WO print to include Service Site and Contract Notes.
3604  [Work order] WO Print Customize in Tasks No Function.
3602  [Requisition] Add Asset to Requisition.
3596  [Work order] WO Accepter to be limited to users of the site.
3590  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Team user lookup showing disabled users.
3584  [Work order] Start Clock/Stop Clock in WO.
3582  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Custom status change issue.
3576  [License] To allow floating license seats.
3574  [Report] Report Customization Group Overriding.
3572  [System] User Guide Typo.
3568  [Work order] WO # sort order incorrect.
3566  [Workflow] SMS Notifications On/Off control.
3546  [Security - General] Blocking concurrent logging in.
3392  [PM] Generate "Sequence" PMs as WOs when PM is created manually.

Calem Enterprise R8.5o on June 30, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5o on June 30, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Read-Only ACL Profiles
  • Service request entry without login
  • SMS workflow notification
  • Weekly Schedules
  • WO emails by priority

Read-Only ACL Profiles

You can now configure an ACL profile and make it read-only. It allows you to open up your system for users who you like to share information with but do not want them to make changes. Additionally, it allows you to set up limited editing functions. For example, you allow users to create and edit data but do not allow them to delete. See Admin Guide for more information.

Service Requests without Login

You can have users submit service requests with emails without logging into Calem Enterprise. This feature allows users to enter service requests with more information (such as priority, asset or location) without logging into the system. You can also introduce security PINs to allow limited access to this feature. See Admin Guide for more information.

SMS Workflow Notification

Short Message Service (SMS) allows one to send messages to phones. You can now send notifications such as new service requests directly to staff in the field for instant notification. See Admin Guide for more information.

Weekly Schedules

New features have been added to the schedule module to better streamline the work order schedule processes. Recurring schedules are introduced so you can define resource schedules by user, team or site once and let the system generate work/non-work daily schedules. This feature replaces the manual batch scheduling. New menu items are also added to view work orders planned, hours scheduled and available for a week so you can perform weekly scheduling more acurately. See User Guide for more information about the schedule module features.

Work Order Emails by Priority

You can now configure work order email notifications based on work order priorities by company, site or individual users. This feature can be used with work order notification by status and category to further tune your work order notifications. See Admin Guide for more information.

List of Items for R8.5o Release

3550  [User Interface] Time Issue with 12:xx AM.
3548  [Setup] Scheduler in Admin Deprecated.
3542  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Auto-Add Vendor/Manufacturer/Company Site at Company creation.
3540  [Work order] Allow Release to Completed in WO.
3538  [Service Request] Optionally require asset/location for SR.
3535  [Inventory] Item link to open site inventory (not the item itself).
3534  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] EAM employee not showing tabbed user form.
3532  [User Interface - Designer] Customize Button was locked out.
3530  [Purchase] Show requester in PO lines.
3529  [User Interface] Prevent Close Menu hidden in out of the box profile.
3528  [Work scheduling] Edit scheduling from assignment screen.
3526  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Site Inventory Filtering.
3524  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Showing total in quote signing page.
3522  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Simplify picture taking screen.
3520  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Hide Markup Fields in Tablet.
3518  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Crash with Custom Field Update at Acceptance.
3516  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Block Quote Edit in Tablet.
3514  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Status Error after a Sync.
3512  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Time Type Entry in Tablet.
3510  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Status Inconsistence and Refreshing Issue.
3508  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Status change error after asset changed.
3506  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Display of Inspection Child Ticket in Tablet.
3504  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Parent WO/Child WO completion.
3502  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Status not Refreshed after a change.
3500  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Misc Planned Cost in Tablet.
3498  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Decimal Display in Tablet.
3496  [Inventory] Sync Item Note/Description to Site Item.
3494  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Add scheduled start time in My Assignment list.
3492  [Work order] WO Comments to show date/time in print.
3490  [Requisition] Supplier Cascade Changes to REQ.
3488  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Non-Active Users as Requesters.
3486  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Number in My Work not Refreshing.
3484  [Inventory] Site Inventory Document View Tab.
3482  [Work order] Tablet Client Sync Issue.
3480  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Support Custom Menu in Tree.
3478  [Designer] "Fixed" of Custom Dropdown is readonly.
3477  [Work order] WO PDF Print Text Overlapping.
3474  [Work order] WO PDF attachment in Email Notification.
3472  [Inventory] Allow more pictures for Inventory.
3468  [Integration] Import from Active Directory.
3466  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Adding search funciton in stock.
3464  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Planned Part in WO not showing notes.
3462  [Work order] Initialize Contact in SR/WO.
3456  [Work order] Downtime in WO Print showing Ids.
3454  [Work order] WO Emails by Priority.
3452  [Asset] Typo of rebuildable in asset module.
3450  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Manufacturer address lookup blank screen.
3448  [Integration] Unable to check off "EAM Crew" flag by excel upload.
3444  [Work order] WO Print Content Area Squeezed.
3442  [User Interface] Selected Items in List View not Cleared.
3440  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Employee Status "Departed" to "Inactive".
3438  [Work order] WO cancel notification email.
3436  [Work order] Use parent/child WO for sequencing.
3434  [User Interface] Calem uses "Cancel" to Exit forms.
3432  [Service Request] Allow project field for service request.
3430  [Setup] Default ACL profile for auto-added user.
3428  [Work scheduling] Resource Availability for WO Scheduling weekly.
3426  [Designer] List Designer Right-Click not working in Chrome.
3424  [Work order] All WO Report Date Range Change.
3422  [Inventory] Copy Site Item Description to Requisition Item.
3420  [User Interface] IE not parsing decimal correctly.
3418  [Service Request] Service Request Portal Entry.
3416  [Service Request] SMS notification as an email.
3398  [PM] "Last" in Asset Status Report to be "Last done".
3390  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User List Report.
1781  [Designer] Read-only ACL profiles.

Calem Enterprise R8.5k on February 12, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5k on February 12, 2014. It is a maintenance release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • REST APIs for integration with Calem Enterpise
  • Multi-selection in adding PM Inspection
  • PO Print New Customization
  • Default SLA Contract configuration
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes

3298  [Requisition] Requisition UOM Change not Allowed
3296  [Inventory] Serial Entry and Display
3294  [Service request] When Asset/Location/Site is changed fill in default SLA
3292  [User Interface] Record Move Caused Menu Disabled
3290  [Work order] Remove "My PM" and "My Team PM" from WO
3289  [Inventory] Physical count transaction not recorded.
3288  [Asset] Asset Type Deletion.
3286  [Integration] REST APIs.
3284  [Work order] WO Status Change from Import not logged.
3282  [Inventory] Recieve to Inactive Items.
3280  [User Interface] Multi-selection in PM Inspection.
3276  [Database] Upload Custom Data Error.
3274  [PM] Next Due in Floating PM not updated when WO is compeleted.
3273  [PM] Open PM from PM Plan's PM Tab.
3272  [Purchase] PO Print Bottom Customization
3270  [Integration] ASC - Inventory Receiving Against Requisition
3268  [Inventory] Item Reference Notes
3260  [Work order] WO Part List Use Item/Use All
3256  [Multi-Org] Disabled Users Selectable
3253  [User Interface] IE 11 - Weekly Schedule Single Click not Working
3252  [Service Request] Add Contact from SR/WO Edit
3232  [Work order] WO Tool Used Rollback

Calem Enterprise R8.5c on August 18, 2013

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5c on August 18, 2013. It is a major release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Work Scheduling in Weekly Calendar
  • PM Schedule report in calendar
  • Work Summary, Weekly and Daily reports
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Blackout period support in WO generation
  • PO print in PDF and email
  • Vendor price report with locator and quantity
  • Part checkout simplification
  • Dispatch board auto-refreshing
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes

Calem Enterprise 8.5 Release...

Work Scheduling in Weekly Calendar

The weekly scheduling screen allows a planner to drag a work order to a weekly calendar for a user. The planner can also remove an assignment and move assignment around through drag and drop. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.
Work Scheduling Weekly

PM Schedule Report in Calendar

Annual PM schedules can be printed out in calendar format and edited for final execution. Public and company holidays can also be included in the calendar. You can also customize colors for the PMs and holidays. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.
PM Schedule Calendar

Work Summary, Weekly and Daily Reports

The new reports allow managers to review work status, progress and weekly compliance. Technical staff can also login and see their own status, progress and compliance information. The reports can be configured per your organization requirements. See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.
R8.5c WO dashlets

Workflow Enhancements

There are various enhancements made to the workflow including:
  • Work order planner and monitor by locations
  • Workflow emails enabled by sites
  • PO notification emails
See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.

Blackout Periods in Work Order Genereation

When generating PM into work orders the system will review the blackout periods defined for sites. Work orders will not be released in blackout periods. The blackout periods will also be excluded in PM scheduling. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.

Dispatch Board Auto-Refreshing

Both manual and auto refreshing have been added to the dispatch board. You can customize how often the dispatch board should be auto-refreshing. See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.
R8.5c dispatch board

Changes in R8.5c

We have addressed over 70 requests in Calem Enterprise R8.5c. You will need a CalemEAM customer login to view the support cases. If you have questions about the requests or if your requests are not included please report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also request a web meeting for CalemEAM to review your issues in R8.5c.

2979 - [PM] Floating by Time PM Not released.
2978 - [Inventory] Permissions for Inventory Stores.
2976 - [Work order] Allow "New" to "Released" in Tasks Menu.
2974 - [Work order] WO Generation to Skip Non-Working Time.
2972 - [Inventory] WO Part Checkout Simplification.
2970 - [Schedule] WO Status in Dispatch Board.
2968 - [User Interface] Dispatch Board Auto-Refresh.
2966 - [Schedule] Dispatch Board Sites Blank.
2964 - [Asset] Parent Asset Move and Child Assets.
2962 - [System] Custom Dropdown Value not Showing.
2960 - [Purchase] Site Vendors Allow Duplicates.
2958 - [PM] Search in PMs Due is not Working.
2956 - [Work order] WO Weekly Compliance Report.
2954 - [Work order] Daily Emergency Work Report.
2952 - [Dashboard] WO Weekly Progress Report.
2950 - [System] Checkout Site Empty.
2948 - [Dashboard] WO Summary Dashlets.
2945 - [User Interface] Default 6 Forms in Desktop without More Menu.
2944 - [Work order] WO Missing in My PM Drilldown.
2940 - [Inventory] Physical Count Locator Requirement.
2938 - [Schedule] WO Schedule by Employee/Week.
2936 - [Work order] WO Assignment Multi-Site.
2934 - [Integration] Lookup Error for Empty String in Excel.
2930 - [Work order] Asset Out-Repair in WO.
2928 - [Work order] Pop-up for Credit-OnHold/Customer.
2926 - [Work order] Auto-Select WO Location Error.
2924 - [Inventory] Item Removal.
2920 - [Work order] Child WO Default to Parent WO's Location.
2918 - [Inventory] Inventory Unit Cost Changed to Unit Price.
2916 - [Inventory] Vendor Price Report with Locator and Qty.
2914 - [Inventory] Inventory and PM Note Changes.
2912 - [Work order] Credit and On-Hold Enforcement at WO Creation.
2910 - [User Interface] Limit Open Forms in Desktop to 10 or Less.
2908 - [Work order] Site not Displayed in Large Memory Mode.
2902 - [User Interface] Dropdown not Working in IE10.
2900 - [Asset] Add "Meter reading" to Asset Status Report.
2894 - [Contract] Currency in Contract Status Cost in USD.
2892 - [Inventory] No Users in Item Checkout Transaction.
2891 - [Service Request] Asset/Location not Displayed from New WO from SR.
2890 - [PM] Time-Based PM Calendar.
2888 - [Integration] Add Defect # and WO Category in ASC Integration.
2886 - [User Interface] Multi-Tab Form Incorrect Heading.
2884 - [Inventory] Inventory Item Status Control.
2882 - [Work order] Defect Meter Replacement.
2878 - [Asset] Meter Reading Edit.
2876 - [Work order] ASC Import to Add Completion Date and Reading.
2874 - [Work order] Meter Reading when Completing a WO.
2872 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Monitor User Deletion not Working.
2870 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company not Shown in Adddress Form.
2868 - [Service Request] Default SR Priority Not Working.
2867 - [Report] PDF Report Row Overlapping.
2866 - [Work order] SR Priority Copied to WO.
2864 - [Workflow] Workflow Events by Sites.
2862 - [Workflow] WO Notification by Location.
2858 - [PM] PM Next Due Date Enhancement.
2856 - [Schedule] User Schedule Calendar Assignment Error.
2854 - [Schedule] Sched Labor Hours not Calculated for Job Role.
2850 - [Data Upload] Upload Templates Generation Failed to Run in Linux.
2847 - [PM] PM Form Not Scrolling Details.
2846 - [Work order] PATCH - WO Actual Finish Time not Filled.
2840 - [Asset] Double-Click in Asset Tree to Open Asset.
2836 - [User Interface] List View Height Adjustment.
2830 - [User Interface] Scroll Function Enhancement.
2828 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] EAM Company as Manufacturer.
2820 - [Work order] Asset Note in PM Asset List.
2818 - [PM] Meter Deletion with PM Reference.
2814 - [Purchase] PO in PDF and Email.
2812 - [Work order] WO Status InProgress and InProcess.
2808 - [Inventory] Site Inventory Vendor Price List.
2806 - [Inventory] Add Free Text Search for Locator Lookup.
2804 - [PM] Meter Readings from PM Lists.
2802 - [PM] Add a Tab for WOs in PM Form.
2800 - [Work order] Asset Note when Changing Asset/Location.
2798 - [User Interface] Problem Editing WO.
2796 - [Report] Meter List Export to Excel.

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