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When to Choose Asset Spare Parts (BOM) by Asset

There are options to manage asset spare parts, or bill of material, in Calem: by asset, or by asset item, or by both.

  • By Asset - each asset has its own spare parts.
  • By Asset Item - asset spares are managed under asset items.
  • By Both - both lists are maintained out of the box based on the part usage.

1. When to Choose Spare Part by Asset

In the coming release of R2022b the spare parts by asset will be auto-populated by Calem the same as by asset item. So, it is possible to opt for Spare Part by Asset only. Here're comparison of spare parts by Asset and Asset Item:

  • Spare parts by asset provide accurate spare part requirements by individual assets. For instance, large equipment in manufacturing may be good fit.
    • The spare parts for an asset are populated based on usage by Calem.
    • They can also be managed manually.
  • Spare parts by asset items allows managing spare parts at the asset item level. 
    • Asset items represent identical assets. For instance, there are many assets to manage, and many of those assets are identical (so can be assigned the same asset items), and share the same spare parts.
    • Asset items need to be easily and accurately definable for this option to work.
  • Overall, Spare Part by Asset is simpler to maintain without the overhead of defining asset items.
  • If choosing to use Spare Part by Asset only, you may optionally turn off Spare Part by Asset Item per Admin Guide.

2. Populate Spare Part by Asset from Usage

Spare part by asset is only populated by usage from release of R2022e (OCT-2022). If you choose to use this option, run a server process to sync Spare Part by Asset by usage history.

  • Admin | Open | Server Processes | Sync Spare Parts by Asset from Usage
  • The process needs to be executed once.
  • Calem populates the "Spare Part by Asset" by usage automatically unless turned off by configuration (Admin Guide).

3. Spare Part User Interface

Both "Spare Part by Asset Item" and "Spare Part by Asset" are shown in asset form. If you choose to use only one option, use customization to hide the option not used. For instance, the following steps hide "Spare Part by Asset Item" (provided you choose to use "Spare Part by Asset" only.

  • Customize the Asset form to remove "Spare Part by Asset Item" from the "Part" tab of asset forms.
  • The "Part" tab will only show the list of "Spare Part by Asset".
  • Perform the customization for system ("Custom system") group.
  • Customization of additional groups may be needed when applicable.
    • Use Admin | Report | Group Customization to identify additional groups to modify.
    • The object Id for asset form is "CmAssetFormMdTab".

 4. Upload Asset Spares by Excel

Asset spares can be uploaded by the excel template: cm_asn_part.AssetSpares.xls

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