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Work Order Step Enforcement by Status

Work order steps can be enforced by statuses. For instance, step 10 to 20 must be completed before a work order can be set to "In Process" status. The enforcement can be configured for PM and corrective work orders and by sites. Here are the steps to set up:

  • Build out step enforcement by statuses.
    • Menu path: Admin module | Data design | WO Status/Step
  • Set status/step configuration at EAM company or site.
    • Menu path: Org module | EAM company
    • The site configuration will be applied
    • Otherwise, service site's configuration is used if found
    • Otherwise, EAM company's configuration is used
  • This feature is also available in Calem Offline for Android.
Here is the screenshot of a status/step configuration:

Calem Enterprise R10d Release
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