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Data Upload Part 2: Asset and Location

This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates. 

Here are some background about excel templates and data upload:

  • ​An excel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the archive of all the templates at A customer account is required to download the templates.
  • The Data Upload Guide has information for some tables that should not be uploaded including transaction tables that are generated in Calem. Customers can reference the Data Upload Guide at A customer account is required to download the Guide.
  • The excel templates can be used to create new data or update existing data. So, you can use the same excel file to create data and make changes by uploading the file more than once.

This is the second part of the data upload tutorial. This blog serves as the detailed walk-through for the steps defined in Calem Setup Part 1: Asset and Location.

Step 1. Inventory 

Inventory module is referenced by asset module. Use resources below to set up inventory module:

Step 2. Documents

​Documents including photo, drawing, manuals are referenced by assets. Upload documents via Calem web client. See documents of Calem Setup Part 1: Asset and Location for more information.

Step 3. Asset Grouping

Assets are grouped by categorization and asset groups. See the asset grouping section of Calem Setup Part 1: Asset and Location for more information.
Asset group is a global item with "Asset group?" set to "1"

Step 4. Location

Upload location by the location template: cm_location.Locations.xls

Step 5. Asset

Upload asset by the asset template: cm_asset.Assets.xls

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