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How to Unblock User in Calem

​A user account is blocked when a user failed to login for 4 times in a row. An admin user, or a user with edit access to user list form unblock a user.

  • Go to the user list (Organization | ACL Profiles | User list)
  • ​Find the user blocked, edit the user record, and clear the "Login blocked" checkbox.

Alternatively, a user can unblock own account through password reset.

  • Go to your Calem service login screen
  • Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link
  • Enter the login username
  • Click "Send Email to Reset Password"
  • Click "this link" in the password reset email
  • Enter a new password and retype it
  • Click "Reset Password" to reset password and unblock your account if blocked.
  • Finally, go to your Calem service login screen and login with your new password.
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