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Asset KPIs by Class (Categorization)

New asset Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been added in Calem Enterprise R11. They are calculated for a date range and grouped by asset class. These KPIs are:

​A.Technical Availability (TU) = ((AH-NAH)/(AH))*100%
​B. Reliability (Ry) = (OH/(OH+EMH))*100%
​C. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) = OH/count EM
​D. Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) = EMH/count EM
​E. Mean Time To Intervene on EM (MTTI) = Average (Start time – Reported time)
​Resource Utilization
​F. Total Man Hours under Corrective Maintenance Type, and the its percentage of the total Man hours per asset class.
​G. Total Man Hours under Preventive Maintenance Type, and the its percentage of the total Man hours per asset class
​H. Total Man Hours under Reactive Maintenance Type (Emergency), and the its percentage of the total Man hours per asset class


  • AH = Available hours per asset per week (24 x 7) = 168 hrs(fixed per week).
  • NAH = The asset down time reported that asset was not capable of its specified function due to PM, CM.
  • OH = Total operating hours per asset per week. This is from asset operation meter usage readings.
    • In case OH is not configured or reported, available hours (AH above) will be used.
  • EMH = Total Emergency maintenance hours per asset. They are the downtime for work orders of "Emergency" category.
  • Count EM = Count of Emergency maintenance work orders per asset per week.

The dashboard also includes the man power utilization per asset class.

The following is a screenshot. The dashlets are located in "Asset" tab of the dashboard by default.


You can drill down by clicking "List" menu for a chart. A list view is presented. Click a list row to further drill down to the list of data contributing to that row.

No Data

A KPI chart may be blank due to lack of data. For instance, if there are no downtime in an asset category, that asset category will not show in the chart so that the graph is not flooded with classes of 100% availability.

Date Range

Use menu "Set Dates" to pick a date range for the dashboard. The default is "Current Week".

Asset Configuration for KPI

The following configuration is necessary to use the dashboard:

  • Configure an "Operation Meter (hours)" – the meter tracks number of hours an asset has been operated. Edit an asset record and set an operation meter to use.
    • If operating meter is not configured available hours will be used to calculate asset KPIs.
  • Configure an asset class. Edit an asset record and set a class for the asset.
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