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WO Monthly KPI by Assets or Locations

WO Monthly KPIs can be reported by assets or locations in the coming release of R2023d (August 2023). 

  • The "Assets" menu shows a screen to select an asset set or a location set.
  • An asset set is a collection of assets, a location set is a collection of locations.
  • The WO Monthly KPI is recalculated for the asset set or location set selected.

1. Asset and Location Sets

Asset and location sets are managed from Dashboard | Open. An asset set is a collection of assets. It can include assets and other assets sets. The screenshots are show below.

A location set is a collection of locations. It can include locations and other location sets. 

 2. Asset/Location Sets vs. Owner Groups

Owner groups can be defined to divide assets/locations based on ownership such as IT or facility maintenance. WO Monthly KPIs can be used with both owner groups and asset/location sets.

  • Owner groups works well if they are already configured.
    • Users with owner groups configured will see their Monthly KPIs for assets/locations they have access to.
    • There are no need to configure asset/location sets.
  • Asset/location sets may be used when owner groups are not configured or not preferred.
    • Multi-Site KPIs do not work with owner groups at this time. 
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