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Instant Dashboards and Home Pages

Charts in dashboard and home pages are great excepting that it might take a little to show them depending on your data set sizes. Cache is used to make them shown instantly most of the time.

  • A chart is calculated and cached if it is not present or expired.
  • A cached chart expires after a period of time (up to several hours).
  • A chart is shown from cache if valid. So, it is not calculated each time it is shown.
  • See Admin Guide for more information about dashboard cache.

1. Home Page Cache

Home pages are cached for main modules including Work Order, Asset, Service Request, Inventory, PM, Change, Favorite and Dashboard.

2. Dashboard Cache

The dashboards of main modules are cached including dashboard tabs of Summary, WO Planning and Scheduling (P&S), Asset, Inventory and WO KPI-10.

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