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Calem Enterprise R10d Release

We have just made available the R10d release today. R10d includes interesting enhancements based on customer feedbacks and bug fixes. Here are the highlights of the release. 

  • Work Order duplicate check in WO creation. This feature prompts you about potential duplicate work orders and allows you to continue or cancel out the work order creation.
  • Spanish language pack. This language pack was added by a partner.
  • WO Step enforcement by status. This function checks step completion when work order status is changed. You can configure status/step requirement for PM or corrective work orders separately and by site. 
  • WO generation future days window ("Days ahead) auto-configuration. This feature is to avoid generating too many work orders from PMs with frequency of less than 7 days. For example, if a PM is needed every 3 days, the feature avoids generating more than one PM work orders in the work order queue.
  • Calem Mobile for Android upgraded to latest Cordova release. This is done to resolve a security issue related to Cordova version 4.1 or earlier for Android. Calem Mobile is now built with the latest Cordova (version 6). Google Play is updated.
  • Workflow reply email address in notifications. You can now configure a separate reply email address (different from the sending email address) for reply emails from workflow notification. 
  • Allow user to kick off WO generation and user schedule generation from client. This feature is handy in cases that you just configured PM Plans and PMs, or user schedules, and like to view the results. You can now start the server processes from the client and view results right away.
  • Multi-selection data entry enhancement. This feature is intended to reduce clicks or key stokes when entering data. For instance, you can pick more than one spare parts to assets when building out the asset spares.
  • New KPIs for work orders. Work orders that are open for 10 days or more (configurable) and total open work orders.
  • A total of 40 cases of enhancements and bug fixes in the release. 

I will be covering some of the features in separate blogs so stay tuned.

Work Order Duplicate Detection
Work Order Step Enforcement by Status

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