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Asset Part Usage and Bill of Material

Asset part usage and bill of material can be updated based on usage by Calem. You can also define bill of material for assets manually.

Asset Part Usage

Asset part usage will be shown in a new tab in the asset screen. A technician can view parts used for an asset in the past and decide which parts to use for the current job at hand.

Asset Bill of Material

The bill of material (BOM) for an asset can be built out based on part usage. This feature is enabled by default. It can be turned off. See Admin Guide for more information. Note that Asset Item is required for auto-building the BOM for an asset. The asset BOM is listed in the "Part" tab along with the part stock information (quantity, storeroom and locators).

Asset Item for BOM

The first step is to define asset items for assets. 

  • An asset item is like an inventory item. You may use the same naming convention for your inventory items. Alternatively, you may use manufacturer's models to number them. 
  • Assets with the same asset item can share parts and documents
  • Asset item simplifies the BOM build-up because you are building BOM for the same assets identified by the asset item.
  • The menu path is: Asset | Codes | Asset Items; or Inventory | Open | Items - All
  • ​You can add spare parts for an asset item
  • The spare parts defined here are applicable to all the assets of the asset item
  • There is no need to define spare parts for each asset individually because the use of asset item
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