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List View Customization

 List views are used extensively in Calem Enterprise. They include:

  • ​Main Data Lists such as work order lists
  • Detail Data List such as scheduled labor lists for a work order
  • Lookup List such as cost center lookup list
  • Report List such as work order report list
  • Report Detail List such as scheduled labor lists in work order print

The customization steps described here are applicable to all the list views. The customization starts with the selection of a group for customization.

Step 1. Select A Group

Groups are used in Calem to represent users of the same job roles. For instance, you can create a "MaintenanceTechnicians" group for maintenance technicians; and "MaintenanceSupervisors" to for supervisors of the maintenance department. 

  • The group hierarchy facilitates customization management.
  • A child group inherits its parent group's customization and can overwrite the parent group's customization.
  • "Custom System" is the root group for your service. You may customize at this group if the customization is applicable to the entire system. However, a child group can have own customization overwriting the customization of "Custom System".
  • "Admin" group is the top group to customize for all supervisor groups.
  • "Users" group is the top group to customize for all non-supervisor groups.
  • You can add child groups based on your business needs.

The menu path to select a group is: "Admin module | Groups". Check a group for customization and click "Group design" to tell the system that all customization will be for this group. In screenshot below, the customization is for "Custom system" group.

Step 2. Customize a List View

Next, navigate to the list view you like to do the customization. Click "Customize" button in the list view's toolbar to start the customization. 

​The following customization is available for list views.

  • ​Add or remove menu items from the list menu bar. Just drag a menu item and drop it at the "Form design" node in the left panel.
  • Add or remove fields in the list view. Right click in the caption row, select a field to include or exclude it. 
  • Change the orders of fields in the list view. Drag a field and drop it in another field to move a field around.
  • Change the width of each field in the list view. Just drag the sash of the column to increase or reduce its width.
  • Finally, click the "Save" button in the left panel to save a customization.
  • Use the delete button ("-") to remove a customization.

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