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Add Asset Photo by Drag and Drop

In Calem Enterprise R11c available in June 2018, a menu has been added in the asset form to simplify adding an asset photo. The steps are:

  • Click "Attach Photo" menu in asset form.
  • Drag and drop a photo to the file upload form
  • Close the file upload form
  • The photo uploaded will be used as the asset's photo.

In addition to the simple operation above there is another way: Calem allows one to define an asset photo in document module and use that file as a photo in asset form.

  • The first step is to upload an asset photo as a new document. Menu path: Document module | Create.
  • Next, edit an asset record and lookup the document uploaded.
  • It takes more clicks than the first option. Hoever, it works well if there are many identical assets. You will need to do the upload once as a document, and use it in many assets of the same asset group.

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