Calem Enterprise R23d in August 2023

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise R23d on August 28, 2023. The release includes exciting features and bug fixes based on customer feedbacks. Calem Mobile is included in this release.

  • Clone group customization
  • Asset sets for WO Monthly KPI
  • REQ and PO for customer sites
  • Owner group changes from assets to all WOs
  • Surface Asset Class in inventory stock
  • Changes for PHP 8.1 and Redhat 9
  • Language pack updates for French and Spanish
  • Meter Quick Readings to have 7 months for monthly readings
  • API error logs for ERP integration
  • A total of 25 cases addressed in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R23d

8893  [Vendor] Vendor part # - text typo
8891  [User Interface] Custom section text in Calem
8890  [Purchase] Currency for vendors is only by site currency
8889  [Asset] WO log of location "Is null" not working in list row search
8886  [Admin] To provide an option to copy views in Calem
8885  [Database] Custom data views for Inventory Stock
8884  [Search] List search row - the dropdown button to select a few values, search not applied
8883  [Purchase] PO line item category not populated for non-service items
8882  [Asset] Asset owner group change and WO
8881  [Asset] Asset search at location's asset tab is not working
8879  [Dashboard] To allow query by assets in WO Monthly dashboard
8878  [Asset] Quick meter to have 6/7 months readings
8876  [System] Backup of Calem installation not enabled
8874  [Lookup] Stock lookups to add "Note" in the lookup screen
8873  [Asset] Location timestamp change when relationship is changed
8869  [Integration] Data Change Event queue cleanup - by time
8868  [Purchase] ERP Integration: Unable to push PO to Calem
8866  [System] Language pack updates
8865  [Asset] Asset/Location status log not showing comments
8864  [Work order] Work Order email notification URL incorrect
8862  [System] Best Practice: Artificial Intelligence in Calem
8858  [Requisition] REQ/PO for customer sites
8851  [System] Clean up outbox_failed directory by a time window
8840  [System] PHP8.1 error: mix of string and numerical in arithmetic (such as + * /)
8829  [Workflow] Workflow templates for php8.1 broken in windows (for dev)

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