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WO Plan and Schedule KPIs

A new set of KPIs is available for the work order planning and scheduling in Calem R21f released in December 2021. This blog walks through the KPIs and tips to use them.

  • The KPIs are available in the "WO P&S" Tab of the Dashboard module.
  • "Dates" menu allows one to specify a reporting period.
    • All the dashlets in this tab will be re-calculated once the date period is changed.
  • "Categories" menu allows one to specify a set of work order categories for Plan and Schedule KPI.
    • This menu affects the "Plan and Schedule" dashlet only.
  • Default "Categories" and "Dates" can be configured in the EAM company screen.
    • Menu path: Organization | EAM Company
    • Edit EAM Company to set default categories and dates.

1. MPA and MSA 

Maintenance Planning Adherence (MPA) is the percentage of number of Released WOs over the number of WOs of New, Approved and Released.

MPA=(Released)*100/(New + Approved + Released)

Maintenance Scheduling Adherence (MSA) is the percentage of the number of completed (Completed, Accepted, Closed) WOs over the number of released (from Released to Closed) WOs.

MSA = (Completed + Accepted + Closed) *100/(Released + In-Progress + On-Hold + Completed + Rejected + Accepted, Closed)

You may use these two metrics to review how well work orders are planned and scheduled. They are more useful for planned maintenance work orders such as PMs. You may set a default category set as "PM" at the EAM Company form above.

2. Work Order Completed by Category

This KPI shows the completed work orders for a given period by count and percentage. 

  • Date period can be changed by "Dates" menu.
  • The KPI shows as column (count) and line (percentage).
  • It is also presented as a pie chart.

3. Work Order Count by Status

This KPI shows the count of work orders for a given period by current status by count and percentage.

  • Date period can be changed by "Dates" menu.
  • The KPI shows as column (count) and line (percentage).
  • It is also presented as a pie chart.

4. WO Hours by Users

The KPI shows the hours reported in the work orders for the given period. Up to 40 users with the top time spent in work orders are shown in the chart.

  • Click "Full Screen" (1) menu to show the chart in a full page view for more users.
  • Click "Option" menu (2) to export the list or image of a chart. 
  • You may report an extensive list (beyond of top 40 users here) of actual hours from Analysis | WO Analysis | WO Actual Labor Summary.
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