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Session Logs and Site Monitoring

There are two new features in Calem Enterprise R10r release for monitoring user sessions and Calem Service Sites. They are user session logs and Google Analytics integration.

User Session Logs

Successful user logins are recorded for administrators to analyze user activities. They help answer the following questions:

  • ​How many users have logged into the Calem service for a period of time.
  • How long do users use the Calem service after login
Here is the screenshot of the user session logs:
  • Menu path: Admin Module | Report | Login Log

The session log report shows the following information:

  • User login time
  • User logout time if applicable
  • Session duration in seconds. Duration is calculated from session start to session termination.
  • A user session is terminated in one of the following ways:
    • Logout – user logged out of a session
    • Timeout – user session timed out due to inactivity
    • Removed – the same user logged in again which terminates the user's current session.​​

You can use the "Search" menu to filter the session logs for a time duration. The report can be exported to Excel for further analysis. The session logs are kept for 90 days.

Google Analytics Integration

This feature allows administrators to find out how their sites are accessed geographically. It is useful for Calem service sites that are accessed by users in different regions including external clients. Google Analytics is used to collect the site access data. Here are the steps to enable this feature.

Step 1. Google Analytics Account

The first step is to sign up at Google Analytics ( and get a tracking ID. This ID will be used to track your Calem service site.

Step 2. Calem Service Site Configuration

The second step is to integrate the tracking code to Calem service site. Just email the tracking ID to Calem support site if you are using Calem Cloud Service. If you are using an on-premise Calem service, follow steps in "7.27 Google Analytics Integration" of Calem Enterprise Admin Guide to configure your Calem service.

Step 3. Google Analytics Console

You can monitor your Calem access by your external clients via Google Analytics console at

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