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Disallowed List for Assignment

For technical staff who are EAM crew (i.e., who can be assigned to work orders) and not allowed to be sent to a site in normal cases, the Site Disallowed can be used to implement the use case. This feature affects the work order assignment. Here are the workflow procedures for this feature.

  • Define users who should not be sent to a site or a company normally to perform work orders at customer sites. Use menu "Organization Module | Open | Site Disallowed" to manage the disallowed list.
  • When assigning staff to work orders, the user list will filter out disallowed users based on the site and company of a work order. A "Site Disallowed" menu is available for one to pick a disallowed staff for assignment and overwrite the disallowed list.
    • If skill match is used in assigning work orders, the disallowed users are not shown in the user lookup list by skill match, one can choose "No Skill Match" or "Site Disallowed" menu items to pick users for assignment.
    • If skill match is not used, the disallowed users are not shown in the user lookup list, one can choose "Site Disallowed" menu to pick users disallowed for assignment.
    • When a user disallowed is assigned to a work order, the entry is recorded for reporting. You can access the report from "Disallowed in WO" menu in "Site Disallowed" list form.
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