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How to Clone a Group Customization in Calem

Cloning a customization from one group to another is available in the coming release of Calem R2023d (August 2023). It may save time for admin users in keeping consistent customization across user roles (or groups). Here is a sample use case to demonstrate the feature.

  • There are asset form layout changes (creation/new, edit and read) with new fields added. The changes need to be applied to both "ADMIN" and "Users" groups.
  • Without the feature of customization cloning, an admin user will need to customize the views in "ADMIN", then customize the same views in "Users".
  • With this feature an admin user may customize the asset forms in "ADMIN" group, then clone the customization to "Users" group (and other groups), saving time from repeating customization in different groups.

1. Clone a Customization

Customization for user roles (groups) can be performed for the following objects. All the customization can be cloned from one group to another.

  • Forms and Reports (Creation, Edit, Read, List and Multi-Tab)
  • Module Menu Layout (add/remove a menu in the module menu bar)
  • Modules Permitted.
The clone feature is available from Admin module.
  • Menu: Admin | Report | Group Customization
  • Check object customization of a group to be cloned. If objects of more than one group are checked, Calem raised an error message.
  • Click "Clone" menu to launch the clone process.
  • Select a target group to clone customization objects to.
  • Click "Save" to complete the clone.

2. Customization Log

A new customization log form is available for admin to audit customization changes.

  • Menu: Admin | Report | Customization Log
  • It records the creation, modification and deletion of object customization.
  • For instance, the customization log form shows the asset form customization changes in "Users" group in the screenshot below.
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