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Calem Offsite Backup

Backup and disaster recovery is a critical component for Calem Cloud. Calem Offsite Backup provides backups of Calem Services at a different data center. In case of a disaster a data center with Calem Services might be damaged. The Offsite backups allow the recovery of Calem Services impacted by the data center.

 1. Offsite Backup vs Co-Location Backup

Co-location Backup is to backup Calem Services at the data center where they are hosted. Co-location backups are provided for all Calem Services. They are faster for service recovery.

  • Each Calem Service is backed up at the same data center.
  • For instance, a daily backup is done along with weekly backups for the last two weeks.
  • The backups can be used to restore a Calem Service to different nodes quickly.

Offsite Backup is to backup Calem Services at a different data center. It provides a piece of mind for disaster recovery that services can be recovered even when co-location backups are not available.

  • Offsite backup is incrementally synchronized with its production services every day.
  • The most recent offsite backups may be used to restore services when co-location backups are not available.
  • Offsite backup is not provided for sandbox environments.
  • Offsite backup is not provided for on-premise deployment.

2. Offsite Backup Deployment

Calem Offsite Backup is a Calem Service. It can be deployed in cloud service providers based on client requirements. For instance, a client may need the backups to be stored in a data center of their country.

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