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A Review of Work Order Summary KPIs

Work Order summary KPIs have been retooled with new charts along with list views in Calem R21f release. 

  •  "Year" menu allows one to pick a year to do the chart through a calendar lookup.
  • "Categories" menu allows one to drill down into sets of work orders based on their categories such as Responsive (corrective), Preventive, etc.
  • "List" menu allows one to switch to the list view of the chart. Some of the list views allows drilldown into work orders for a line of KPI.
  • Option menu (at the top right corner of a chart) allows one to export image or data list in Excel.

1. Annual WO Summary KPI 

This KPI shows the monthly metrics of All WOs created/completed, and PM created/completed for a year.

  • The "Year", "Categories" and "List" menu can be used to modify the metrics presented.
  • The List view is available to show additional lines of KPIs.​

2. WO Summary of Work Orders

The WO Summary chart (right below the Annual WO Summary KPI) shows the various metrics of current work orders in Calem.  

  • The List view provides more metrics (such as PM due next month).
  • Each line of the list can be drilled down to list work orders.
  • Click the "Past-Due" line of the list to drill down to lists of PM and other work orders below. 

3. WO Open by Categories 

This KPI shows the work orders to be performed by categories.

4. WO Open by Priorities

This KPI shows the work orders to be performed by their priorities.

5. Top 5 Work Orders by Time Spent per Month

This KPI shows the monthly top 5 work orders by time spent.

  • You may use this KPI to identify bottlenecks in your operations.
  • The List view shows the hours and work order number.
  • A future release will allow one to drill down to the top work orders from the list view.
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