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Multi-Site Solution

​The multi-site solution in Calem Enterprise has been successfully implemented by customers to manage both internal operations and customer services.

Internal Operations

In this use case a company uses Calem Enterprise to manage its own operations in multiple sites. A site is a physical presence of the company such as a regional office, a plant or a facility. For example, a manufacturer uses Calem Enterprise to manage their maintenance operations of their plants across the US.

Customer Services

In this use case a company provides maintenance services to customers from its sites (called service sites). Each customer may have sites called customer sites. Each service site may provide maintenance services to one or more customer sites. Administrators can define service site to customer site mappings as well as technicians assigned to each customer site.

Data Access Control

Role based access control is defined at site level. In the case of internal operations a user is assigned access to internal sites. In the case of customer services a user is assigned access to both customer sites and service sites that are required based on ones job function.

Screen Customization

Role based screen customization is provided so a user may have access to modules and screens that are only needed based on his/her job function.


Calem Enterprise Admin Guide

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