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PM Schedule Calendar

Preventive maintenance (PM) in Calem Enterprise consists of schedules, action steps, materials, documents, and assets/locations.  Time-based PMs can be forecasted and shown in calendar formats. Here are the screenshots of the PM Calendars. There are two calendars in the generated excel file:

  • The first tab is a 12-month daily calendar with PM Plans displayed in the calendar with Asset and PM Plan displayed. PM date range is displayed from "Planned start time" to "Planned finish time". Each row in the calendar shows a PM with its Asset or Location (for location-based PM) in the first occurrence date for that month. 
  • The second tab is a PM Plan view at month level. If a PM is due for a month, the PM is displayed with its Asset or Location for the very first occurrence. Each row in the calendar shows a PM with its Asset or Location (for location-based PM).

1. PM Calendar Generation

The PM calendar can be generated given a date range.

  • Menu path for PM Calendar is: PM Module | Report | PM Calendar Report. 
  • A screen is shown with date range and "Add filter?" flag.
  • Select a date range to forecast the PMs to be included in the report.

2. PM Calendar by Sites

You can define the filters for the PM Calendar.

  • In the date range screen, check the "Add filter" flag. 
  • Click "Save" to continue.
  • The PM calendar form is shown. 
  • Go to "Site" tab and define sites to be included for the PM Calendar
  • Click "Create Calendar" to generate the PM calendar.
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